Weekly Update: May 27, 2019

I cannot believe that our last full week is here. Enjoy the time with your students and celebrate all they have learned from you and each other.

Staff Professional Learning:

We will meet as a staff this week. in room 23 at 1:40. We will identify highlights from this past school year, discuss items of focus for 2019-20 and build class rosters.

Cleaning out our classrooms for the end of year/new furniture delivery:

Please refer to your email (hard copy placed in your mail boxes) for a timeline for the end of year and delivery of our new furniture.

Classroom Check Out list


Multicultural Fair:

We placed a schedule for the multicultural fair (Wed. May 29th) in your mail boxes. Please review the schedule and let me know if you have any questions.

Summer Learning Academy:


Summer Learning Academy

June 5th and 6th

Sessions presented by teacher leaders to include supporting all students, Math Units of Study, K-2 Phonics, and MORE!

Sign-ups will be available soon!

Report Cards:

from Jennifer Oliveira

The report card window is open for business as of MONDAY, MAY 13. Here are a few reminders:

  • Here is my extensive Assessment and Report Card documentwhich is designed to answer all of your questions. This document is updated often.
  • Remember all report cards this year will use 8.5 x 11 paper and are 2 sided with grades on BOTH sides.
  • TIP: Use a text editor (like Word or Google docs) to type your comments, then copy and paste into Illuminate.
  • Remember to SAVEoften!
  • If you’re new to Illuminate and report cards check out more informative videos about entering grades – Learning and Innovation website, click on the Assessment tab, then Illuminate Resources.
  • Chrome, Chrome, Chrome
  • You will have 750 characters (including spaces) to write your comments. It may look like you have more space but you’ll only have 750 characters.
  • If you are using the Standards-based Gradebook, this document will help you connect the grades to the report card.
  • Attendance and other heading data will be populated by 5pm on Wednesday, May 31st.
  • Reading Assessment Data– Please CLEAR your filters then search “fountas” or “DRA”. Use the 2018-19 3rd Administration.
  • Reading Assessment Data should NOT go on the report card as in: “Jennifer has improved her reading level from level 12 to level 16.” You can include behaviors students ARE exhibiting, and are not yet exhibiting, to support family understanding about reading process and development, as in: “When Jennifer is reading, she uses sounds and meaning to help her read fluently.” OR “When Jennifer is reading, she uses sounds, pictures, and meaning to help her read fluently.” Page 11 of the Assessment Document talks a little bit more about this rationale.
  • NEW! 6th Grade Teachers– Sweetwater has requested any reading assessment information we can provide. Plan on placing in the CUM folder the most recent DRA or F/P running record assessment, the summary page (including texts and scores), and any other information you think necessary.

If you anticipate having any trouble meeting the June 4th report card closing date, please schedule time with your principal to input report card scores after that date. 

Phonics Kits Assembly- K-2:

Teachers may choose to have the cards and tools unperforated for them and a team will be coming to the sites to do this work. If you have already received your kit, please return the kit to Teresa.  This is an effort to support the prep work for teachers and will be the only opportunity to have this work done for you. 

Focus on Reading Instruction:

Recently, 3-8 grade teachers participated in a three part series of after-school Professional Development facilitated by our Literacy TOSA’s.  The series focused on reading instruction – specifically, how to meet the needs of our diverse readers in responsive small group instruction.  A variety of small group structures were presented, including:

  • Interactive Read Aloud (highly scaffolded to build comprehension).
  • Shared Reading (supports students with the reading process, word study, fluency, and comprehension).
  • Guided Reading (supporting students to move to the next reading level).
  • Strategy Groups (strengthen the work of the unit and support the needs of students).

For continued support with providing small group instruction to meet the needs of all students, contact your Literacy TOSA.

CAASPP Update and Survey:

Thank you for your hard work keeping the hallways quiet and ensuring that our student did their best on the test! Even more, thank you for working each and every day to support our students’ efforts to become better readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and leaders! 

Survey– Now that we are winding down from our testing season, please take a minute to complete Jennifer Oliveira’s post-test survey. She would LOVE to hear from students as well. Please share the link with them so that they may give feedback about their experience this year. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSebqn5DHpwxclpez9UPe_ldjp6cMb1ayYEC7j-Q0Adfezzd8Q/viewform

Electronic Score Reports– This year families will receive a paper copy of the score report and can also view scores and score reports through the Illuminate Student Portal. You might remember when we did our own district benchmarks in Illuminate, families will be able to access scores the same way. Families will receive these directions to help with accessing. It would be helpful to review these with students before they leave for the summer. You can also use this video to help. (English / Spanish

P.E. Minutes:

Thank you for signing for P.E. minutes every other week all year long! I appreciate your attention to providing p.e and working hard to ensure that it is appropriately documented. Please be sure to sign for your minutes in the lounge this Friday. 

Focus on Writing:

At the end of the year, it is common to see students’ writing volume dip, as they anticipate the arrival of summer vacation.

Here are a few tips to curb this trend in the classroom:

  • Offer a variety of paper choices.
  • Introduce some new, and exciting writing tools to your writing center (date stamps, pens in fun colors, etc.).

Set classroom volume goals. For example, observe how much writing most of your students are producing, and set a volume goal just one level above the average. Post this goal in the classroom, and rally students to achieve it, during the Mid-Workshop Teach or Share of your writing workshop. When ⅔ of your students have met the goal, up the ante! Here is a writing volume progression (K-5) (3-8), that will be helpful when setting appropriate goals.

Emory Remodel Update:

As part of our mission to maintain a safe, beautiful, and functional learning environment for staff and students, South Bay Union School District is moving forward with plans to modernize Emory Academy.

The overall school plan is still in the design phase. As promised to voters, modernization projects will focus on upgrades to building infrastructure and major repairs. Currently, construction is scheduled to begin the summer prior to the 2020-21 school year.

At this time, there are no major impacts expected in 2019-20. However, we are excited to share that when staff and students return to begin a new year in July 2019, the campus will have new furniture in every classroom.

The District’s Citizens Bond Oversight Committee will review expenditures to ensure that the projects completed are aligned with the promises made to voters on the November 2012 ballot. In total, the modernization at Emory Academy will be nearly $8.5 million dollars.

For progress updates and photos of this project, as well as others throughout the district, please follow our website at www.sbusd.org

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quote school





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