Weekly Update: February 20, 2018

I hope that you enjoyed a long and relaxing weekend. Thank you for your hard work preparing report cards for our students!

Staff Meeting/ELPAC:

We DO meet as a staff this Wednesday, Feb 21 at 1:45 in room 23. Please bring your laptops. Jennifer Oliveira will present information about the new ELPAC assessment which we (Emory Teachers) will administer whole group to English Learners in grades 2-6 on March 6-9 from approximately 8:20-9:20 each morning. The District will send a team of credentialed teachers to administer the entire assessment to grades TK-1 and the speaking section to grades 2-6. To better prepare for the ELPAC, please start covering up your bulletin boards, charts and anything that students can read in English, this includes ELA (Readers and Writers Workshop), Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Network Wednesday-Now Emory Staff PD:

On Wednesday, February 28, we were scheduled to visit Central for a network Wednesday. The decision has been made for us to meet at Emory as a staff (1:45-3:15). We will address a variety of topics- primarily, to provide input into the development of the Emory School Site Plan and the District Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).


I will visit your PLCs this week to work with your grade level on a variety of exciting things :).

Grades K-2

LLI Group Check ins (Also Grade 3)

Plan for TC Coach Beth’s visit March 5-7 (host classrooms, preferred PD topics)

Update and Post Reading/Writing Calendars

Grades 3-6

Access the Teachers College Treasure Chest

Plan to get an Overview of the 2018 Reading Test Prep Unit

Reading Test Prep Unit

Update and Post Reading/Writing Calendars (consider Test Prep Timeline and Interim Block/Comprehensive Assessments)

This is an additional resource Writing Test Prep Unit

Report Card Update:

In collaboration with the Report Card Committee and Consultation, language has been added to the Assessment document clarifying how to show progress on the report cards using end of year standards. Please see the bottom of page 5 (green font below).

NEW! Our grading procedures must be consistent across grade levels. Because we do not have district granular benchmarks for each trimester, we must base progress on end of year standards. Therefore, if a student is meeting expectations for what was taught during a trimester, and not all of that standard or group of standards has been taught, a student will receive a 2, as they are approaching end of year standards. Because the TCRWP Units of Study spiral, it is possible a student might receive a 2 in the fall and winter. In our SBUSD Units of Study for math, several standards appear again, which might also prompt a 2 for a set of standards. Conversely, you may not come back to a standard, like geometry, so consider grading for end of year standard. N/A is used if you have not taught or assessed a concept or set of standards.  

Grading- Progress towards end of year standards based on these tools:


  • TCRWP Writing Progressions
  • TCRWP Reading Progressions
  • Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum
  • CCSS

Math- CCSS

ELD- ELD Standards

(Language developed in collaboration with the Report Card Committee and Consultation, Winter 2018)

District On- Demand Writing Assessment:

On Tuesday, March 6th, you will administer the Narrative On-Demand writing prompt. Using the same prompt will allow you and your teams and students to have conversations around progress. Directions will be the same as the one completed in August.

Benchmark Assessments:

from Jennifer Oliveira’s email…

Which one should we give? 

Depending on your current unit of study in reading and/or writing, as well as past units, you and your team can decide which SBUSD performance task seems appropriate to give- narrative, informative, or opinion/argument. 3-6th grade can also choose to give the CAASPP Interim Assessment IAB, or block assessments.

When do we have to give it?

According to our Assessment Calendaryou can administer the Performance Task between January and Spring Break. 


Where can we find the resources? 

All of the resources are in Illuminate labeled “Optional [grade level] ELA Performance Task”. You can clear your filters and search for “optional”, “opinion”, “narrative”, or “informational”. Then click Download Materials.


Burress Bulletin Board Update:

We have been asked to update the Emory Bulletin Board in Burress Auditorium.

Please send me interesting work samples, such as:

Student art, Student writing, Student projects, Photos of student art, projects, other.

Please also send me any suggestions for things you think we might highlight about our school.


Long Distance available in classrooms:
You will now be able to call families with out of area phone numbers from your classroom phones (not Mexico).Emory is serving as a pilot school for making this resource available to all teachers in the district. The District will be monitoring our use of long distance calling and, at the end of the school year, will make a decision about whether or not the availability will continue and/or be expanded.
Student Safety Reminders:
A few reminders about student safety-
·       To avoid injury, please remind our students that cartwheels and other gymnastics feats are not allowed at school.
·       To prevent injuries and conflict, tag and all games which are like tag, but not named tag (involves running and                 tagging/touching others) are not allowed
·       To avoid injuries, complaints etc, DO NOT microwave food/water for student snacks or lunches

Read Across America Feb 26-March 2:

Thanks to RoseAnn for her leadership in coordinating this fun week for our students. We will kick off next Monday, February 26 with a visit from the Pad Squad during flag salute. Thank you to those of you who have submitted the names of your reader leaders! If you have not already done so, please submit names to RoseAnn ASAP. 

Quote of the Week (more like laugh of the week):

Image result for quotes report cards



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