Weekly Update: August 12, 2019

Thank you for a great launch to designated ELD this week. I enjoyed seeing Holli, Jeanne, K.C., and Rebecca facilitate Interactive Read Aloud with their students. As a reminder, we have ALL committed to facilitating an interactive read aloud during ELD and EO time each day. If you would like help planning your read aloud, you might want to schedule time to meet with TOSA Meagan.

Staff Professional Development:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. This week is a teacher PLC. Your team may wish to explore the Math Units of Study Website, (think about Number Talks, Problems of the Day etc), plan for the new Phonics Units, discuss your grade level Tier I Weekly Teaching Expectations Activity (Restorative Circles, Second Step etc)  Link to PLC minutes form.

Teachers College Staff Developer Visits:

Grades 3-6                                       August 19, 20

Grades TK-2                                    Sept 16

We have confirmed our first visit with our Teachers College Staff Developers. Thank you RoseAnn, Holli and Leslie for hosting the labsites. Beth will continue with primary grade and we have Kristina Horsting to support upper grade. Kristina supported Berry last year and they enjoyed working with her. As we confirm additional dates for our staff developers’ visits, I will let you know. To provide more timely support, we have asked them to visit three times this year (two days, two days one day).

Declutter your space:

As we begin the fourth week of school, I want to remind us to keep the clutter to a minimum. I linked an edutopia article below  which contains the following quote.

“If an item doesn’t directly impact student learning, store it where student learning doesn’t transpire on a daily basis. Learning spaces should, quite simply, reflect a space to learn. If students are the primary users of the space, the majority of materials should be for students. Classroom spaces are not teacher storage facilities.”


Imagine Learning:

Imagine Learning is ready to go. Our priority for our 80 licenses are newcomers, students who are “emerging, “expanding” and long term English Learners.  If there are any students who you would like to get started now, by Wednesday August 14, please email their names. Pending approval of our School Plan (end of the month) we will begin Imagine Learning outside of the school day.

New this year—

  • Students will take an assessment when they first log on.  Please note that it is recommended that they complete the assessment during one sitting, so teachers will have to plan for students to complete it without interruption.  A 30 to 45 minute timeframe would be the suggestion.  
  • The testing window will be open from August 8 to August 30.
  • Any students assigned a license after the 30th will need their teacher to schedule the assessment prior to their first session.  Directions on how to do this will be shared soon.

Please see the email from me with directions for use at home and for you to get started in your classroom. Please contact Teresa if you have any issues with student access.  If it cannot be resolved, then a work order should be submitted.

The Emory Imagine Learning site code is 0637380 

District Digital Content:

  • District Digital Content– This document has all the login information for any district provided digital content.(Imagine Learning, ST Math, Dreambox etc)



This time of year lends itself so well to getting to know your students – via Fountas & Pinnell assessments, writing on-demands, reading life interviews, and CONFERENCES.

Conferring is an art.  The ability to listen to a student as they tell you about their reading (or writing), knowing what follow-up questions to ask, deciding on a teaching point that meets the student at their zone of proximal development – these are skills that take practice.  The work doesn’t end there – keeping quality records that you follow up with regularly is often the trickiest part to maintain.  Wherever you are in your learning journey with conferring, I am here to support.

Last week I sent you my conferring record sheet that I used in my own classroom. Here are a few more resources to guide you as you dig deeper into conferring:

Ch. 10 from The Guide to Reader’s Workshop – Conferring

Conferring “cheat sheet” (short version)

Conferring “cheat sheet” in Spanish

Extra tip: As you are F&P or DRA testing keep notes of students needs and strengths close to your conferencing records so you can use that information when conferencing. If you want more information about this just let me know!

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment:

As a reminder, for grades 1-6 Fountas and Pinnell data must be entered by August 30th.

If you have any newcomer English Learners, you may wish to reach out to TOSA Meagan to have her support your administration of the (DRA) Developmental Reading Assessment to better understand your students reading strengths in Spanish. We have a kit in room 23.

Emory Student United Nations:

In support of our new E.A.G.L.E Academy mission statement. We are recruiting representatives for the Emory Student United Nations.  This group of students will work to uphold the goals of the UN in our community.  These goals are:

  • to keep peace in our school and community
  • to help students get along
  • to improve living conditions for people in our community
  • and to make the world a better place.

There will be monthly meetings this year. Please select 1- 2 students by class vote, teacher choice or volunteer.  If you are really feeling inspired, you can have students write a short essay and select from there.  Each student will represent the country you have previously selected. They will learn about parliamentary procedures, global leadership attributes and approve several UN proposals for our school and community.  Please send me/Eunice names by Friday, 8/16.Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. The meeting will last approximately 45 minutes, so students will be out of the classroom for a short period of time.

 Who: Our students

What: Emory Student United Nations

When: Wednesday, August 21th  12:15-1:05

Where: Room 27

Why: Support our Mission of developing leadership and empowering students


Lunch schedules on meeting days for classroom reps:

TK-K   Regular Lunch Schedule

1st        Regular lunch then at bell, line up at line 27

2nd       Regular lunch, but line up at 27 @ 1st grade bell

3rd        Regular lunch, but line up at 27 @ 1st grade bell

4th        Regular lunch, but line up at 27 @ 1st grade bell

5th/6th   Early lunch at 12:00, but line up at 27 @ 1st grade bell


This is a wonderful learning and leadership opportunity for all students TK-6.  I hope you are as excited about the Emory Student United Nations, as we are.  We look forward to meeting your representatives. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Emory Choir:

Emory Academy is proud to introduce a wonderful opportunity for our students. Emory Academy is excited to continue honoring our weekly tradition of a Monday Flag Salute. The songs will now be sung live by our newly created choir, led by our own Carrie Wahamaki. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

We need 2 representatives from each (grades 3-6) class to sing patriotic songs every Monday for Emory Academy’s chorus. Representatives should be motivated, well-behaved, and class leaders. They should also be able to keep up on any work that may be missed due to practices.

Ideas to help you choose your chorus member:

  • Play a song in your room and listen to kids sing
  • Students record themselves and send it to you
  • Have kids nominate students they know who can sing
  • Kids volunteer themselves


Send the names of your chorus leader to Jenn and Carrie by Tuesday, 8/13. Practices will begin the on Thursday, 8/15. Our inaugural flag salute will happen Monday, 8/26th.


Math Expectations:

It is the expectation that all SBUSD students should be engaged in mathematics aligned to the new SBUSD Units of Study. The SBUSD Math Units of Study Website  Website

TOSA Edgardo is available to support you with planning for and facilitating math workshop. He will join us at our Sept 4th staff professional learning.  If there are any specific things which you would him to address that day, please let me know.

Flag Salute:

We will postpone the start of our weekly flag salute blacktop gathering until after our first Student United Nations meeting of the school year. An action item for our first meeting is to revise our flag salute procedures with input from our students.

Cybersmarts Week August 26-30th:

The San Diego Police Foundation Internet Safety Presentation

Student Assemblies

August 27

Tk-3      1:00-1:30

4-6        1:40-2:25

Family Education 

August 27 5:00 p.m.

The presentation is designed for an adult audience: topics include hackers and scams, cyberbullying, social media, and gaming. They will provide tips and tricks for families to monitor your child’s access.

  • CyberSmarts- ALL TK- 8th grade classrooms
    • Please take some time to review your grade level content at the posted CyberSmarts agenda website at http://tinyurl.com/becybersmart for your classroom instructional planning.
      • Just click the tab for your grade level at the top of the CyberSmarts Week page; The 3 – 5 core “mini-lessons of the week” for each grade level are in folders at the bottom of each grade level tab.
      • A Teacher Agenda page is provided with some simple steps to prepare for CyberSmarts Week.

Upcoming Dates:

Music Lessons start Aug. 13 for returning students (new students 3 weeks later)

Teacher PLC August 14

T.C. Upper Grade     August 19, 20

Principal PLC TOSA Meagan Visits Preparing for/Calendaring the next Unit August 21

Cybersmarts Week August 26-30

Flag Salute Returns August 26

Internet Safety Student Assemblies/Family Night August 27

Phonics Orientation at Ed Center 3:30-5:00 (see email to sign up) August 26

Fountas and Pinnell 8/30 (gr 1-6) **

Apex Fun Run Sept 13

T.C. Primary Grade Sept 16

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes about happiness


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