Weekly Update: August 20, 2018

Staff PD:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. Our next staff meeting is August 29th. This Wednesday, August 22nd, Jen Oliveira will present a PD about Wixie at 1:45 in room 23 and Rob Well will present a PD about Restorative Circles at 1:45 in room 19. 

Breakout Box Reward Parties:

Breakout Box reward parties will take place approximately 1x/month on Friday after lunch. Lindsay will let you know asap when the first one will be. Teachers in 4, 5, and 6 will receive 3 tickets that they may give out to their students in any way that will benefit their classroom (reward, incentive, perfect homework, etc).
Lindsay is  happy to work with teachers in any grade about using the breakout box as a whole class activity. Let her know if you want to meet about setting something up. If you would like to see the available options or if there are any games that will match your subject area, the website is https://breakoutedu.com/ and you can log in using her emaillfox@sbusd.org and the password is breakout.

Letters for Honor Flight:

You may have your students write letters addressed to Veteran’s thanking them for their service. The Honor Flight organization takes Veterans to memorials in Washington DC, based on the war they fought in.
Anyways, Holli is having her class write to these Veterans who will be on the September Honor Flight, and would love nothing more than to be able to deliver a letter from each of our Emory students. If you are interested, please have your students address their letters, “Dear Veteran,” Please include Emory’s address on the letters, as many of these Veterans do write back.  http://www.honorflightsandiego.org/
Please have your letters to Holli by Friday, 8/31 so that she may deliver them to the next stop.

Chromebook Survey from Jen Oliveira:

For teachers in grade 4-6–
Just a reminder, Jen Olioveira sent out an email a while ago with some slides for your Back to School Night On it was a video from Dr. McNamara and Pre-Survey she was hoping you might ask parents, kids, and yourself to take.
Additionally, if you have a family who you KNOW needs Internet access, you can nominate them using this form. We have a limited number of Hotspots available J

Chromebooks use before school/at lunch:

To avoid damage to devices, Chromebooks may not be used before school or during recess/lunch. Excepting use that is directly supervised by a classroom teacher (in a classroom). Students may visit the library if they need access to technology.

CyberSmarts Week:

Fountas and Pinnell Assessment Data entered by August 31:

From the SBUSD Assessment Manual–using Fountas and Pinnell teachers will determine reading level of all students in order to support independent reading at their level. Using Illuminate, report Instructional Level (shows what students are working on) and Independent level, and collect information on accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and genre on Instructional Level. It is ideal to test to Hard in order to ensure students are not actually reading at a higher level. Use of the WORD LIST is not considered a level, and is used to determine a starting point for students without prior scores.

Fountas and Pinnell suggest to start with student choice of genre for each assessment session. Alternate fiction/non-fiction within the session. Next round, allow for student choice again and alternate.

Emory Newsletter:

Below is en email from parent volunteer, Sonya Vargas.I am Ms. Sonya for those that may not know me yet.  I volunteered to do the Emory Newsletter last year, and will continue doing it this year as well.  The school season has just started, but lots of awesome things are already happening at Emory!  These events and activities are what the parents and kids enjoy reading about.  I discovered last year, that the kids really enjoyed the newsletter because they would see their name in it, or their friends name in it.  We have already had some exciting things happen within the school.  I know that Ms. Molina’s 6th grade class did an archaeological dig.  This could be something that could be in the Newsletter.  I plan on stopping by for the 4th grade Living Library to interview some of the kiddo’s on their project.  The School Student Council will have new members soon, I would love to come to a meeting and find out what is in store for this year! *Wink, Wink*.  I would like to give an opportunity to all the staff to share about your class.  But if you have time and you wish to submit a message about or to your class, or if you have an questions, my email address is:  savargas01@gmail.com.  The deadline to submit anything will be October 12 2018.  Thank you for your time.


Please see the guidelines below. Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.

  • Hand sanitizer AND handi-wipes that say “keep out of reach of reach of children” must be stored must be stored high or in a locked cabinet.
  • Do not use Lysol wipes to clean. These are anti-microbial and should not be used in classrooms.
  • Many hand lotions have these same warnings and must be stored accordingly.
  • Liquid paper also says “keep out of reach of children” on the label and cannot be left out on teacher’s desk or other places in the classroom.
  • Cleaning products must be stored in a locked cabinet not under the sink if it does not lock.
  • Power cords cannot be used as permanent outlets and extension cords should not be plugged into power strips.
  • Electrical panels must have a clearance of three feet all around. Please do not put any materials in front or around them.
  • If you have paper cutters they must be in a locked area and should have a lock on the handle.


As a reminder, the SBUSD purchasing department WILL NOT allow us to reimburse any Amazon purchases.

Morning, Recess and Dismissal Duty:

Thank you for your hard work keeping our students safe before, during and after school. As a reminder, on the days when you have duty, please be sure to be at your duty on time. If you have recess or after school duty, please begin to prepare your students and yourself a few minutes early so that you are on the blacktop at the very start of recess. For after school dismissal, please, again prepare so that you are in the dismissal area within 1 minute of the bell ringing. What you are doing in your classrooms is critically important and sometimes it is hard to walk away from an engaging topic or even a parent who would like your time. However, ensuring that our students are well supervised is critical to their safety. Please let me know if you need any support in getting out to duty on time.

Apex Fun Run:

The Apex Campaign has been re-scheduled to September. They were no longer available for the spring dates which we selected. The ONLY dates which they had available are Sept 4-14th. More details to follow. Please email me if you have a preferred time for your daily “Cool Kyle” visit. 

Upcoming Dates:

Wixie Training K-2 (optional)                Aug 22

Restorative Practices (optional)             Aug 22

Staff Professional Development            Aug 29

Cybersmarts Week                                    Aug 27-31

Fountas and Pinnell Data entered         Aug 31

PTA Bingo Night                                        September 5

Apex Fun Run                                            Sept 14

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes best employees

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