Weekly Update: March 11, 2019

PLC Wednesday:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. Please meet with your grade level team. You may discuss administration of the District Benchmark, CAASPP Interim assessments, results of these assessments, District Writing Day, begin planning for the new R/W Units or anything else beneficial to your team.

ELPAC Administration Grades 2-6- March 11-15):

During the week of March 11-15, students who are English Learners in grades 2-6 will participate in the ELPAC assessment. 

Monday- ELD happens- regular day. Tuesday- Thursday) NO ELD groups Tuesday-Friday

**DO NOT Delay start time!

Tuesday (Listening), Wednesday (Reading) and Thursday (Writing)

8:20-9:30    Grade 2

8:20-9:50     Grade 3/4

8:20-10:10    Grade 5/6

Reminders for ELPAC Assessors:

By Friday 3/8, cover your walls/ take down instructional supports.

DO NOT use your cell phone ever when administering the ELPAC (all state assessments). Call the office for help

Login to TOMS- test the audio sample for the Listening Assessment (grades 3-6)

Dr. McNamara Visit Tentative Schedule March 11:

10:00    Don

10:02    Shelly

10:04    Erin/Dave

10:06    Patty

10:09    Holli

10:11    K.C.

10:13    Erika/Tracy

10:16    Aranzazu

10:18    Leslie

10:20    Jeanne

10:22    Melinda

10:24    Georgina

10:26    RoseAnn

10:28    Monica

10:30    Maria

10:32    Christy

10:34    Rebecca

10:36    Dene

10:39    Karina

10:41    Connie


There have been recent news reports on the Momo Challenge, a form of cyberbullying said to be prevalent on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and YouTube. Momo messages allegedly compel youngsters to engage in perilous activities such as taking pills, stabbing other people, and even killing themselves.

While there is strong reason to believe the Momo Challenge is overblown, word of the Momo Challenge is now so widespread that whether or not it represents a real threat, the subject has generated rumors that in themselves can be cause for concern among children. Tell your students that Momo is NOT real and that they have nothing to worry about. Please see me if you need support or have other questions. 


TK-2 should use the SBUSD District Performance Tasks which can be found in Illuminate. 3-6th grade may use either the CAASPP Interim Assessments OR the SBUSD District Performance Tasks. Please complete ALL performance task experiences before Spring Break. 


SBUSD Performance Tasks- Ask Georgina- She is the EXPERT!!!

Grades 3-6

CAASPP Interim Assessments found here

***Student MUST access the test via the “air secure browser”

CAASPP LABELS– Labels with student SSID and other testing information can be found in Illuminate in a report named “CAASPP Labels” (creative, I know…). When you open the report, click on “Labels” on the tool bar in the grey banner then click “Download”. You can print directly to label sheets or print to regular paper and adhere them to an index card. THESE ARE SECURE TESTING MATERIALS, and should be locked up nightly.

Smarter Balanced Blueprint and Release Questions:

As we move into CAASPP season (well, spring break first), I wanted to share the resources below. As you are facilitating Interim Assessments, you may also want to use some of the CAASPP release questions in your math instruction as problems of the day or number talks.  These might also be tools for you to use when you meet with your grade level teams.

SBAC Blueprint: What do students need to know and be able to do?

Sample Items from SBAC

Quote of the Week:

Image result for you cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you

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