Weekly Update: February 4, 2019

Staff Professional Development:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. Please collaborate with your grade level team. You may wish to discuss your plan for administering the CAASPP Interim assessments (grades 3-6) or the District Benchmarks (before spring break), plan for instruction or anything else valuable to your team.

Global Kindness Challenge February 4-8:

Wed. 2/6         Classroom Kindness Ambassador name and write-up (written by students or teacher 3-4 sentences describing why this student was selected) Emailed to Jenn and Cindy 

To promote kindness at Emory, Student Council would like to have one Kindness Ambassador selected from each classroom. Kindness Ambassadors will represent Emory, and the wonderful things that happen within our school and community. They will have their picture taken and placed on a wall of honor in the cafeteria, along with a short write-up describing why they stand out for kindness.

Ways students can be chosen:

  • Teacher selection
  • Student nominated by peers or teacher
  • Students vote based on things they’ve seen in classroom/playground
  • Thrively project which promotes kindness
  • Class-wide essay which promotes kindness
  • Students create a Ted X Talk on the importance of kindness in the world. The winning speech/presentation is the Kindness Ambassador (Kids can find kid Ted X talks on YouTube)
  • Finished project which promotes kindness (poem, pledge, creed, song, graphic novel, idea, painting, invent a kindness game, etc.)
  • Any other fabulous ideas you have

Make Kindness a Habit Video  This is an example of a Ted Talk that kids could do.

Kindness Spirit Days:

2/4      You Can’t Take Words Back- Backwards Day

2/5      Kindness Rocks- Dress like a rock star!

2/6      Make Kindness a Pattern- Patterened clothing (polka dots, stripes, plaid, etc.)

2/7      Score Points by Helping Others- favorite team/sports jersey

2/8      Dress Alike Day- come dressed the same as a friend or wear your Emory shirt

Kindness Challenge– Every 10 challenges earns a coin to be spent at Jenn’s wagon (dates/times TBD)

Mon. 2/11       Classroom Kindness Ambassador recognized at Flag Salute (Please notify family prior to flag salute)

Thanks to Dave, Erika and Holli for coordinating our Student Council and leading this event for our students.

Emory Health Office Services:

Paris Johnson was hired at our most recent SBUSD Board Meeting to serve as our Health Clerk. She is here every Monday and Tuesday and alternating Wednesdays from 10:30-2:00. On the alternating Wednesdays and Thursday and Friday, a nurse from a staffing agency supports our school from 8:00-2:25. We have seen a number of different nurses serve our students this school year. If you need a vision/hearing screen, please complete the form and submit it to Dani. She will contact SBUSD School Nurse Cristina Vaz who will perform the assessments. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Fountas and Pinnell-February 19:

The deadline to have the data is February 19th.

Remember to clear your filters, search for “Fountas” and look for the 2018-19 2nd administration. Here’s the GIANT assessment document to answer your additional questions about other assessment dates, A/B book clarification, and other exciting information.

Entering F and P data in Illuminate in February:

  • 2018-2019 Fountas and Pinnell 2nd administration
  • Enter students’ both INDEPENDENT and INSTRUCTIONAL levels in Illuminate
  • For levels C and above enter all scores: instructional level, instructional accuracy, instructional fluency and instructional comprehension scores, instructional genre, and independent level.

Updates from Learning and Innovation:

PERFORMANCE TASKS/CAASPP INTERIM ASSESSMENTS– As agreed upon at Consultation, all students in TK-6 should be participating in a performance task experience. TK-2 can be using the SBUSD District Performance Tasks which can be found in Illuminate. Directions on how to find those can be found here. 3-6th grade can use either the CAASPP Interim Assessments OR the SBUSD District Performance Tasks. Directions for the Interim Assessments can be found here and additional information can be found herePlease complete ALL performance task experiences before Spring Break. 
UPDATING CHROMEBOOKS– Please make sure you are updating your Chromebooks. Please see your IMRT if you are not sure how to do this. Updates happen sporadically.
CAASPP LABELS– Labels with student SSID and other testing information can be found in Illuminate in a report named “CAASPP Labels” (creative, I know…). When you open the report, click on “Labels” on the tool bar in the grey banner then click “Download”. You can print directly to label sheets or print to regular paper and adhere them to an index card. THESE ARE SECURE TESTING MATERIALS, and should be locked up nightly.
REPORT CARDS– The window for Report Cards will be open Monday, February 4th. Attendance data will be populated on Wednesday, February 20th by 5pm. Please remember to use a text editor, like Google Docs or MS Word to type your comments and copy/paste to the report cards. Also, remember to SAVE OFTEN.
Chromebook Work Order Procedures:
As we are learning more about how to best support you with the Take Home Chromebook Initiative, we’re updating some of our procedures to support students maintaining access to devices in the event of damage.
PURPOSE– Through a 2017 pilot with 3 schools (Bayside 3rd and 4th grades, IBCS 3rd grade, and Nicoloff 6th grade) and through work around our Learner Profile  students and staff expressed a desire to provide access to families through a take home device.
REPAIRS AND ZDT– If a student brings you a Chromebook to be repaired, please bring the device to the IMRT to receive a ZDT for that student. The ZDT should NOT go home. In the event the IMRT is not in the Library, please leave detailed notes about the damage and what is needed. IMRTs are working on a plan to get students a replacement device if they are not in their Library.
WORK ORDERS AND THE INCIDENT REPORT– The IMRT will submit the work order for you and you will NO LONGER need to complete an Incident Report. ANY details about the damage will be incredibly helpful. We cannot require payment, and we have been sending out parent letters to request payment and let them know about the damage. You can be helpful in the details you give as to how we proceed with that.
COLLECTING SURPLUS DEVICES– You might have noticed our Tech Team and or your IMRT collecting the surplus devices from your carts. The purpose behind this is to maintain those devices and repurpose them as ZDTs for the whole school. The Tech Team and IMRT are making sure those devices get updated for you and your students. This is particularly important around testing time. The devices MUST be kept up to date and the Tech Team and IMRTs can help you with that.
MULTIPLE DAMAGE REPORTS– If you have a student or two who cannot seem to keep the device in good working order, please determine with your site administrator a way to give the student access when needed.
MONEY RECEIVED– Any payments for damage will go through the office. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for money collection and deposits on behalf of the school. PLEASE include a copy of the Work Order with the money.
DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP– Remember your explicit repeated instruction about appropriate use makes a difference.
ACCESS AVAILABLE– Remember we have FREE T-Mobile Hot Spots available for families who need Internet access. Here is the NOMINATION FORM  and you can nominate any TK-8th grade family.
HANDBOOK– As always we update the HANDBOOK frequently.


Upcoming Events/Due dates:

February 19                           Fountas and Pinnell Data Entered

February 22                           Report Cards go home

March 4/5                               Math Labsite

Quote of the Week:

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