Weekly Update: February 26, 2018

Get ready, we have lots of great things happening at Emory between now and spring break!! Thanks in advance for your hard work and dedication to our students!!

Read Across America:

We kick off our week-long celebration of reading with a Reading Rally in the Cafeteria at 8:05 a.m. on Monday, Feb 26. The Padres Pad Squad will join us. Please pick up your classes, drop off backpacks and immediately report to the cafeteria. Thanks to RoseAnn, Karina and Aranzazu, we have a variety of activities to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss and our love of reading!!

Staff Meeting:

On Wednesday, February 28, we were scheduled to visit Central for a network Wednesday. The decision has been made for us to meet at Emory as a staff (1:45-3:15).We will address a variety of topics- primarily, to provide input into the development of the Emory School Site Plan and the District Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).


Access Practice Tests

Visit this site to view the ELPAC practice tests. ELD teachers, please consider presenting portions of these to our students.  

Assessment Schedule

8:20-9:20 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Grade 2  Reading Parts 1 and 2  Listening  Writing Parts 1 and 2  
Grades 3,4, 5 and 6  Reading Part 1  Listening and Reading Part 2  Writing Part 1  Writing Part 2

 Teachers who are Administering the ELPAC- before March 1, test sound.

To access TOMS visit elpac.org

Log into elpac toms

Audio along the left

              Play the Sample

 Scroll to the bottom

              Listening Module


your grade span and

standard test

District On- Demand Writing and Benchmark Assessments:

On Tuesday, March 6th, you will administer the Narrative On-Demand writing prompt. (I emailed you the instructions). Using the same prompt will allow you and your teams and students to have conversations around progress. As a reminder, all grade levels must administer at least one of the Illuminate Benchmark assessments or an Interim Block Assessment (3-6 only) before we leave for spring break. Please let em know if you need any assistance.


Resource for grades 3-6

During PLC this week, we discussed providing opportunities for students to marathon read on their chromebooks. Many of you already use Newsela. You may be aware of this, but the free version of Newsela allows students to annotate text (non-fiction only). I WOULD NOT use this solely for marathon reading, however, if you are already signed up, this is a good resource to use.


“Newsela’s Leveled Texts are the most unique, automatically differentiated material you’ll find. We incorporate our own process to infuse the texts with important features that help students grasp complex concepts more effectively across all subjects, regardless of reading level.”

Soaring to Success:

Names and write ups are due to Eunice Monday, Feb 26.

Soaring to Success Assembly Schedule
Friday, March 2, 2018
8:15                    First Grade
8:35                    Second Grade (Carson, Hueso)
9:00                    Third Grade
9:20                    Fourth Grade
9:50                    Fifth Grade
2:00                    Sixth Grade

Burress Bulletin Board Update:

We have been asked to update the Emory Bulletin Board in Burress Auditorium.

Please send me interesting work samples, such as:

Student art, Student writing, Student projects, Photos of student art, projects, other.

Please also send me any suggestions for things you think we might highlight about our school.

Student Safety Reminders:
A few reminders about student safety-
·       To avoid injury, please remind our students that cartwheels and other gymnastics feats are not allowed at school.
·       To prevent injuries and conflict, tag and all games which are like tag, but not named tag (involves running and tagging/touching others) are not allowed
·       To avoid injuries, complaints etc, DO NOT microwave food/water for student snacks or lunches


T.C. Test Prep Units:

Reading Test Prep Unit

Writing Test Prep Unit

Embedded Supports Request:

CAASPP Testing Teachers

See email from Erin to request embedded designated supports for your students on the CAASPP tests. It may take up to 24 hours from the time I submit the Excel sheet for your students to see the supports on their practice tests (as long as you’re having them log in with their SSID).  If you are making requests, please email Erin the form by Friday, March 2nd

Placement Cards:

Placement Cards will come populated from the Student Support and Accountability Department. You will send them home with students on Monday, March 5th. The card color this year is green. The cards are designed to fold in half with the student/parent information on the top half and the student/teacher information needed for creating rosters on the bottom. (Please do not cut in half.)  Most of the information will be populated directly from Illuminate.  Please note that all of the populated information related to academics and student behaviors are from the February 23rd Report Card, that go out and will already been seen by parents. 

Spring Learning Academy:

Teachers, Principals, IMRTs, RSP, SDC, Impact Teachers Welcome!
Spring Learning Academy
Friday, March 30th 8AM- 3PM
Pence Elementary School
Lots of new sessions including California Arts Project, Using Wixie in TK-2, math, science, technology, writing, reading, and MORE!
Do you have something you’d like to present? Contact Jennifer Oliveira
Quote of the Week:
Image result for caring about doing it right quote

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