Weekly Update: October 14, 2019

Staff Professional Development:

You will not meet as a staff  for the next two weeks due to parent teacher conferences. October 30th is a scheduled Principal PLC.

Report Cards- Sent Home October 25:

Thank you for your hard work preparing your report cards!

  • Here is the Assessment and Report Card document which is designed to answer all of your questions.
  • Remember all report cards this year will use 8.5 x 11 paper and are 2 sided with grades on BOTH sides.
  • Here is a video about ELD Grades. The previously mentioned Assessment and Report Card document has a lot of the same information. UPDATE: As we have not received any guidance yet from CDE, we will be keeping the process the same until further notice.  
  • TIP: Use a text editor (like Word or Google docs) to type your comments, then copy and paste into Illuminate.
  • Remember to SAVE often!
  • If you’re new to Illuminate and report cards check out more informative videos about entering grades – Learning and Innovation website, click on the Assessment tab, then Illuminate Resources.
  • Chrome, Chrome, Chrome
  • You will have 750 characters (including spaces) to write your comments. It may look like you have more space but you’ll only have 750 characters.
  • If you are using the Standards-based Gradebook, this document will help you connect the grades to the report card.
  • Attendance and other heading data will be populated by 5pm on Friday, October 11th.
  • Reading Assessment Data– Please CLEAR your filters then search “Fountas” or “DRA”. Use the 1st

Progress on Goals:

Reminder to all Education Specialists to prepare progress on goals to accompany report cards. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Imagine Learning:

Beginning October 28th, Leslie will facilitate Imagine Learning after school on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. and our Impact Teacher Claudia Alvarez Alfaro will facilitate it before school on the same days. 

Student Attendance:

Please see your email from me to find the updated list of students who are chronically absent. Let me know if you need help understanding the report or supporting our students and families.

As you prepare for your conferences with families, please use the information in my email and linked below to support families in regular attendance. For health concerns, you may wish to refer the family to Tracey Purvis our nurse or for any resource needs, you may wish to refer the family to Cindy Pillado.

Guide from Attendance Works about Facilitating your Parent/Teacher Conferences

From TOSA Meagan:


These next two weeks are an exciting time in the school year, when teachers will be meeting one-on-one with families to discuss their students’ progress and goals.  More than likely you will be spending a significant part of this time discussing the importance of reading at home. As you have these conversations, you may find it helpful to have some resources available to provide information about best practices for supporting reading growth at home.

See this Google Folder of Resources to give parents, such as information about book baggies, questions to ask readers, and read aloud tips. Make a copy of the documents and tailor them to your needs, or use them for talking points when meeting with parents.

Updated Focus of Focus: “look fors”:

Thank you for your thoughtful work at our staff meeting this week and thank you to our SLT team for their leadership. This link will take you to our latest DRAFT. 


Save the Earth- Recycle Markers:

Thank you to Patty for coordinating this opportunity for our students. Last year, she mailed a huge box of markers to the recycling plant in New York to be recycled.  Her hope is that this year, we involve our families in our recycling effort so that we can help keep even more plastics out of our landfills. Please let me know how she might provide support in collecting markers. Below are two links that will take you to informational videos regarding the program.

Lower grades:


Upper grades:


Math News:

As promised, you may now access and complete our math surveys where you will be able to provide individual feedback for both the new Mathematics Website and the revised Math Units of Study. Please, take the surveys individually and be as specific as possible with your comments and answer each question so that it may provide clarity on how we may better support the continued work. Please scroll all the way down and click on the tab labeled “FeedBack.”

As you are starting unit two, keep in mind that the Scope and Sequence of the Math Units of Study follows Achieve the Core’s sequential learning map that supports excellent, standards-aligned instruction for all students. Therefore, the standards should be taught in order from top to bottom. It is imperative that standards are not skipped and the order presented in the units are kept intact.

Let’s celebrate Math and all the work we have accomplished thus far in our classrooms. While there is so much we are learning and applying everyday it can be overwhelming, so let’s remember Dr. Seuss’ quote, “There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.”

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes saying good bye to a great team









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