Weekly Update: September 4, 2018

I hope that you enjoy the three day weekend! You have worked hard- get some rest, have fun and be ready to kick off our Apex Fundraiser!

Apex Leadership Campaign/Fun Run:

Here are the links to the videos for you to show to your students each day. Please show the daily video prior to Cool Kyle’s visit.

Lesson 1 – Selfless – https://vimeo.com/277666438 (Wednesday, September 5th)

Lesson 2 – Trustworthy –https://vimeo.com/277666449 (Thursday, September 6th)

Lesson 3 – Refuel – https://vimeo.com/277666461 (Friday, September 7th)

Lesson 4 – Overcome – https://vimeo.com/277666466 (Monday, September 10th)

Lesson 5 – Next Level – https://vimeo.com/277666479 (Tuesday, September 11th

Lesson 6 – Grateful – https://vimeo.com/277666480 (Wednesday, September 12th)

Apex Kick Off Assemblies

Tuesday, Sept 4

           TK-3 1:00-1:40

4-6     1:45-2:25 ** bring backpacks

Fun Run Schedule Sept 14

8:10-9:30 Leon, Martinez, Shultz, Lobato, Acosta, Carson, Hueso

9:30-10:50 Hopkins, Seubert, Sherwood, Hernandez, Castellanos, Ochoa, Kinnamon

10:50-12:10 Perkins, Pehrson, Brizendine, Goulding, Major, Molina, Valdivia

Apex Classroom Visit Schedule 2018

Sept 5, 6, 7/Sept 10-13

Wednesday Other Days Room
Brizendine 8:15 Brizendine 8:15**Thursday re-schedule with Kyle 15
Molina 8:25 Molina 8:25 17
  Major/Benson 8:35 19
Pehrson 8:45 Pehrson 8:45 20
Valdivia 8:55 Valdivia 8:55 22
Kinnamon 9:05 Kinnamon 9:05 21
Shultz 9:15 Shultz 9:15 5
Carson 9:25 Carson 9:25 3
Castellanos 9:35 Castellanos 9:35 14
Ochoa 9:45 Ochoa 9:45 13
Martinez 9:55 Martinez 9:55**Tuesday re-schedule with Kyle K1
Sanchez/Acosta 10:30 Sanchez/Acosta 10:30 2
Hueso 11:05 Hueso 11:05 8
Hopkins 11:15  Hopkins 11:15**Monday re-schedule with Kyle 7
Hernandez 11:30 Hernandez 11:30 9
Major/Benson 11:40
Leon 12:45 Leon 1:45 K2
Perkins 12:50 Perkins 12:50 26
Goulding 1:00 Goulding 1:00 25
Sherwood 1:10 Sherwood 1:10**Monday re-schedule with Kyle 12
Seubert 1:15 Seubert 1:20 11
Lobato 1:20 Lobato 1:30 10

Staff Professional Development:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. Please work with your grade level teams. Our next staff meeting is scheduled for September 12th.

Site Shared Leadership/Staff United Nations:

We will be meeting Tuesday, Sept 4th at 2:45 in room 23 to continue to discuss the transition to the Emory Academy of Global Leadership and Empowerment.

Soaring to Success:


8:15      1st

8:35      2nd

9:00      3rd

9:20      4th

9:50      5th

10:30    6th

Library Transition:

We have the opportunity to apply for an $8,000 grant from the District to transition the Library or other campus space into a “maker space” which Teresa would facilitate.As a result, we are considering returning to every other week library schedules. With the addition of the new classroom libraries, it seems as though we may be less reliant on weekly visits. Please share any feedback that you have with me regarding a change to the library schedule or your interest in being a part of the “maker space” design.  

Imagine Learning:

Your students may log into Imagine Learning TODAY in your classrooms. All Emory students are entered.

Student Login grades Tk-1:

user name:birthday


Student Login grades 2-6:

google login

Laura Acosta is again taking the lead with supporting Imagine Learning please let her know if you have any questions.

Teachers can log in to Imagine Learning by using their SBUSD email and selecting “Forgot Password” to set up a new one. 

Imagine Learning recommends that students access IL for 100 minutes per week to maximize the program benefits.

Teacher 1 Hour Prep/Planning Schedule- begins this week:

Personal planning begins this week! Please deliver and pick up your students to classroom 6 and pick them up there at the end of your planning time. Carrie Wahamaki is in room 6 and teaching STEM and/or Visual and Performing Arts. Please let me know if you have any feedback about the process.

Click here to view the schedule

Emory School Calendar:

You received this calendar via email. However it is linked here. It contains many important dates throughout the school year (TCRWP Visits, School Events etc). Please review and let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Emory School Calendar

Box Tops:

Thank you for encouraging students to collect Box Tops!

Top classes this time were:

Shultz with 185

Goulding with 122

Molina with 120

Teacher Evaluation:

I have contacted all certificated staff who will be evaluated this school year. If you have not heard from me, you WILL NOT be evaluated this year. 

Upcoming Dates:

Sept 4  Shared Leadership/Emory Staff UN

Sept 5 PTA Family Bingo Night

Sept 7 Soaring to Success Awards

Sept 12 Staff PD

Sept 13 Dr. McNamara visits all Emory classrooms 8:45-9:30

Sept 14 Apex Fun Run

October 9 and 11 Math Labsite

October 12th Cindy Wagner/Principals at Emory and will visit classrooms

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes kindness

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