Weekly Update: May 13, 2019

Wow! I am so impressed with the classroom clean outs that have been happening. Thank you for your hard work. I am getting excited about the new furniture (and opportunities) that are coming our way!

Staff PD:

We will meet in room 23 from 1:40-2:40 for a Principal PLC.

Cleaning out our classrooms for the end of year/new furniture delivery:

Please refer to your email (hard copy placed in your mail boxes) for a timeline for the end of year and delivery of our new furniture. I will visit your classroom this week to discuss items which will stay. Also, we will select your furniture height.

Classroom Check Out list


Student Model United Nations Update:

Thank you to Shelly for coordinating this week’s meeting! Your Model UN representatives passed a school-wide initiative to help fund water projects around the world.  This organization donates 100% of the proceeds to bring clean water to areas in our world that lack this basic need. I know we are extremely busy, but if time permits, please take a few minutes in the afternoon to show the video for this organization to jump start our coin drive.  The organization is Charitywater.org  If you scroll down a bit from the home page, you will find the video.    Please set a goal of filling it by May 17th, 2019.  Thank you for your support 🙂


CAASPP Testing:

CAASPP testing continues….

Thank you teachers in grades 3-6 for your thoughtful work in ensuring that our students are ready for the state assessments. Thanks to all for keeping students quiet in the hallways and teaching without using our chromebooks/the lab. Big thanks to Erin for coordinating our efforts.

As a reminder, you may not have our students use technology between 8:15-12:00 Tuesday-Friday.

Fountas and Pinnell Data Entered- May 24:

Fountas and Pinnell data must be entered by May 24th. I know many of you are almost done assessing your students. I am excited to see our results.

Soaring to Success Assembly Times- May 17th:

Please note the adjusted schedule to accommodate CAASPP testing.

8:10     2nd

8:40     5th

9:00      3rd

9:20      6th

9:50      1st

10:15   4th

Report Cards:

from Jennifer Oliveira

This email is to let you know that the report card window is open for business on MONDAY, MAY 13. Here are a few reminders:

  • Here is my extensive Assessment and Report Card documentwhich is designed to answer all of your questions. This document is updated often.
  • Remember all report cards this year will use 8.5 x 11 paper and are 2 sided with grades on BOTH sides.
  • TIP: Use a text editor (like Word or Google docs) to type your comments, then copy and paste into Illuminate.
  • Remember to SAVEoften!
  • If you’re new to Illuminate and report cards check out more informative videos about entering grades – Learning and Innovation website, click on the Assessment tab, then Illuminate Resources.
  • Chrome, Chrome, Chrome
  • You will have 750 characters (including spaces) to write your comments. It may look like you have more space but you’ll only have 750 characters.
  • If you are using the Standards-based Gradebook, this document will help you connect the grades to the report card.
  • Attendance and other heading data will be populated by 5pm on Wednesday, May 31st.
  • Reading Assessment Data– Please CLEAR your filters then search “fountas” or “DRA”. Use the 2018-19 3rd Administration.
  • Reading Assessment Data should NOT go on the report card as in: “Jennifer has improved her reading level from level 12 to level 16.” You can include behaviors students ARE exhibiting, and are not yet exhibiting, to support family understanding about reading process and development, as in: “When Jennifer is reading, she uses sounds and meaning to help her read fluently.” OR “When Jennifer is reading, she uses sounds, pictures, and meaning to help her read fluently.” Page 11 of the Assessment Document talks a little bit more about this rationale.
  • NEW! 6th Grade Teachers– Sweetwater has requested any reading assessment information we can provide. Plan on placing in the CUM folder the most recent DRA or F/P running record assessment, the summary page (including texts and scores), and any other information you think necessary.

If you anticipate having any trouble meeting the June 4th report card closing date, please schedule time with your principal to input report card scores after that date. 

Classroom Mission Statement:

By May 20th, please work with your class to develop a class mission statement.  Please see your email for mentor missions.

Number Talks Books:

We now have 10 more copies of NUMBERS TALKS. If you would like to check one out, please see Teresa in the library.

Multicultural Fair:

We will have our Multi-cultural Fair on Wednesday, May 29th from approximately 8:15-11:00(more details to come). We are currently organizing the day’s activities, however, it will be similar to our Health and Safety Fair.

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes about joy




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