Weekly Update: December 11, 2017

Last blog post of 2017?!? Oh my goodness what a great year it has been. Please take a few minutes and reflect on a few of your accomplishments- in your classroom, at home, for your health. You are amazing!! 

Book Club:

It’s not too late……..We are reading chapters 1-4 in Writing Pathways. Join today. All are still eligible to get a Emory Book Club Shirt. Our next meeting is December 13th 1:45-2:45in room 23.

Blue Slips at Lunch on Monday, Dec 11:

Please bring your blue slips.  We will have the prize wagon at lunch on Monday.

Emory Holiday Party:
We hope you can join us at the 2017 Emory Holiday Party! Thanks to the Holli for hosting us again.  Details to follow. Potluck at 6:00 p.m. on Dec 15 at the Perkins’ home in Point Loma.

ILT January Visit:

The District will host a traditional Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) meeting on Thursday, January 11 at the District Office. Before we leave for winter break (Dec 15), I need to know the name of the person who you would like to represent your grade level/specialist team. You may maintain the previous representative or you may select someone new. Please let me know if you need assistance selecting a representative. Thank you to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade teams for letting me know who will represent us.


During the week of Dec 11-15), Heather Ecker and Jennifer Hurtado will visit 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade PLCs (along with the math TOSAs) to check in with you, briefly, about their and your recommendations for our new groups which will begin January 8th.

Math TOSA’s visit PLC Week of Dec 11-15:
They will be facilitating a conversation around math instruction for all grade levels for the purpose of addressing grade level/school wide needs in math as well as being able to tailor professional support in math for Emory.   

Teachers College visits Emory for grades 3-6:

We (our primary grade teachers) enjoyed our visit with Beth Hickey. Christine Ikin will visit Emory to provide PD via a labsite format on Jan 22-24. Schedule to follow.

The staff developers will return:

Grades TK-2        March 5-7

Grades 3-6           April 12/16

Soaring to Success: 

We have our kindness assemblies this Friday. Names and write ups are due to Eunice Monday, 12/11.

Grade 1              8:15

Grade 2              8:35

Grade 3              9:00

Grade 4              9:20

Grade 5              9:50

Grade 6              1:05

Impact Staffing Change:

Following winter vacation, Jan 8thMayra Gomez and Jennifer Hurtado will trade positions. Jennifer will teach our STEM elective rotation and Mayra will support ELD and LLI. Please support them in their new roles and let me know if you have any questions.

Fountas and Pinnell Data entered Feb 2:
Our next Fountas and Pinnell data must be entered by Friday, Feb 2nd. You may wish to get started before break, you will definitely want to get started as soon as we return from winter break.
Eagle Pride Reward T-shirt:
Thank you for your hard work developing criteria for your team’s reward t-shirt. You should have already shared this information with your students and families. Cindy Pillado has the t-shirts and will be your point of contact to obtain them for your students. Here is a letter which you may wish to share as well. Emory Eagles School letter 
Emory PTA Newsletter:

From email from Emory parent Sonya Vargas….

The newsletter will include an article/statement from the principal.  It will also include an article from the PTA.  We want to give you the option to submit your own article about your class.  This is not mandatory!  We understand that you are so very busy with all that you do at Emory, and wish not to add on to your work.  But we also want you to know, that we understand you have a voice!  Therefore, if you are interested, and would like to write a small article about your class, there is a section for you.  It might just be an article stating how proud you are of certain students for a perfect attendance, so far this year.  Or what the importance of reading and leveling up is for the students future.  Or how the students have learned about the Monarch Butterflies.  The article can be whatever you wish, if you decide to write one.  This newsletter is for the parents.  We want to keep them up-to-date as much as possible with the in’s and out’s of our Emory Family!  The newsletter isn’t just to keep parent’s informed, but to inspire as well!  Together we can show just how wonderful the Emory Family truly is! If you have question’s or wish to submit an article, please feel free to email Ms. Grondek or myself.

*Deadline to submit-the 13th of December.

Leveled Library Bins:

Teresa finished organizing the Below Level Classroom Libraries.  They are by grade level against the East wall in Room 23.  A few containers had to go on the shelf when you enter the classroom because I ran out of room.  Lots of nice books. Teresa has sticky notes to Support Student Thinking to share from the Tool & Resource Kit.  You can pick some up during your library time.

Read aloud templates:

Below is a link to read aloud templates for the ELD libraries that were ordered last year for the Systematic ELD Units.  Lisa Celaya read all the books for 3rd – 6th grade in Intermediate and Early Advanced/Advanced and wrote read aloud templates for most of the books. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GzH_NAEV9nUDwPNiwOkCrgAuR9BAvqFL

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes about holidays




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