Weekly Update: February 5, 2018

Fountas and Pinnell:

Thank you for your hard work assessing your students and entering the data into Illuminate.

Staff Meeting:

We DO NOT meet as a staff this week. Mark your calendars….. Staff PD Feb 21 


Lisa Celaya will visit us this Friday. She will walk Designated ELD teachers through the ELPAC release questions. My hope for this time is we gain a greater awareness of what our students will face when they take the ELPAC for the first time (March 5-9) and we have a plan for how to use the release questions to support our students. We will meet in room 23. Lisa has time available from 11:15-12:00. Please let me know if you would also like to meet with er at that time.

School Site Council:

SSC meets this Wednesday at 1:30 in the lounge. Thank you to Cindy P, Angelica, Shelly and Christy for representing us.

ELD Roster Updates:

Thank you for quickly helping me update our ELD rosters. Click here to access the updated rosters. A copy has been placed in your mail box.

Attendance Protocols:

Beginning Monday, February 5th, you must, again, take student attendance following each transition (return from lunch, return from recess, start of ELD, end of ELD etc). If you identify that a student is missing, you should immediately contact the school office. As always, please be in the hallways supervising students as they transition to and from ELD. As always, you must take attendance each day by 9:00 a.m. We will develop a missing student search team and update our protocols for the search procedures.

If you have any questions, concerns or great ideas, please let me know. I will host an optional Open House on Tuesday, February 6 at 7:30 in the lounge to begin our conversation and we will discuss further at an upcoming staff meeting.

 Topics we have been directed to  discuss include the following:
·       the process and time when a student is reported missing
·       supervision during transition
·       taking attendance following each transition (ELD, recess, etc)
·       identify weak spots
·       gate security and supervision
·       how to strengthen connections for students and school adults
·       what is typical when a student is crying
 Classroom Library Book Order- due Feb 7:

Once again the District has provided money to support the growth of classroom libraries. Some of you need books more desperately than others. Feel free to decline the resource if you feel like your library is sufficient. Each grade level has a budget of $750. By Feb 7, please email me details about your requested books. You may identify shelves of books which you would like from the Heinemann (link below), you may decline the books, or you may request specific types of books (example-non-fiction levels k-l, or fiction level r-t fantasy etc).

Discovery Education Alternatives:

Thanks Erin for sharing the resources below….

The two options for replacing Discovery Education are CCC Streaming (http://cccstreaming.com/) and the Digital Content Portal (https://dcportal.sdcoe.net/).  The links will get people to a page where they can do a free trial.

District On- Demand Writing Assessment:

On Tuesday, March 6th, you will administer the Narrative On-Demand writing prompt. Using the same prompt will allow you and your teams and students to have conversations around progress. Directions will be the same as the one completed in August.

Benchmark Assessments:

from Jennifer Oliveira’s email…

Which one should we give? 

Depending on your current unit of study in reading and/or writing, as well as past units, you and your team can decide which SBUSD performance task seems appropriate to give- narrative, informative, or opinion/argument. 3-6th grade can also choose to give the CAASPP Interim Assessment IAB, or block assessments.

When do we have to give it?

According to our Assessment Calendaryou can administer the Performance Task between January and Spring Break. 

In TK-2, will we receive copies?

Since you and your team are making the decision about which assessment you’ll give, you’ll need to make whatever copies you’ll need. NO

Where can we find the resources? 

All of the resources are in Illuminate labeled “Optional [grade level] ELA Performance Task”. You can clear your filters and search for “optional”, “opinion”, “narrative”, or “informational”. Then click Download Materials.

How are scores reported?

You will not have to input any scores into Illuminate but do take the time to score the work, or work with your students to determine their progress. You can use the TC Writing Progressions to score the writing portion, but use the scoring guides in the directions to score constructed responses. If you are giving the CAASPP Interim Assessments, hand score any items, discuss with your team, and feel free to share with students.

Report card window opens 2/5/18

Fire Drill Protocols:

FYI-any time a student is not with their homeroom teacher (upper grade science rotations, ELD, lunch etc) students should line up for a fire drill with their home room teachers. Please be sure to communicate this to your students regularly.

SAVE the DATE- Read Across America Spirit Week:

February 26-March 2

Please submit the name of your READER LEADER to RoseAnn no later than Thursday, February 15th (Now that F/P almost over, teachers should use their own judgment to select a representative from their class to receive a certificate at the Monday, February 26th, Kick Off with Padre Squad.

Updated Daily Schedule:
If you have made changes to your daily schedule, please send me or deliver to Eunice, an updated copy. We use this information to locate your class when parents arrive to pick their children up early.


Kindness Coins:

If your students have completed their Kindness Challenge papers, please put them in Holli’s box and she will exchange them for a Kindness Coin.
District Wellness Policy:
Please be sure that you, as the teacher and role model, adhere to the District Wellness Policy as well as ensuring our families do as well. We have a brochure in the office for you to share with families or you may consider including in your class communication with families the information below.
 Choose nutritious time-saving foods such as air popped popcorn – you can distribute popcorn bags for the kids to decorate!  Whole grain tortilla chips with salsa or guacamole, or whole wheat pita bread with hummus, are also easy and fun.
  • Toss together a simple trail mix made with whole grain cereal, pretzels, mini dark chocolate drops, and dried fruits for an energizing mix.
  • Make it fun! Presentation is everything when serving nutritious party foods for kids. Try cutting finger foods such as mini sandwiches or fruits into fun shapes using cookie cutters. Another idea is to cut small pieces of different fruits and put them on a stick, like a rainbow fruit Kebab.
  • Build a colorful fruit and vegetable tray. Aim for a variety of colors and textures – this ensures kids are getting a wide range of nutrients. Serve with a low-fat ranch or yogurt dip.
  • Other options include dark chocolate dipped strawberries or bananas, granola bars, apple slices with honey, squeezable yogurt or apple sauce, and pure fruit popsicles.
  • Don’t forget to serve a hydrating drink. Instead of soda or other sweetened beverages, serve 100% fruit juice, or try infusing water with fresh fruit, such as strawberries, oranges or lemons.
With these tips, you can make the next celebration an opportunity to teach your child that eating healthy can be fun – and delicious.
Quote of the Week:
Image result for quotes role model


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