Weekly Update: October 29, 2018

Thank you for your hard work preparing for and sharing with our families during conferences. Thanks to all of you who have volunteered for our Fall Carnival!

Staff Meeting:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this Wednesday. You should meet with your grade level team. You may request TOSA support during your collaboration time.

Flag Salute- Eagle Stomp Leaders:

Everyone should have received a yellow eagle pin with your class number on it. Your stomp leader should wear this at Monday’s Flag Salute. All stomp leaders will be called to lead the stomp at this time. Stomp leaders should keep their pins on so students who may need extra support learning the stomp may go to them at recess, both morning and lunch. If you didn’t receive your pin, it’s in your mailbox.
Thank you everyone for taking time out of your busy, shortened days to teach the stomp to your class!!! If you haven’t yet provided the name of your stomp leader, the list is in the lounge.

Costume Parade- October 31:

Please be back on the black top at 8:15 with your students and their chairs. Also, please bring your Change for Change Box and identify a student to place it on the emcee table. 

Mission Statement:
Please see the latest Mission Statement revision (below). By 4:00 on Tuesday, October 30th, please email me to let me know if you like the revised Mission Statement.
If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you are supportive of the statement as representative of the work we do here at Emory.
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Our mission is to empower students to be civic and service-minded individuals by developing their leadership skills and inspiring them to serve others. Our studentsmake the world a better place.
At Emory, we grow great leaders who dream more, learn more, achieve more,
Emory Academy of Global Leadership and Empowerment
Board Visit Schedule Nov 1:
Below you will find the tentative schedule. We may visit your classroom a bit earlier or later.Please review the schedule and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance for showing the trustees how awesome we are at Emory!!!
Board Visit Schedule- November 1, 2018
9:00-9:30           Office
9:30                    15 Brizendine                                26 Perkins
9:35                    17 Molina                                      25 Goulding
9:40                    20 Pehrson/Rolfe                          19 Major/Benson
9:45/9:50           Student Council Welcome/Stomp Dancers
10:00                  Library
10:10                  Volunteer Center
10:15                  K1 Martinez                                   5 Shultz
10:20                  2 Acosta                                         3 Carson
10:25                  7 Hopkins                                       12 Sherwood
10:30                  9 Hernandez                                  14 Castellanos
10:35                  8 Hueso                                           6 Wahamaki
10:40-11:00       Office
Imagine Learning:
 Before and after school Imagine Learning will begin Nov 5th. Thanks to Laura for coordinating our efforts. I also wish to thank Leslie, Laura and Dene who will be facilitating the sessions. You should continue to use Imagine Learning in your classrooms during the school day.
New Impact Teacher:
Please be sure to welcome our new Impact Teacher, Michael Martinez. He will be supporting ELD time with the hope of minimizing the size of the English only groups.

Teachers College Visit Nov 7-9 (Grades 3-6):

Please see the schedule for our visit from Christine Ikin, our TC staff developer. Below the table, please note that many of you have changes to your planning time that week. The times listed below will be in room 6 and in place of your regularly scheduled planning timeAlso, you will need to do self-contained ELD on Thursday and Friday.
Teachers College Visit November 7, 8, 9
Angelica, Don, Erin, Dave, Patty, Shelly
Meet in Room 23
Erika, Tracy, Holli, K.C.
Meet in Room 23
RoseAnn, Aranzazu, Leslie
Meet in Room 23
Planning Time Changes (new time)
              Patty                   Monday (11/5)               9:10-10:10
              Erin/Dave           Monday  (11/5)              1:25-2:25
              Aranzazu            Wednesday (11/7)          8:10-9:10
              Holli                    Friday (11/9)                   12:45-1:45
              Angelica             Thursday (11/8)              11:00-12:00
              Don                     Thursday (11/8)              1:25-2:25
              K.C.                     Wednesday (11/8)          8:10-9:10             

Report Cards in Cum Files:

Thank you for your hard work completing your report cards. Please remember to file a copy in each child’s cum folder. Thank you to those of you who have already completed this.

Number Talks Resources:

The Math TOSAs created a website with resources for Number Talks. It has power point slides created for the various number talks for each grade level span and includes the title of the strategies for each of the mathematical topics that are in the actual book.
Make sure you click on your grade level, which is found at the top of the page in a light gray color.

District Champions:

There are many amazing students, families and staff who support us each and every day. Use this link to submit nominations for your colleagues, staff, students, parents, volunteers, and community partners.

Staff Meeting time Survey:

Thank you for completing the staff meeting start/end time survey. The majority voted to begin at 1:40. Unless you have duty, I will expect you to be in room 23 at 1:40 (at our upcoming staff meetings).

Teachers College Wisdom:

Cindy Wagner attended the Teachers College Leadership Conference. She shared a few notes from Lucy Caulkins which I have listed below.

Test Prep Findings From TCRWP
·        SBAC to Reading Level Correlation is 85%
·        Number one way to increase test scores is to have students reading at grade level!
·        Test PREP is very different that test PRACTICE
·        Focus on maximizing the volume of reading and writing for students all year long
·        The curriculum and having kids spend lots of time reading and writing and getting to grade level.
·        Find ways to make test prep fun and joyful.  This will add confidence on the day of the test. When we think about test prep from a stressful vantage point, we pass that along on testing day.
·        Test prep unit starts four to five weeks before test.  No sooner!
·        The skills and strategies needed on the test ARE taught in the UOS.  


Upcoming Dates:

  • Art Box Art Due Oct 30
  • Costume Parade Oct 31
  • Red Ribbon Week Oct 29-Nov 2
  • SBUSD Trustees Visit Emory classrooms- Nov 1
  • Fall Carnival- Nov 2
  • Field Trip Calendar Updated by Nov 2
  • Christine Ikin TC gr 3-6-Nov 7,8,9
  • Emory Presentation at SBUSD Board Mtg-Nov 8
  • Soaring to Success-Respect-Nov 13 (Tuesday)
  • Emory E.A.G.L.E Kick Off Assembly Nov 15

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quote about working hard



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