Weekly Update: March 5, 2018

Hope you enjoyed a relaxing weekend! Thank you in advance for your hard work and flexibility as we enjoy and survive all that we have scheduled to do in the ten school days between now and spring break!

Flag Salute:

We will NOT have flag salute Monday morning.

PLC DOES NOT meet in room 23:

I will send an email and let you know where PLC should meet this week ūüôā

Staff PD:

We do not meet as a staff this week it is a PLC Wednesday. You might meet with your grade level team to prepare for the benchmark/interim assessments or maybe review the writing assessments from District Writing Day. Perhaps you want to review the test prep units. Use the time in the best way to meet your team’s needs.


Bertha Lopez, Estela Mora and Ruben ? will be at Emory all week to support the administration of the ELPAC assessment.

Individual Speaking Assessments Begin Monday-grades 2-6:

They may be calling your classroom and asking you to send students to room 24 where they will administer the Speaking section.

ELD Cancelled- all week

Late Arrivals (English Learners only) grades 2-6:

Heather Ecker will supervise late arriving English Learners in the cafeteria

Assessment Schedule

8:20-9:20 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Grade 2  Reading Parts 1 and 2  Listening  Writing Parts 1 and 2
Grades 3,4, 5 and 6  Reading Part 1  Listening and Reading Part 2  Writing Part 1  Writing Part 2

Teachers College:

We are excited to have Beth return to Emory. 3-6 Coach, Christine is back April 12th/13th. See this week’s schedule below. We will meet in room 23.



Approximate schedule

7:50-8:40 pre-meeting

8:40-9:25 labsite

9:25-9:45 debrief



Approximate schedule

10:00-10:40 pre-meeting

10:40-11:25 labsite

11:25-11:40 debrief



Approximate schedule

12:15-1:00         Wednesday (12:15-12:45)           pre-meeting

1:00-1:45           Wednesday (12:45-1:25)             labsite

1:45/1:25-2:25                                                         debrief

District Writing Day:

Tuesday, March 6th is District Writing Day. During a 45 minute period students should respond to the narrative prompt. Print the prompt for yourself, then consider the paper you’ll need. Please have students write this by hand, rather than type. Students can have access to the prompt either via projector, computer, or paper copy. If you’ve done a very recent on-demand for your narrative writing unit of study, that will suffice. Scores will not be recorded in Illuminate. With all that we have going on this week, you may postpone to the best date for your students. If you plan to change the date, please let me know- if you have not already done so.
Paper Choice
District Hosted Test Prep Unit Preview/Planning Session:
3rd-6th grade teachers
In preparation for SBAC Learning and Innovation is offering a Test Prep unit based on the Reading and Writing Units of Study for your consideration. Join us to preview and plan on Thursday, March 8th from 3:30- 5:30pm at the Ed Center in Conference Rooms 1-3. Please RSVP.

T.C. Test Prep Units

Reading Test Prep Unit

Writing Test Prep Unit


Resource for grades 3-6

During PLC this week, we discussed providing opportunities for students to marathon read on their chromebooks. Many of you already use Newsela. You may be aware of this, but the free version of Newsela allows students to annotate text (non-fiction only). I WOULD NOT use this solely for marathon reading, however, if you are already signed up, this is a good resource to use.


‚ÄúNewsela‚Äôs Leveled Texts¬†are the most unique,¬†automatically differentiated¬†material you‚Äôll find. We incorporate our own process to infuse the texts with important features that help students grasp complex concepts more effectively across¬†all subjects, regardless of reading level.‚ÄĚ

Spring Learning Academy:

Teachers, Principals, IMRTs, RSP, SDC, Impact Teachers Welcome!

Spring Learning Academy

Friday, March 30th 8AM- 3PM
Pence Elementary School
Lots of new sessions including California Arts Project, Using Wixie in TK-2, math, science, technology, writing, reading, and MORE!
Quote of the Week:
Image result for some people feel the rain others just get wet


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