Weekly Update: September 10, 2018

Hope your weekends were fabulous! There is a lot of good stuff below. Take it as it comes, do your best and hang in there.

Staff Professional Development:

We DO meet as a staff this week. Elma will be facilitating a Fountas and Pinnell calibration session. Details to follow via email.


Our IXL subscription expires on Sept 13th. You all should have received welcome emails from Dreambox. Dreambox is live and ready for your students to login to. I will send an email update as I do not know the student login formula (if YOU know it-please share it with the team). Ideally, students access Dreambox for 60 minutes or 5 lessons per week. There is a login link on the School Links page. The District is not immediately providing professional development. There are written and video links available after you login which may help get you started. (across the top my flexpd and resources). You may check in with me, your colleagues or complete a Teacher TOSA request for additional support. Our Math Labsite is scheduled for the week after fall break (Grades TK-5 only), we may learn more then. The District plans PD in the future to support reports/more sophisticated implementation questions.

E.A.G.L.E Pledge Challenge:

As we transition to the Emory Academy of Global Leadership and Empowerment, we are asking our students to write a pledge. I will announce this to our students at our Flag Salute on Monday. Please see THIS DOCUMENT ,which was created at Shared Leadership on Tuesday, with your students. You may take class time to ask your students to work on this or you may present it to them to work at home. Please collect submitted pledges and give them to me no later than Sept 21. Our Student Council members will be working to develop a DRAFT. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Active Shooter Drill- October 5 8:30-?:

As a campus, we need to be prepared for emergencies of all kinds in order to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors.  Being prepared requires the participation of site leaders, teachers, office staff, and support employees. You are invited to join our school team at an Active Shooter Drill on Friday, October 5 at 8:30 AM at Imperial Beach Charter School.  The drill will be a realistic scenario led by law enforcement and will be followed by a working lunch to debrief and discuss our learning. Please let me know via email by Sept 19th, if you would like to join us. 

Study Trips:

**Update- I have heard from a few of you with concerns and have sought clarification for Executive Team. Please do your very best to schedule all trips that you are able to by the deadline. Please check in with me about anything you would like to schedule past the deadline and I will do my very best to help us enrich our program for students. 

At my Leadership meeting on Wednesday, we were given a deadline that all Study Trips/Field Trips need to be planned/scheduled for the year by September 28th– which for you, means Sept. 21st.  (See below for info given to us) Then I am to submit the calendar by Sept. 28th.

o   Calendar for planned Study Trips submitted to the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership and Superintendent by September 28, 2018 (next year one month earlier)

o   Do not schedule study trips during CAASSP (3rd-6th) or ELPAC testing

o   Study trips must “supplement and enrich the classroom learning experience, lead to increased student achievement, and foster student engagement.” (BP/AR)

Updated Emory DRAFT Mission Statement:

Our Site Shared Leadership/Staff United Nations reviewed the Mission Statements which were submitted at our last staff meeting. Below is a revised DRAFT Mission Statement combining the DRAFTS which we created a few weeks ago. Please review the Mission Statement (below) and provide any feedback to me by Tuesday, September 11th.
Emory Updated Mission Statement- DRAFT
Our mission is to create civic and service-minded leaders by developing their leadership skills and inspiring a heart for serving others. Our vision is to spark students into action and create positive change in the world.
At Emory, we grow great leaders who dream more, learn more, achieve more,
Emory Academy of Global Leadership and Empowerment

Apex Leadership Campaign/Fun Run:

Thank you for your support of our Apex Fundraiser and Leadership Campaign. Here are the links to the videos for you to show to your students each day. Please show the daily video prior to Cool Kyle’s visit. password apexteam

Lesson 4 – Overcome – https://vimeo.com/277666466 (Monday, September 10th)

Lesson 5 – Next Level – https://vimeo.com/277666479 (Tuesday, September 11th

Lesson 6 – Grateful – https://vimeo.com/277666480 (Wednesday, September 12th)

Fun Run Schedule Sept 14

8:10-9:30 Leon, Martinez, Shultz, Lobato, Acosta, Carson, Hueso

9:30-10:50 Hopkins, Seubert, Sherwood, Hernandez, Castellanos, Ochoa, Kinnamon

10:50-12:10 Perkins, Pehrson, Brizendine, Goulding, Major, Molina, Valdivia

School Site Council:

Congratulations and thank you to Angelica, Erika, Dene and Eunice who will represent us on the Emory School Site Council.

Library Transition:

We have the opportunity to apply for an $8,000 grant from the District to transition the Library or other campus space into a “maker space” which Teresa would facilitate.As a result, we are considering returning to every other week library schedules. With the addition of the new classroom libraries, it seems as though we may be less reliant on weekly visits. Please share any feedback that you have with me regarding a change to the library schedule or your interest in being a part of the “maker space” design.  

Imagine Learning:

Your students may log into Imagine Learning TODAY in your classrooms. All Emory students are entered. We are waiting for clarification from the District regarding the password re-set. Thank you for your patience. For now, all students may login via the google login. 

Student Login grades Tk-1:

user name:birthday


Student Login grades 2-6:

google login

Laura Acosta is again taking the lead with supporting Imagine Learning please let her know if you have any questions.

Teachers can log in to Imagine Learning by using their SBUSD email and selecting “Forgot Password” to set up a new one. 

Imagine Learning recommends that students access IL for 100 minutes per week to maximize the program benefits.

Teacher 1 Hour Prep/Planning Schedule:

Personal planning begins this week! Please deliver and pick up your students to classroom 6 and pick them up there at the end of your planning time. Please be mindful of the noise your students make during the transition. Carrie Wahamaki is in room 6 and teaching STEM and/or Visual and Performing Arts. Please let me know if you have any feedback about the process. 

  • These are ENRICHMENT classes–no grades on report card
  • VAPA and STEM teachers are NOT teaching classroom science.  Science remains a core content area to be taught by classroom teachers.  Instead, STEM teachers are teaching design, engineering, robotics, coding, etc.

Click here to view the schedule

TC Test Prep Unit/Smarter Balance Interim Assessments Grades 3-6:

I feel like we always get to March and think, I wish I began using the Smarter Balance Interim Assessments (or this past year) the TC Test Prep Unit much earlier in the year. Here is your reminder to think about how you might use these resources/ provide access to our students more strategically earlier this school year. Let me know if you have any questions/need support accessing these tools.

Emory School Calendar:

You received this calendar via email. However it is linked here. It contains many important dates throughout the school year (TCRWP Visits, School Events etc). Please review and let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Emory School Calendar

Donation Request Reminder:

All requests for donations (through DonorsChoose, GoFundMe, Ed Foundation Mini-grants, UCSD Day of Service, etc.) must be approved by the Principal prior to submission.  Request language must be reviewed for appropriateness, funding options, and to identify any possible long-term impacts (e.g., adding a campus garden requires ongoing landscaping, maintenance, and irrigation).
Upcoming Dates:

Sept 12 Staff PD

Sept 13 Dr. McNamara visits all Emory classrooms 8:45-9:30

Sept 14 Apex Fun Run

Sept 17 Blue Slips at Lunch

Sept 18  Shared Leadership/Emory Staff UN

October 9 and 11 Math Labsite Grades TK-5

October 12th Cindy Wagner/Principals at Emory and will visit classrooms

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes appreciate employees


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