Weekly Update: December 3, 2018

Staff PD:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. Plan to meet with your grade level team and/or your vertical partners. You may wish to co-plan for upcoming units, review ELD placements/supports for English Learners or anything else which feels important to your team.

Dr. McNamara Visit Schedule Tuesday, Dec 4th:

See the tentative visit schedule below.

10:15    14         Aranzazu Castellanos      ELD

10:17    13         Leslie Ochoa                     ELD

10:19    9           RoseAnn Hernandez        ELD-EO

10:21    6           Carrie Wahamaki             VAPA/STEM

10:24    K1         Karina Martinez               Writing Workshop          ?? Adjusted Schedule

10:26    K2         Connie Leon                     Writing Workshop

10:29    2           Dene Sanchez                   Math Workshop

10:31    3           Rebecca Carson               Math Workshop

10:34    7           Maria Hopkins                 Word Study

10:36    12         Jeanne Sherwood            ST Math Lab

10:39    15         Don Brizendine                ELD-EO

10:42    17         Shelly Molina                   ELD-EO

10:44    18         Erin Major                        ELD-EO

10:46    19         Dave Benson                    ELD-EO

10:48    20         Erika Pehrson                   ELD-EO

10:50    21         Patty Valdivia                  ELD

10:53    22         K.C. Kinnamon                 Math Workshop

10:55    25         Angelica Goulding           ELD

10:57    26         Holli Perkins                    Reading Workshop

Teachers College Schedule Dec 5-7:

Please see the schedule for our Teachers College visit next Wed, Thursday and Friday (December 5th, 6th and 7th). We will be focused on supports for Writing Workshop.
Thank to Karina, Maria and Rebecca for hosting!!
      Karina Martinez (labsite)
      Connie Leon
      Christy Shultz
8:00-8:40 Labsite
      Maria Hopkins (labsite)
      Jeanne Sherwood
      Melinda Seubert       
10:35-11:15 Labsite
      Rebecca Carson (labsite)
      Dene Sanchez/Laura Acosta
      Georgina Lobato
      Monica Hueso (Friday only)
12:45-1:20 Labsite
1:05-1:45 Labsite

PD for grades 3-6- supporting English Learners:

Join Coordinator Lisa Celaya and TOSAs for a professional development session addressing the needs of language learners.  We will focus on readers and writers workshop, taking teachers through the process of planning instruction that supports the needs of Emergent Bilingual students.  Both English language development and Spanish language development will be discussed.  The specific needs of upper grade students and long-term language learners will also be covered in the session.



Out-Of-Contract Pay Provided

Click here to sign up

Hour of Code Dec 3-9:

Please plan for your class to participate in the Hour of Code. During the week of Dec 3-9, identify an hour period for your students to try out coding. If you have already incorporated this into your regular schedule, please use the resources currently in place. If you are not currently teaching your students to code, you may wish to check out this website.

Furniture Samples in Room 23:

There is a new set of furniture on display in room 23. Please check it out when you have time.

Upcoming Dates:

Dec 9 Certificated and Classified Staff Members of the Year Celebration Breakfast

Dec 12 Staff PD

Dec 12 PTA Family Movie

Quote of the Week:

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