Weekly Update: September 3, 2019

Thank you for all your hard work using the Fountas and Pinnell to learn more about your students! Thank you, also, for submitting your data into Illuminate!

Staff Professional Learning: 

We meet as a team this week in room 23 from 1:40-3:10. Math TOSA Edgardo Salazar will join us and provide an review of Math Workshop, review resources for assessment and share information about digital tools. We will also, spend time populating our Study/Field Trip Calendar which is due Sept 6th.  

Opportunities for Staff:

Last week our Emory School Plan was approved. We have some specific actions (listed below) which allow us to recruit interested staff who may be compensated/released for their leadership. Please let me know if you would like more information and/or are interested in being considered for one of the opportunities.

Out of Contract Pay

Before/After School Tutoring- using LLI

After School Imagine Learning

Out of Contract and/or Release

Facilitate Parent Education (during school day/outside school day)

PLC Leadership Team

PBIS Leadership Team

Other actions included in the school plan (this is not a comprehensive list)

Impact Teacher (start date tbd) 130 days per year/4 hours per day

Behavior Intervention Assistant (start date tbd) 5 days per week/3.75 hours per day

Community Volunteer Coordinator 3 days per week 3.75 hours per day

Lexia licenses (20)

Teachers College Partnership

Flag Salute Returns Sept 9:

Our UN Ambassadors have created several innovative ideas to improve our Monday Flag Salute. They voted and approved a new formation and location for the flag salute. Flyers will be placed in your boxes to show this.

As with before, each class will be assigned a Monday to lead the flag salute. The Emory Academy choir will sing the song. All should join in as well.

The assigned class should also speak to the leadership attribute for the month we are working on.  Choose either an individual, small group, or whole class to showcase this attribute. This could be as simple as a quote, short song, skit, poem, or speech. You decide what works best for you! This should be student led, not teacher.

The order of events for the flag salute is as follows:

  1. Flag salute- class assigned
  2. Song- Emory choir
  3. Emory Pledge- Emory choir
  4. Principal message- principal
  5. Leadership attribute- class assigned
  6. Stomp- school-wide

Our first official flag salute will be held on Monday, September 9th.

District Digital Content:

  • District Digital Content– This document has all the login information for any district provided digital content.(Imagine Learning, ST Math, Dreambox etc)

PBIS/BEST Behavior Leadership Team:

Please let me know if you would like to join our PBIS leadership team. Team members will get a copy of  BEST Behavior/PBIS book We will read the book and, during release time, work together to develop professional learning for our colleagues and update school-wide procedures and systems.

Staff United Nations/Shared Leadership:

Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 10th at 2:40 in room 23 for the Emory Staff United Nations/Shared Leadership meeting. At this meeting, we will review data from the first 6 weeks of school and identify “look fors” for interactive read aloud.

Read Aloud Books- coming soon: 

See link below….One copy per teacher, per grade level have been ordered by the district. These are read-alouds, not student texts.



  • TK-3 will receive this kind of headphone and it will be replenished by Technology Services every 4 years.
  • 4-8 will receive earbuds which will be replaced every year by Technology Services.

Upcoming Dates:

Flag Salute Returns September 9

Staff United Nations (Shared Leadership- September 10)

Fountas and Pinnell 8/30 (gr 1-6) **

Apex Fun Run Sept 13

T.C. Primary Grade Sept 16

Soaring to Success Respect Sept 20

Classroom Mission Statement Due Sept 20

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quote happiness



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