Weekly Update: April 23, 2018

Staff Meeting:

We DO meet as a staff this week. We will meet in room 23. Please bring your laptops as Brenda Robles will join us to present information about ST Math reports and intervention.

CAASPP Testing:

For students in grades 3-6, CAASPP testing begins next week (April 23- May 11). For these three weeks, Mayra’s LLI groups will be canceled as she will be helping with assessment and make ups. CAASPP Testing Schedule

DO NOT USE Your CELL PHONES DURING TESTING. Use your classroom phone to call the office to ask for help. 

All Teachers

  • Minimize the use of ‘streaming media’ sites, such as streaming video and audio content (Youtube, Brain Pop etc.) unless instructionally crucial.
    1. Where necessary, teachers should try to display this type of streaming media content via projector
  • Avoid downloading or uploading large files or folders during regular ‘student attendance’ hours, where possible.

3rd – 8th Grade Teachers:

  1. Chromebooks Full Shutdown Reminder: When students are logged in, have them click the clock in the bottom right tray of the Chromebook screen, then click the Shut Down icon
  2.  For the past two weeks, the State’s Tier 2 Technical Support team has been investigating reports that their AirSecureTest app has demonstrated problems.
    The State Technical Support team has recommended the following:
    Be prepared for a possibility of a certain proportion of student Apps to freeze or delay and let students know BEFOREHAND that restarting the device and re-logging-in is a possibility. The test will always allow them to continue where they left off.
  3.  It is a good idea to have a PLAN B in place. If a student has trouble with the browser:
    1.      Watch the student re-attempt to login to ensure they’re following directions.
    2.      Restart their device and re-login to continue where they left off.
    3.      Try a different device when one becomes available (from your cart, Teacher Chromebook, as other students finish).
    4.   If they’ve tried to login twice or more on 2 different devices without any success, consider putting them on a make-up list, and try again another day with assistance from Erin or Jenn.
  4. We have set up the rosters for CAASPP small group testing.  If your name is NOT listed below, you will be testing your homeroom roster in it’s entirety. If you see your name below, one or more of your students will be pulled from your room for testing or you are a small group tester (Monica, Tracy, Dave)- please see the link below for details.
    * Carson
    * Castellanos
    * Hueso
    * Pehrson
    * Kinnamon
    * Seubert
    * Benson
    * Rolfe


Thanks to K.C., Erika Pehrson, Angelica Goulding, Melinda Seubert, Shelly Molina, Erin Major, Dave Benson, Patty Valdivia, and Don Brizendine.

Second Lesson                April 26    1:30-2:25

Math TOSAs visit First and Second Grade PLC:

Focus of PLC for 1st & 2nd Grade:

PD on Basic Math Facts (Addition/Subtraction) – An actual resource for teaching basic math facts (addition/subtraction) has been ordered for you and should  be arriving soon. During PLC Susy Chavez will be going over the organization of each chapter, building content knowledge around the instructional process for teaching basic math facts beyond memorization.

Grade Level ILT meetings:

Our final ILT meetings are on the horizon. Please see the dates below. These are full day meetings which will be held at the Ed Center. With your grade level team, please select one to represent your grade. Please send me names by April 27.

May 1   ILT TK/K

May 3   1/2

May 8   3/4

May 10 5/6

Innovation Expo:

We’re gearing up for the SBUSD Innovation Expo. We’ve got great speakers, fun interactive booths, and dinner! Thanks to Holli, Erika, Jennifer H and Karen T for representing us at the Expo.
Join us Wednesday, April 25th at the Ed Center starting at 4:30pm.

Education Foundation Grants:

Need $MONEY$ for a special project? The SBUSD Education Foundation has grant  money available for the 2018-2019 school year.  Applications are available at sbusdef.org beginning April 2, 2018, with submissions due on or before April 27, 2018.  These grants are for up to $500.00 for each person listed on the application. Certificated and classified employees of SBUSD are encouraged to apply.  Grant applications will receive a blind read by a committee of community members, and an announcement of recipients will be made on May 15, 2018. Contact Karen Tomlinson at sbusdef@yahoo.comwith any questions.

South Bay’s Got Talent Art Showcase:

We have the opportunity to showcase 4 student artists at the South Bay’s Got Talent Show. Please see below for display details. By May 4th, please let me know if you have any student artwork to submit.
2D Work: 18″ x 24″ or smaller is the easiest to display, however, if you have an amazing piece that is larger please let me know
3D Work: 12″ x 12″ x 12″ or smaller is easiest to display (again, exceptions can be made)
2D Work: Please have artwork mounted on Black poster board or mat board. Black construction paper will work in a pinch, but will not display as professionally. if you need help with this part, please reach out to me directly. I am happy to advise or even mount the work if needed (with some notice, please).
3D Work: Must be able to stand independently on a flat surface and should not be a hazard (fall over/break easily)
Artist Credit:
Please be sure that all visual artwork has an artist entry form completed (editable form is attached here)
Delivery and Return of Artwork:
Delivery of artwork can be made to Central Elementary or to Amy Cooper at the District Office on or before Tuesday, May 15th.
Artwork will be returned to schools the following week, or can be picked up from the District Office on Monday, May 21st.
Number of Pieces per Site:
Please, no more than four artworks per site.

Upcoming Dates:

RFEP Monitoring forms: Due May 4th (select teachers)

Q&A with Superintendent Dr. McNamara (optional): May 10th  at 2:40 in room 23

Last Day of Imagine Learning: May 18

Last day of PLC is May 24

Apex Fun Run May 25

Quote of the Week:

Image result for kids hard to love quote

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