Weekly Update: December 10, 2018

Staff PD:

We DO meet as a staff this week. Please join us in room 23 at 1:40.

My Big Takeaways from TC Visit this Week:

  1. Power of Tools
    1. It was powerful to see our students using the tools that we provided. Also, powerful for me to realize how helpful tools were to me as I supported students. On the whiteboard in room 23 is Elma’s Heinemann login. If you are working in a below grade unit, you may wish to login to Elma’s account to access the Heinemann resources. Elma has registered the kits from every grade level.
      1. ecanizalez@sbusd.org    password: workshop
  2. Usefulness of small groups in Writing Workshop 
    1. Especially strategy groups to support students, provide guided practice and to move students toward and above grade level standards
Fountas and Pinnell data entered Feb 1:
We are due to enter the second round of Fountas and Pinnell data on February 1st which is actually only 5 school weeks away. You may wish to start assessing students before we leave, schedule your sub release day or anything else that you need to do to get prepared to meet this deadline.
January ILT Dates:
Earlier this year, your team identified representatives for each of the ILT meetings. The dates should be on your outlook calendar. Just a heads up as the meetings are in January, shortly after we return from vacation.
Opportunity in Math Leadership:
From Cindy Wagner….
As a means of ensuring all students have access to a rigorous, standards aligned mathematics learning experience, it has become apparent it is time to revisit and revise the SBUSD Math Units of Study.  The Learning and Innovation Team is seeking teacher leaders to participate and assist in this process.
The purpose of this group is to review shared beliefs regarding the learning of mathematics, create a standards aligned scope and sequence for each grade level, and identify existing and supplemental resources best aligned to that scope and sequence.  Please complete the application to be considered for the MUOS Leadership Group. A competitive application process will be used to select between 15-20 participants from a range of grade levels and experiences. Consultation Committee members have created a set of qualities and experiences important for teachers serving on this team.  The application and review process is based on the work completed by Consultation.
The MUOS Leadership Team will meet on Monday and Tuesday, January 7th and 8th.  There will be a future date(s) to be determined once the group is formed.  Teachers who participate in this group will be compensated out-of-contract pay.
Please complete the application at this link https://goo.gl/forms/AoOgRGyzkcs9YaGf1https://goo.gl/forms/AoOgRGyzkcs9YaGf1
by Wednesday, December 12th.  Applications will be reviewed on December 13th and 14th.

PD for grades 3-6- supporting English Learners:

Join Coordinator Lisa Celaya and TOSAs for a professional development session addressing the needs of language learners.  We will focus on readers and writers workshop, taking teachers through the process of planning instruction that supports the needs of Emergent Bilingual students.  Both English language development and Spanish language development will be discussed.  The specific needs of upper grade students and long-term language learners will also be covered in the session.



Out-Of-Contract Pay Provided

Click here to sign up

Chromebook Repair Information:

3rd- 6th grade teachers-
In order to best support you with timely Chromebook replacement and repair, you can help the District by:
1. Removing the Chromebook from the case. Store the case in your classroom until the repair is complete, or the device is replaced.
2. *Immediately* switching to using a ZDT/spare Chromebook. Make sure after you’ve placed the work order, the device does not leave with the student.

3. Printing the work order, removing the case from the device, taping the work order to the device, bringing the device to the Library, leaving with the IMRT and picking up the replacement. The IMRTs will have a box, or location, identified for you to drop off and the Tech Staff to pick up.
4. Including the family- If some mischief has happened to the device at home, please ask parents for a written account of what happened and include it in the incident report and/or work order.

Holiday Party Survey:

Please complete the attached survey regarding Emory’s Holiday Party by Monday, 12/10.  
Bill and Holli have agreed to host the party and are open to either date, and the majority wins. Specific details regarding the party will be sent once the date has been set. Note, there will be a minimal charge for attendees to cover the cost of the ham, plates/cups/utensils, beverages, etc. There are no social committee funds available to cover these costs this year as in years past.
Quote of the week:
Image result for quote about being the best

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