Weekly Update: May 21, 2018

Staff PD:

We do NOT meet as a staff. Please use this time to enter your Fountas and Pinnell data, work on report cards or any other activities which will benefit your team.

Fountas and Pinnell Assessments:
“Fountas and Pinnell will determine reading level of all students in order to support independent reading at their level and provide appropriate instruction to progress. In Illuminate, report Instructional Level (shows what students are working on) andIndependent level, and collect information on accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and genre on Instructional Level. It is ideal to test to Hard in order to ensure students are not actually reading at a higher level. Use of the WORD LIST is not considered a level, and is used to determine a starting point for students without prior scores.
·        First round completed by September 1
·        TK/K teachers to complete first round by November 3
·        Second round completed by February 2 (all grades)
·        Third round completed by May 25 (all grades)
Fountas and Pinnell suggest to start with student choice of genre for each assessment session. Alternate fiction/non-fiction within the session. Next round, allow for student choice again and alternate.
·        What do I put in Illuminate?– For Instructional, put whatever is going to be most helpful to you.
English Language Learners:
·        Newcomers:  For newcomers 3rd – 6th grade in an SEI program and primary language is Spanish should be tested in DRA Spanish to gauge their reading level.  This is one  indication that they are at grade level or not.  All newcomers 3rd – 6th grade newcomers regardless of primary language  should then be tested in English using F & P.  Caution: Newcomers should not be placed in A/B books.  A/B books are for concepts of print and generally our 3rd – 6th grade newcomers read in their primary language.  The lowest possible level a newcomer in 3rd – 6th to be place in F & P is level C and DRA is level 4.  
Independent Reading Level Benchmarks: Teachers will use the benchmarks according to  Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project which can be foundhere.  (Schools administering DRA, can use this correlation chart to determine levels).
TIP: Here is a cheat sheet on how to enter scores in Illuminate
Apex Fun Run:
Leadership Videos
Monday May 21 – TEACHABLE
Tuesday May 22 – EMPATHISE
Wednesday May 23 – DO YOUR BEST
Thursday May 24 – No Video FUN RUN PREP

Friday, May 25           Run the course

8:15-9:05        4th/5th

9:15-10:05      K/1

10:15-11:05    2/3rd

Math in Practice:
If you are interested in joining the 2018-2019 Math in Practice Cohort OR need to make-up a session from the 2017-2018 school year, PD will be offered. See schedule below.
TK-2nd Grade: 
Need to attend 2 out of the 3 sessions listed below in order to be able to receive the Math in Practice Supplementary Resource, literature and manipulatives
Summer Learning Academy: Wednesday – June 6   Session #1 Counting and Cardinality  & Session #2 Understanding Place Value
Summer Learning Academy: Thursday – June 7  Session #3 Addition/Subtraction
3rd-5th Grade:
Will be offered on Monday: July 16 from 8-2:30pm which will cover Sessions 1-3 (Multiplication/Division/Fractions) in order to be able to receive the Math in Practice Supplementary Resource, literature and manipulatives
SDC & RSP Teachers are more than welcome to attend either grade level spans. However, you will only be able to receive 1 set of grade level materials.
Please complete the RSVP form by clicking HERE if you choose to attend

Summer Learning Academy:

When: Wednesday, June 6th and Thursday, June 7th


Where: Ed Center (601 Elm Ave Imperial Beach 91932)

What: Professional Learning Conference-Style, based on your feedback and interests.

What’s new:

  • Slightly shorter sessions, with some built in time to chat with colleagues about what you learned and how you will implement.
  • Sessions for parents and students on June 6th
    • How to support literacy, math, technology, and movement over the summer

New Schedule:

Meet in Burress

Session 1

Session 2

Give and Get Session- share what you’ve learned with colleagues, and learn something new from your colleagues

Session 3


Session 4

Give and Get Session

Meet in Burress for Evaluation and Opportunity Drawing

Year End Reminders:

As we approach the end of the year, just a couple of reminders:
1)      If you have a student that is not feeling well, please do not let the student call home from your classroom, send the student to the office and we will make the phone call if necessary.   Please inform the office, if you have made a call and are expecting a return call from the parent. 
2)      When sending a student to the office with an injury/illness, please send the student with an Illness and Injury form.
3)      If your class will not be eating in the cafeteria, please be sure to inform the Cafeteria staff 3 days in advance.
4)      Field trip reminder-if a student rides the bus they must return on the bus unless prior arrangements have been made. 


Report Cards:

The report card window is open. Here are a few reminders:
·         Here is Jen Oliveira’s extensive Assessment and Report Card document which is designed to answer all of your questions.
·         Remember all report cards this year will use 8.5 x 11 paper and are 2 sided with grades on BOTH sides.
·         Here is a video about ELD Grades. The previously mentioned Assessment and Report Card document has a lot of the same information. UPDATEMost likely we’ll be changing how this looks next year, just waiting for some guidance from CDE.
·         TIP: Use a text editor (like Word or Google docs) to type your comments, then copy and paste into Illuminate.
·         Remember to SAVE often!
·         If you’re new to Illuminate and report cards check out more informative videos about entering grades – Learning and Innovation website, click on the Assessment tab, then Illuminate Resources.
·         Chrome, Chrome, Chrome
·         You will have 750 characters (including spaces) to write your comments. It may look like you have more space but you’ll only have 750 characters.
·         If you are using the Standards-based Gradebook, this document will help you connect the grades to the report card.
·         Attendance and other heading data will be populated by 5pm on Wednesday, May 30th.
·         Reading Assessment Data– Please CLEAR your filters then search “fountas” or “DRA”. Use the 2017-18 3rd Administration.

Quote of the week:

Image result for quotes finishing strong


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