Weekly Update: August 17, 2018

Staff PD:

We DO meet as a staff this week.  Room 23 at 1:45. We must complete the mandated reporter training. First and Second grades will finalize updates to their ELD groups. Other grades will participate in a Restorative Circle.

Emory School Calendar:

You received this calendar via email. However it is linked here. It contains many important dates throughout the school year (TCRWP Visits, School Events etc). Please review and let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Emory School Calendar

PLC Time:

We may miss the opportunity to collaborate with our grade level teams during the school day, however, we now have a greater opportunity for vertical collaboration. As a reminder, you are required to collaborate with your team each minimum day that we do not have a Staff Meeting; District PLC or designated planning time. Please plan to collaborate minimally from 1:40-2:40. Contractually, 1/3 of your PLC time may be principal directed. Please look to the blog and bulletin for information about Principal directed PLC time. As always, thank you for your hard work on behalf of our students.

Teacher Evaluation:

I have contacted all certificated staff who will be evaluated this school year. If you have not heard from me, you WILL NOT be evaluated this year. 

Teacher 1 Hour Prep/Planning Schedule:

We officially have a three year contract! As a result, you will have one hour per week of personal planning time. Also, we will have a new staff member joining us. (I do not, yet, know the name of our new teammate). This person will be setting up classroom 6 and teaching STEM and/or Visual and Performing Arts. I received very specific direction from the District regarding the design of our schedule (included below). I am sure that you will love having time for planning, unfortunately, this opportunity will disrupt your daily schedule. The District has let me know that we will have a teacher ready to release you on Tuesday, Sept 4th. You should expect to bring your students to classroom 6 and pick them up there at the end of your planning time.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday





Grade 1/SDC

















**Adjust recess








4/5 Combo


**students attend 5/6 recess































Library Transition:

We have the opportunity to apply for an $8,000 grant from the District to transition the Library or other campus space into a “maker space” which Teresa would facilitate. As a result, we are considering returning to every other week library schedules. With the addition of the new classroom libraries, it seems as though we may be less reliant on weekly visits. Please share any feedback that you have with me regarding a change to the library schedule or your interest in being a part of the “maker space” design.  

Imagine Learning:

Imagine Learning is available for Emory students. To login the students should use their chromebook email address login (ex jennifer.grondek1821@sbusd.net) their password is their student number. Laura Acosta is again taking the lead with supporting Imagine Learning.

Teachers can log in to Imagine Learning by using their SBUSD email and selecting “Forgot Password” to set up a new one. 

Imagine Learning recommends that students access IL for 100 minutes per week to maximize the program benefits.

CyberSmarts Week:

Fountas and Pinnell Assessment Data entered by August 31:

From the SBUSD Assessment Manual–using Fountas and Pinnell teachers will determine reading level of all students in order to support independent reading at their level. Using Illuminate, report Instructional Level (shows what students are working on) and Independent level, and collect information on accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and genre on Instructional Level. It is ideal to test to Hard in order to ensure students are not actually reading at a higher level. Use of the WORD LIST is not considered a level, and is used to determine a starting point for students without prior scores.

Fountas and Pinnell suggest to start with student choice of genre for each assessment session. Alternate fiction/non-fiction within the session. Next round, allow for student choice again and alternate.

Morning, Recess and Dismissal Duty:

Thank you for your hard work keeping our students safe before, during and after school. As a reminder, on the days when you have duty, please be sure to be at your duty on time. If you have recess or after school duty, please begin to prepare your students and yourself a few minutes early so that you are on the blacktop at the very start of recess. For after school dismissal, please, again prepare so that you are in the dismissal area within 1 minute of the bell ringing. What you are doing in your classrooms is critically important and sometimes it is hard to walk away from an engaging topic or even a parent who would like your time. However, ensuring that our students are well supervised is critical to their safety. Please let me know if you need any support in getting out to duty on time.

Apex Fun Run:

 Please email me if you have a preferred time for your daily “Cool Kyle” visit. 

Emory Newsletter:

Below is en email from parent volunteer, Sonya Vargas.I am Ms. Sonya for those that may not know me yet.  I volunteered to do the Emory Newsletter last year, and will continue doing it this year as well.  The school season has just started, but lots of awesome things are already happening at Emory!  These events and activities are what the parents and kids enjoy reading about.  I discovered last year, that the kids really enjoyed the newsletter because they would see their name in it, or their friends name in it.  We have already had some exciting things happen within the school.  I know that Ms. Molina’s 6th grade class did an archaeological dig.  This could be something that could be in the Newsletter.  I plan on stopping by for the 4th grade Living Library to interview some of the kiddo’s on their project.  The School Student Council will have new members soon, I would love to come to a meeting and find out what is in store for this year! *Wink, Wink*.  I would like to give an opportunity to all the staff to share about your class.  But if you have time and you wish to submit a message about or to your class, or if you have an questions, my email address is:  savargas01@gmail.com.  The deadline to submit anything will be October 12 2018.  Thank you for your time.

Letters for Honor Flight:

You may have your students write letters addressed to Veteran’s thanking them for their service. The Honor Flight organization takes Veterans to memorials in Washington DC, based on the war they fought in.
Anyways, Holli is having her class write to these Veterans who will be on the September Honor Flight, and would love nothing more than to be able to deliver a letter from each of our Emory students. If you are interested, please have your students address their letters, “Dear Veteran,” Please include Emory’s address on the letters, as many of these Veterans do write back.  http://www.honorflightsandiego.org/
Please have your letters to Holli by Friday, 8/31 so that she may deliver them to the next stop.
Quote of the Week:
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