Weekly Update: January 22, 2017

Get ready for an exciting and fun week at Emory!!

No Flag Salute:

Due to the Teachers College visit, we will NOT have flag salute on Monday morning.

Teachers College Visit:

See the schedule(s) below for our 3rd-6th grade TC Coach, Christine Ilkin’s visit next week.

As a reminder please bring the following:

  • current reading unit of study
  • Guide to Reading Workshop
  • Reading Pathways
  • performance assessments for current reading unit (for Tuesday)


Grade Mon Jan 22 Tues Jan 23 Wed Jan 24 Host
3 10:05-11:50 10:05-11:50 12:35-1:45 RoseAnn Hernandez
4 8:00-9:45 8:00-9:45 10:05-11:50 Erika Pehrson
5/6 1:05-2:40 1:05-2:40 8:00-9:45 Erin Major/Dave Benson


8:00-8:45           Pre-meeting

8:45-9:30           Labsite/Classroom

9:30-9:45           Debrief


10:05-10:45       Pre-meeting

10:45-11:30       Labsite/Classroom

11:30-11:50       Debrief


1:05-1:40           Pre-meeting

1:40-2:20           Labsite/Classroom

2:20-2:30           Debrief



12:35-12:50       Pre-meeting

12:50-1:25         Labsite/Classroom

1:25-1:45           Debrief

Math in Practice TK-1 Cohort:

Tuesday: January 23 from (3:30-5:30p.m.) in Conference Rm 4 at the Ed Center

You will get out of contract pay! The focus for our 1st session will be on “Counting & Cardinality”.


If you commit to becoming  a part of our Math in Practice – Cohort 1 & attend BOTH  professional development sessions this year (Jan 23 & Feb 6) you will receive the following AFTER you have attended the Feb 6 session:

Math in Practice Resource , Manipulatives & Children’s books related to math

SIGN UP by clicking the link below: 


Site Shared Leadership:

Site Shared Leadership meets on Jan 30th 2:45-3:45. Teachers who attend will receive out of contract pay. Agenda to include budget 2018-19 school year. 

Book Club:

Book Club meets Wednesday, Jan 24 from 1:45-2:45. Please be prepared to discuss the Guide to Writing Workshop Chapters 5-7



Mark your calendars….. Staff PD Feb 21 for grades 2-6

ELPAC release question training with Lisa Celaya on Feb 9 during school day. Let me know if you are interested in attending.

                                 ELPAC grade 3-6 assessment March 5-9

                                 ELPAC grade TK-2 assessment May 14-18

District On- Demand Writing Assessment:

On Tuesday, March 6th, you will administer the Narrative On-Demand writing prompt. Using the same prompt will allow you and your teams and students to have conversations around progress. Directions will be the same as the one completed in August. 

Optional Thrively Training:

Join us Wednesday, Jan 31 from 2:00-3:00 in Room 23 to learn more about using thrively with your students.



Stand Up To Bullying/Kindness Week:

Save the Date– Stand Up To Bullying/Kindness Week is Jan 29-Feb 2

Classroom Library Book Order- due Feb 7:

Once again the District has provided money to support the growth of classroom libraries. Some of you need books more desperately than others. Feel free to decline the resource if you feel like your library is sufficient. Each grade level has a budget of $750. By Feb 7, please email me details about your requested books. You may identify shelves of books which you would like from the Heinemann (link below), you may decline the books, or you may request specific types of books (example-non-fiction levels k-l, or fiction level r-t fantasy etc).

Heinemann Library Shelves


Brain Pop:

Brain Pop will continue.

Discovery Education Alternatives:

Thanks Erin for sharing the resources below….

The two options for replacing Discovery Education are CCC Streaming (http://cccstreaming.com/) and the Digital Content Portal (https://dcportal.sdcoe.net/).  The links will get people to a page where they can do a free trial.

Benchmark Assessments:

from Jennifer Oliveira’s email…

Which one should we give? 

Depending on your current unit of study in reading and/or writing, as well as past units, you and your team can decide which SBUSD performance task seems appropriate to give- narrative, informative, or opinion/argument. 3-6th grade can also choose to give the CAASPP Interim Assessment IAB, or block assessments.

When do we have to give it?

According to our Assessment Calendar, you can administer the Performance Task between January and Spring Break. 

In TK-2, will we receive copies?

Since you and your team are making the decision about which assessment you’ll give, you’ll need to make whatever copies you’ll need. NO

Where can we find the resources? 

All of the resources are in Illuminate labeled “Optional [grade level] ELA Performance Task”. You can clear your filters and search for “optional”, “opinion”, “narrative”, or “informational”. Then click Download Materials.

How are scores reported?

You will not have to input any scores into Illuminate but do take the time to score the work, or work with your students to determine their progress. You can use the TC Writing Progressions to score the writing portion, but use the scoring guides in the directions to score constructed responses. If you are giving the CAASPP Interim Assessments, hand score any items, discuss with your team, and feel free to share with students.

Reading Assessment Data due 2/2/18- Remember to clear your filters, then type in ONLY “fountas” or “DRA” and click search. The 2017-18 2nd Administration should be in the list.

Report card window opens 2/5/18

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes change is hard





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