Weekly Update: March 18, 2019

Thank you for your hard work during this long (and rainy) winter stretch between winter break and spring break. Enjoy this week with your students and colleagues. For many of us vacations are amazing, for some of our students they are very hard weeks without the kindness and stability that you offer. Best wishes for a fun and relaxing spring vacation!!

PLC Wednesday:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. Please meet with your grade level team from 1:40-2:40. You may review the District Benchmark assessments, CAASPP Interim assessment results, District Writing Day Prompt pieces, begin planning for the new R/W Units, Test Prep Units or anything else beneficial to your team.

Test Prep Units:
The new test prep units are available in the Teachers College Treasure Chest. Jen Oliveira sent an email with the links. Teachers in grades 3-6 will receive a hard copy of the units the week we return from spring break.
Health and Safety Week:
The time is here once again for Emory’s flashmob! This year, we will be dancing to Imagine Dragon’s “Thunder.”
Please see the email from Holli with the powerpoint which has the link to “Thunder” in it. As in the past two years, we will be performing the dance at the Health and Safety Fair on Friday, April 12th. It is perfectly fine to use PE minutes to teach the dance.
Holli will send out other emails as the week progresses stating days/times we will have practice sessions. The plan, however, is to have practice sessions in the morning next week and the week of April 8. We may also have a few sessions at the end of the day.
There are a few places where the boys sign and chant their group name, COJB. We would like to substitute and shout out E M O R Y during these portions. It will make sense once you see the video.
Stop the video at 2:52, as the song is over at this time.
A huge thank you to those already learning the dance for Emory’s 3rd Annual FlashMob!! For those who have seen it, there is a portion where the boys shout out their group name. We are going to copy change that to shout out Emory. There are 3 different places where this will happen. Attached is a sample of what this should sound like.
 Smarter Balanced Blueprint and Release Questions:

As we move into CAASPP season (well, spring break first), I wanted to share the resources below. As you are facilitating Interim Assessments, you may also want to use some of the CAASPP release questions in your math instruction as problems of the day or number talks.  These might also be tools for you to use when you meet with your grade level teams.

SBAC Blueprint: What do students need to know and be able to do?

Sample Items from SBAC

Quote of the Week:

Image result for kindness quotes


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