Weekly Update: July 22, 2019

Thank you for your hard work preparing your classrooms and lessons for our students. I wish you a happy first week of school enjoy meeting your new students and their families.

Staff Professional Learning:

We DO NOT meet as a full staff this week. On Wednesday, please meet with your ELD grade level band and prepare your ELD/EO rosters

By August 1, please use illuminate or the resources which I emailed you to create your rosters in this google doc. 

Please rename the tab (at the bottom of the page) to include teacher last name, grade level(s) and ELD or EO. Example, Grondek=Grondek 3/4 EO

When entering students, type their last name, first name into column A.

ELD will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday beginning August 5th.

As a reminder, we will ALL facilitate an interactive read aloud during ELD and EO time each day. 

Expectations Assemblies/Classrooms Visit Schedule:

Tuesday 12:30-1:30 TK/K

Wednesday Leslie, Angelica   9:30-10:10

Thursday Don, Shelly, Patty   9:00-10:10 a.m

Friday Gr. 1&2 1:05-1:25, Gr. 3&4 1:35-2:00

Daily Schedule Due:

By Wednesday, July 24, please submit your daily schedule to Eunice. Thank you to those of you who have already submitted them.

All hands on deck- dismissal duty:

To ensure a safe dismissal, I expect all teachers on dismissal duty for the first week (1:25/2:25-1:40-2:40). Thanks for your support.

PBS Daily Lessons:

See emails from Lindsay with the lessons attached. To support consistent expectations across, please follow the schedule below.   

Day Date Lesson Check-off
Monday July 22 School-wide & Classroom Expectations  
Monday July 22 Playground Expectations  
Tuesday July 23 Cafeteria Expectations  
Wednesday July 24 Restroom Expectations  
Thursday July 25 Dismissal Expectations  
Monday July 29 Hallway Expectations  
Tuesday July 30 School Materials  
Wednesday July 31 Library Expectations  
Thursday August 1 Office Expectations  
At your discretion Additional Lessons for Upper Grades:

Dress Code and Bike Safety


Back to School Night- July 31:

Back to School Night July 31

5:15-5:30 PTA Membership Meeting – Cafeteria

5:30-5:40  Opening Remarks -Cafeteria                        

5:45-6:00 6th Grade Camp Meeting- Cafeteria   

5:45-6:10 Classroom Visitations –  Visit #1

6:15 – 6:40 Classroom Visitations -Visit #2

Building your Book Baggies/bins:

So many of you have been interested in seeing your Fountas and Pinnell level for your incoming students. Here are some instructions OR a (riveting) video to get into Illuminate to view those results. IMPORTANT NOTES: Make sure you pay close attention the instruction about Enrollment Date AND know that there will most likely be multiple pages. 

 Student Google Apps Accounts:

As you are waiting patiently for our hard working tech department to get you your chromebooks, here is information access google apps for education accounts.

  1. Login to Illuminate.
  2. Go to Reports, then View Reports.
  3. Find “2019-2020 Google Apps Accounts” (you can follow the link)
  4. You can print an Excel or PDF file
  5. OR you can print labels, by clicking on the Labels tab and selecting Download.

ELA Resources:

2019-2020 Scope and Sequence

2019-2020 Planning Calendar

District Assessment Information (dates etc)

Shifts in Reading & Writing Workshop (for teachers that have moved from upper grade to primary or primary to upper grade)

TOSA Request Form

Math Resources:

Here are the steps in accessing the SBUSD Math Units of Study website.  Please note the Home page provides explanation to all the tabs. Units of Study (UOS) 2 will be available on the site within the next week or two.  When accessing the website and the units, you will need to be signed into your Google Account.

How to access the website:

  1. Go to our district webpage: www.sbusd.org
  2. Select Central Services then Learning & Innovation
  3. On the left side of the screen, you will find a button stating Mathematics, select this button.

Reminders from the Office:

1) First day packets have been delivered (thanks to Nerry and her team of volunteers) – if you have extras send to the office

2) First day packet forms only two forms will need to be returned – Emergency Card & Parents Rights. 

3) Illness/Injury forms have been placed in your mailbox – please complete this form when sending a student to the Health Office or they will be returned to the class if they show up without the form

4) Blue slips have been placed in your mailbox

5)) Pink slips will be placed in your mailbox



Notes from Tech:

  • District Digital Content– This document has all the login information for any district provided digital content.
  • CyberSmarts- ALL TK- 8th grade classrooms
    • Please remember that the District-wide “CyberSmarts Week,” with its digital safety and digital literacy awareness focus for all students, is scheduled to be celebrated by all teachers in District schools and classrooms during the week of Aug 26 – Aug 30, 2019.
    • Due to federal, State, and Governing Board policy requirements, public schools must now ensure that all students in all grade levels are provided with foundational instruction in cybersafety and appropriate online behavior on an annual basis. Parents & families will be notified that CyberSmarts Week will be observed in each of their children’s classrooms during the week of Aug 26 – Aug 30, 2019.
    • Please take some time to review your grade level content at the posted CyberSmarts agenda website at http://tinyurl.com/becybersmart for your classroom instructional planning.
      • Just click the tab for your grade level at the top of the CyberSmarts Week page; The 3 – 5 core “mini-lessons of the week” for each grade level are in folders at the bottom of each grade level tab.
      • A Teacher Agenda page is provided with some simple steps to prepare for CyberSmarts Week.
      • NOTE: While this grade level content is not prescriptive, we ask that you use it as a basic guideline for providing these key foundations in student cybersafety. For many of the lower grade levels, please be aware that there is some intentional repetition of the basic ideas between years to reinforce key concepts.
    • Please check with your IMRT in the Library about any questions, concerns, or requests for assistance.
    • Thank you for helping us keep all South Bay kids safe and ‘cybersmart!’
  • Take Home Chromebooks
    • Purpose of the Take Home Initiative:
      • Chromebooks are provided to all third through eighth grade students in order for students to access district approved digital content and complete classroom related activities.
      • Chromebooks are available for take home to provide 4th – 8th grade families access- student access to school related tasks and family access where needed.
    • Students will be issued a Chromebook from the Library like a textbook. In the event the device needs repair or replacement, the IMRT will check in the old device and issue a new device. Please review the following with students:
      • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)- All students sign this EVERY year.
      • Mobile Device Handbook– Every student should receive one.
      • Classroom expectations- You might consider a classroom constitution about how devices are to be handled in class and around the building.
      • Home expectations- How is it the same or different?
      • Expectations before and after school (safe location to store)- Help students know how to keep their devices safe.
    • Devices may go home when the parent signature has been secured. Please collect and when most have been collected, give to the IMRT for safe keeping.
    • Please submit a nomination for ANY (TK-8th grade) family needing Internet access.
    • Back to School Night Slidedeck to show parents with a video message from Dr. McNamara.
  • Phone Resets– Please see information from Mark Wagnon sent last week about resetting your phone.
  • Tech Practices– The team will be meeting soon. Please let Jen Oliveira know if you are interested in being a part of this team, even if you’ve already asked to be on it in the past!

Campus Search Protocol/Missing Students- Code Pink:

If you notice a student has not returned to your classroom following recess, etc or takes an extended restroom visit, please contact the office.

We may implement a “code pink” search.

Emory Campus Search Protocol                                                                                        Loudspeaker Announcement

    1. Will student name please report to the office.

Will student name please report to the office. Code Pink. Code Pink.

Communication Expectations:

  1. Read email daily (minimum before and after school)
  2. Read Weekly Bulletin
  3. Read blog post (emoryeagles.org) by end of the day Monday
  4. Read White Board in Break Room
  5. Check mailbox every day
  6. Respond to emails/phone calls within 24 hours 
  7. Address (respectfully) concerns with principal and colleagues


  1. Do not leave students in your classroom unsupervised
  2. Be on time to pick up and release students
  3. When on duty, monitor the students

Upcoming Dates:

Daily/Weekly Schedule Due July 24 

District Writing Day July 30 

ELD groups Due August 1

Music Lessons start Aug. 13 for returning students (new students 3 weeks later)

Fountas and Pinnell 8/30 (gr 1-6) ** reserve sub dates now

Apex Fun Run Sept 13

Quote of the Week:

Image result for first day of school quotes

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