Weekly Update: April 8, 2019

Welcome back!

Staff Professional Development:

We DO meet as a staff in room 23 at 1:40. 

Teachers College TK-2 April 8 and 9:



Karina Martinez

Connie Leon

Christy Shultz



8:40-9:25 Labsite



Maria Hopkins

Jeanne Sherwood

Melinda Seubert



10:35-11:15 Labsite



Rebecca Carson

Dene Sanchez/Laura Acosta

Georgina Lobato

Monica Hueso





12:45-1:20 Labsite





12:15-1:0) 5

1:05-1:45 Labsite


What to Bring:

  • GR K
    • Persuasive Writing of All Kinds
    • a bunch of student writing folders (5 or more)
    • teacher demonstration writing
  • GR 1
    • Poetry and Songs Unit
    • a bunch of student writing folders (5 or more)
    • teacher demonstration writing
  • GR 2
    • Lab Reports and Science Books
    • a bunch of student writing folders (5 or more)
    • teacher demonstration writing

Dr. McNamara Visit- April 11 11:30-12:15:

Please see the tentative schedule for Dr. Mc’s visit Thursday, April 11th

11:30    Carrie Wahamaki

11:35    Aranzazu Castellanos

11:38    Leslie Ochoa

11:42    RoseAnn Hernandez

11:46    Erika Pehrson/Tracy Rolfe

11:50    K.C. Kinnamon

11:54    Angelica Goulding

11:58    Patty Valdivia

12:04    Don Brizendine

12:08    Shelly Molina

12:12    Erin Major/Dave Benson

LCAP Student Surveys- grades 3-6:

By April 17, please have students in grades 3-6 to complete the survey in class. Encourage students to be honest and answer the last question in a productive and responsible manner.  It should take about 20 minutes or so to complete.

The direct link is:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfzNYQgf3QQ2UTZoLFrpvqw_1kLiX4fibjUrvihf7qBIQqZvQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

LCAP Family/Community Surveys-all grades:

Please share the survey link (below) with our families via dojo, classroom, seesaw etc. Thank you!!

Parent survey direct link is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgO_K4vSkZ2IC3UpHOtWW8uaCdKO_Hr6tW5UPbB-4AOjil-Q/viewform?usp=sf_link

Chromebooks Stay Here- beginning April 15th:

Beginning, Monday, April 15 please have your students leave their Chromebooks in the classroom.  That will give you a week to make sure you have all the Chromebooks and chargers set up in the cart before testing starts. Students will be keeping their chromebooks at school during testing.

Test Prep Units:
The new test prep units are available in the Teachers College Treasure Chest. Jen Oliveira sent an email with the links. Teachers in grades 3-6 will receive a hard copy of the units the week we return from spring break.
Health and Safety Fair- Friday, April 12:
Scheduling details to follow via email. Please remind students to dress for a morning outside (sunblock, hats, etc).
The time is here once again for Emory’s flashmob! This year, we will be dancing to Imagine Dragon’s “Thunder.”
Please see the email from Holli with the powerpoint which has the link to “Thunder” in it. As in the past two years, we will be performing the dance at the Health and Safety Fair on Friday, April 12th. It is perfectly fine to use PE minutes to teach the dance.
Holli will send out other emails as the week progresses stating days/times we will have practice sessions. The plan, however, is to have practice sessions in the morning next week and the week of April 8. We may also have a few sessions at the end of the day.
There are a few places where the boys sign and chant their group name, COJB. We would like to substitute and shout out E M O R Y during these portions. It will make sense once you see the video.
Stop the video at 2:52, as the song is over at this time.
A huge thank you to those already learning the dance for Emory’s 3rd Annual FlashMob!! For those who have seen it, there is a portion where the boys shout out their group name. We are going to copy change that to shout out Emory. There are 3 different places where this will happen. Attached is a sample of what this should sound like.
Teachers College Visit April 15/16:

Teachers College Visit April 15, 16

5th/6th Angelica, Don, Erin, Dave, Patty, Shelly 8:00-9:50 Labsite-Shelly Molina Meet in Room 23
4th Erika, Tracy, Holli, K.C. 10:10-12:00 Labsite-Erika Pehrson Meet in Room 23
3rd RoseAnn, Aranzazu, Leslie 12:35-2:25 Labsite-Aranzazu Castellanos Meet in Room 23
Samsung Grant:

Last year, Shelly and Aranzazu were successfully awarded a Samsung grant which provided 6 t.v.’s for our school (Library, Office, Cafeteria etc) Linked below is the new application which is due April 22nd.  We anticipate this will be the last year they do this. Please let me know if you plan to apply and how I may help you with the application. Here is a link to the application:


Quote of the Week:
Image result for quotes about how great life is


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