Weekly Update: April 16, 2018

Staff Meeting:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. You might spend the time as a grade level calendaring upcoming units, jigsawing your next unit(s), moving former instructional materials to the pallet, or any other productive activity for your grade level team.

Disposing of Materials:
A pallet has been placed on the East side of Room 1 in front of the metal container for all the old Reading/SRA/Language materials. Please put whatever you do not want on the pallet.  Do not bring the material to the library. Your students may take Reading Textbooks home.  Please make sure Teresa marked the textbooks discard and crossed off the barcode. DEADLINE IS APRIL 20. I encourage you to keep very little if any of this material. You will be receiving many new books for your classroom libraries and I would like for you to have room to store the new books.

CAASPP Testing:

For students in grades 3-6, CAASPP testing begins next week (April 23- May 11). For these three weeks, Mayra’s LLI groups will be canceled as she will be helping with assessment and make ups. Be sure to cover all posted instructional materials by Wed. April 18th. CAASPP Testing Schedule


Thanks to K.C., Erika Pehrson, Angelica Goulding, Melinda Seubert, Shelly Molina, Erin Major, Dave Benson, Patty Valdivia, and Don Brizendine.

First Lesson                     April 19 1:30-2:25

Second Lesson                April 26    1:30-2:25

TOSA Elma will visit PLCs this week: 

Teachers College Summer Reading Institute:

This year will be a reading institute with both beginning and advanced sections. If you attended the Reading institute during June 2016, you are eligible to apply for the advanced section(s).  If you have not attended a reading institute, you will need to apply for a beginning section. (Attendance at the Writing Institute during June 2017, does not make you eligible for the advanced sections.)  Please understand this is a requirement from TCRWP and we are unable to make exceptions. The institute will run from Monday,  June 11th through Thursday, June 14th. Tentative times will be 8:30-3:00 each day. Participants must commit to all four days.  Teachers will be compensated out of contract pay for attendance.

Deadline to apply is April 16th.  Participant selection will be held by lottery and participants will be notified by April 20th.

TCRWP Summer Reading Institute Entry Form

Teachers College Test Prep Unit Grades 3-6:

How to access the Test Prep Units in the Treasure Chest

Login to www.readingandwritingproject.org/member/treasure-chest .  Go to “Member Dashboard”

  • Suggested timeline- 2-3 weeks
  • Where to fit it in:
    • Option A: Finish the current unit then start the next
    • Option B: Start current unit, after Bend I or II, start test prep, then return to current unit (not ideal)
  • Stick to Workshop structure using the teaching points provided.
  • Teaching points used should be targeted at what your students need
  • Use accessible texts for kids to teach the THINKING STRATEGIES needed to attack the testing
  • Test prep unit is in place of Reading and Writing Workshop for those 2-3 weeks you’re doing test prep.


Education Foundation Grants:

Need $MONEY$ for a special project? The SBUSD Education Foundation has grant  money available for the 2018-2019 school year.  Applications are available at sbusdef.org beginning April 2, 2018, with submissions due on or before April 27, 2018.  These grants are for up to $500.00 for each person listed on the application. Certificated and classified employees of SBUSD are encouraged to apply.  Grant applications will receive a blind read by a committee of community members, and an announcement of recipients will be made on May 15, 2018. Contact Karen Tomlinson at sbusdef@yahoo.comwith any questions.


CCC Streaming:

The replacement for Discovery Education is CCC Streaming (https://classroom.cccstreaming.com/NDM/). Teacher logins have been created and by the opening of school next year, student accounts will be created. In addition, when you search in Destiny (our library system), videos from CCC Streaming will also be available. Your login is your email address and your password is trial.

Innovation Expo:

We’re gearing up for the SBUSD Innovation Expo. We’ve got great speakers, fun interactive booths, and dinner! Thanks to Holli, Erika, Jennifer H and Karen T for representing us at the Expo.
Join us Wednesday, April 25th at the Ed Center starting at 4:30pm.

Upcoming Dates:

Last Day of Imagine Learning: May 18

Last day of PLC is May 24

Apex Fun Run May 25

Quote of the Week:

Image result for power of a good attitude quotes



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