Weekly Update: August 13, 2018

Staff Meeting:

We DO meet as a staff at 1:45 in room 23. Please bring your laptops. Elma will be here with some information about the Fountas and Pinnell Assessment, we will discuss the transition to the Emory Academy for Global Leadership and Empowerment and we will watch the mandated reporter training.

Dr. McNamara’s Visit August 15th @1:00-1:45:

Dr. McNamara plans to visit Emory 6 times this year. She has let Principals know that on each of her visits she plans to visit each classroom. I’m not sure what this will look like on August 15th.

ELD Groups:

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we begin our grade level ELD rotations on Monday. We are seeking an Impact teacher to support ELD and provide small group reading instruction. I will keep you posted about our progress.

Morning, Recess and Dismissal Duty:

Thank you for your hard work keeping our students safe before, during and after school. As a reminder, on the days when you have duty, please be sure to be at your duty on time. If you have recess or after school duty, please begin to prepare your students and yourself a few minutes early so that you are on the blacktop at the very start of recess. For after school dismissal, please, again prepare so that you are in the dismissal area within 1 minute of the bell ringing. What you are doing in your classrooms is critically important and sometimes it is hard to walk away from an engaging topic or even a parent who would like your time. However, ensuring that our students are well supervised is critical to their safety. Please let me know if you need any support in getting out to duty on time.

Restorative Practices Training- August 22:

Rob Wells will visit Emory to provide a more in depth training on facilitating Restorative Circles in your classrooms. We will meet 1:45-2:45 room t.b.d. on August 22nd.  

Student Council begins:

Teachers or students in grades 4-6, please see the email from Holli with student council forms for students.
The informational meeting for interested students will be Monday, 8/13 at 12:45 in Room 26. We encourage you to print out forms for students wanting to participate so they can begin thinking about their speeches.
We have also included an inspirational video to share with the students to get them started on this journey.
 Thank you to Erika, Dave, and Holli for their leadership!

Chromebook Survey from Jen Oliveira:

For teachers in grade 4-6–
Just a reminder, Jen Olioveira sent out an email a while ago with some slides for your Back to School Night On it was a video from Dr. McNamara and Pre-Survey she was hoping you might ask parents, kids, and yourself to take.
Additionally, if you have a family who you KNOW needs Internet access, you can nominate them using this form. We have a limited number of Hotspots available J

Chromebooks use before school/at lunch:

To avoid damage to devices, Chromebooks may not be used before school or during recess/lunch. Excepting use that is directly supervised by a classroom teacher (in a classroom). Students may visit the library if they need access to technology.

Action Learning Team:

In building the Learner Profile, survey data revealed our colleagues have an interest developing personalized learning for students and adults in South Bay. I encourage you to join the team to study Personalized Learning and build our knowledge.    will we do?

  • Study a topic (or two):
    • Inquiry
    • Design Thinking
    • Project/Problem Based Learning
    • Blended Learning
    • Flipped Classrooms
  • Visit some places around San Diego county over fall break (if you’re available)
  • Talk with experts
  • Plan for students

What will you receive?

  • Professional Books related to the topic you’re interested in studying
  • Out of contract pay for meetings and site visits
  • Field trips to places around the county where personalized learning is in full swing
How much time will this take?e will this take?
  • 2- 3 in person meetings after school to learn (pedagogy and tools) and plan
  • 2 Google Hangout meetings after school
  • 1 field trip day over Fall Break
When: First meeting will be Monday, August 20th from 330- 500pm
Where: Ed Center Conference Rooms 1-3
Who: Anyone who is receiving this email (K-8 teachers including Special Education, Administrators)
Sign up here

CyberSmarts Week:

Fountas and Pinnell Assessment Data entered by August 31:

From the SBUSD Assessment Manual–using Fountas and Pinnell teachers will determine reading level of all students in order to support independent reading at their level. Using Illuminate, report Instructional Level (shows what students are working on) and Independent level, and collect information on accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and genre on Instructional Level. It is ideal to test to Hard in order to ensure students are not actually reading at a higher level. Use of the WORD LIST is not considered a level, and is used to determine a starting point for students without prior scores.

Fountas and Pinnell suggest to start with student choice of genre for each assessment session. Alternate fiction/non-fiction within the session. Next round, allow for student choice again and alternate.

Additional Notes:

A/B Leveled Books:  A/B books are written to teach concepts of print, one-to-one matching and a FEW high frequency  ONLY. When students have concepts of print and one-to-one correspondence, they should be moved into C level books.  A/B books are not intended to be decoded. Please refer to the Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum for specific skills and strategies in each guided reading level.

Testing to Hard

  • It is important to not stop testing once you’ve reached a student’s initial instructional level. It is possible a student might be a band of instructional levels. The purpose of testing to Hard is to diagnose the student’s instructional band and what the student IS able to do and what she is NOT YET able to do. Stopping at the first instructional level may hold students back. Digging deeper into the miscues and errors will help uncover where you can support students in small groups.

SBUSD Assessment Document 


Building your Book Baggies/bins:

So many of you have been interested in seeing your Fountas and Pinnell level for your incoming students. Here are some instructions OR a (riveting) video to get into Illuminate to view those results. IMPORTANT NOTES: Make sure you pay close attention the instruction about Enrollment Date AND know that there will most likely be multiple pages. 


Please see the guidelines below. Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.

  • Hand sanitizer AND handi-wipes that say “keep out of reach of reach of children” must be stored must be stored high or in a locked cabinet.
  • Do not use Lysol wipes to clean. These are anti-microbial and should not be used in classrooms.
  • Many hand lotions have these same warnings and must be stored accordingly.
  • Liquid paper also says “keep out of reach of children” on the label and cannot be left out on teacher’s desk or other places in the classroom.
  • Cleaning products must be stored in a locked cabinet not under the sink if it does not lock.
  • Power cords cannot be used as permanent outlets and extension cords should not be plugged into power strips.
  • Electrical panels must have a clearance of three feet all around. Please do not put any materials in front or around them.
  • If you have paper cutters they must be in a locked area and should have a lock on the handle.


As a reminder, the SBUSD purchasing department WILL NOT allow us to reimburse any Amazon purchases.

Ally Counseling Program:

The Ally counseling program is no longer serving children. As soon as I have information about the new partner, I will share the referral process.

Paper Choice:

TK-2 Teachers can expect a box of paper in the near future containing paper choices which would be appropriate for the unit you’re teaching. There will be several choices in the box for students. For the 2018-19 school year, Learning and Innovation will provide a starter box for each unit and if you need more or different we also have an order form you can use to select your choices directly from the print shop. 3-8th grade teachers might expect similar for different units when appropriate. Please remember processing time at the Print Shop is about 1-2 weeks.

Chromebooks to Home Internet Access:

limited number of T-Mobile hotspots will be available to each school site for 4th – 8thgrade families with no Internet access. Here is a nomination form if you have a student in your class without access at home. PLEASE DO NOT advertise this option, but if you know of a family in your class who needs it, complete the form.

Crayola Marker Recycling Program:

Please help our environment by saving all of your old/used/dry felt tip markers.  Crayola has a program in which they take back markers to reuse/recycle. Let Patty know if you need a basket or box to collect markers. Room 21 will have a box where you can drop them off.  If you would rather have pick up service, please let Patty know and she will send a couple of students over. Thank you Patty! Below are two videos that can be shared with your students.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP4C8GkgLwc&list=PL_4KQM3ba9sB7_EASaLqLADr51KQQ66F7


Apex Fun Run:

The Apex Campaign has been re-scheduled to September. They were no longer available for the spring dates which we selected. The ONLY dates which they had available are Sept 4-14th. More details to follow. Please email me if you have a preferred time for your daily “Cool Kyle” visit. 

Upcoming Dates:

Dr. McNamara visits classrooms           Aug 15 1:00-1:45

Staff Professional Development            Aug 15

Wixie Training K-2 (optional)                Aug 22

Restorative Practices (optional)             Aug 22

Cybersmarts Week                                    Aug 27-31

Fountas and Pinnell Data entered         Aug 31

PTA Bingo Night                                        September 5

Apex Fun Run                                            Sept 14

Quote of the Week:

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