Professional Learning

Anita Archer Video Series

Dr. Anita Archer is a talented author and beloved teacher of teachers. This video series is one of her many gifts to the educational community. Produced with support from the Sonoma County Office of Education, it is made available at no cost thanks to her generous spirit.

The series addresses strategic literacy instruction in grades K-8 using a “research to practice” approach grounded in pragmatic real-world application. Each video is 4-10 minutes long, has a strategic focus, and was shot unrehearsed in real time.

Close Reading Videos

Close Reading Articles:

5 Close Reading Strategies

What is Close Reading?

What #CloseReading Isn’t

Mentor Text Challenge from SDAWP

The 113 Mentor Text Challenge is a new way to build our Professional Learning Network. If enough of us take part in the challenge we could easily create a current focused list of 113 Mentor Texts before the end of the year–a list that will then be provided to each participant to add to their own bag of tricks!

Participants accept the challenge by commenting on this post. To be an active participant in the challenge you need only commit to posting ONE Mentor Text over the next six months. Of course you may choose to commit to more than one text, but the minimum is ONE.  Simply comment on this post and state that you would like to take part–then you’re in!

Healthy Culture You Tube Video- Anthony Muhammed

What is a Number Talk?

A Number Talk is a short, ongoing daily routine that provides students with meaningful ongoing practice with computation. A Number Talk is a powerful tool for helping students develop computational fluency because the expectation is that they will use number relationships and the structures of numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Number Talks should be structured as short sessions alongside (but not necessarily directly related to) the ongoing math curriculum. It is important to keep Number Talks short, as they are not intended to replace current curriculum or take up the majority of the time spent on mathematics. In fact, teachers need to spend only 5 to 15 minutes on Number Talks. Number Talks are most effective when done every day.

Learn more….

Text Complexity and How to Choose the Right Books for Your Students:

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