Weekly Update: November 27, 2017

I hope that you enjoyed a fun, relaxing and energizing Thanksgiving Vacation.

Staff PD:

We DO meet as a staff this week. Please see detailed schedule below for the time which we expect you to join us.

1:45-2:45          Interim Benchmark Assessments (grades 3-6)

2:45-3:00          ELPAC Overview (all grades)

3:00-3:15          Dr. McNamara (all grades)

Learning and Innovation Writing Labsite (one day):

On Wednesday, November 29, members of the Learning and Innovation team will visit Emory and host a writing labsite. The purpose is to support our work implementing writing workshop. Please bring your questions. We will have roving subs and you will be released for a pre- meeting, labsite observation and debrief. Please leave plans for your absence.

Session 1 Location and Session Participants (5/6)
7:50- 8:10 Pre-Meeting 23 Patty Erin/Dave
8:10- 9:00 Lesson Observation 25 Goulding Shelly Angelica
9:00- 9:40 Lesson Debrief 23 Melinda Don
Session 2 Location Participants (3/4)
10:00-10:25 Pre-Meeting 23 Aranzazu Holli
10:25- 11:15 Lesson Observation 14 Castellanos RoseAnn Erika
11:15- 11:50 Lesson Debrief 23 Leslie Tracy
Session 3 Location Participants (TK-2)
12:20-12:40 Pre-Meeting 23 Connie Karina
12:40-1:25 Lesson Observation 2 Acosta Christy Sharon
1:25-2:00 Lesson Debrief 23 Dene/Laura Georgina
Rebecca Monica
Jeanne Maria

PLC Relocated:

As you can see, on Wed. Nov 29, we will meet in room 23 for our labsite. For this day, we will need to re-locate PLC to room 24. Please see Eunice or Carlos to obtain a key for day or to have the room opened.

Point Loma Upcoming Visits:

We are excited to continue to host students from Point Loma Nazarene. As a reminder, these students are enrolled in an art class and this will be their first time teaching students. We are excited to for these students to provide two lessons about a famous artist to our students.  Thank you Dene, Sharon, Georgina, Maria, Rebecca, Jeanne, RoseAnn, Leslie, Aranzazu, Monica and Erika!

First Lesson                     Nov 28 1:30-2:25

Second Lesson                Dec 5    1:30-2:25


Employee of the Year Breakfast:

We are very excited to learn the names of the Emory certificated and classified employees of the year. Please join us this Thursday, Nov 30 at 7:40 a.m in the lounge for breakfast and our celebration.

Hour of Code:

Again, Emory will participate in international event- The Hour of Code….. Dec 4-10 during International Computer Science Week. I suggest finding time on Friday, Dec 8th, however, any hour during the week that works best for your class is good, too.

Overview for all Hour of Code video

Check out this link for student tutorials and videos.How to teach one hour of code


Dec 6th Network Wednesday:

Our next network Wednesday is Dec 6th at Emory. I need volunteers to host PD in classrooms. Please let me know if you are interested. This is the day when the members of our Professional Learning Network (Bayside, Emory and Central) come together to learn as a network. We expect to have four or five sessions available for you to choose one to attend. I will update you as I have more information available.

Teachers’ College Visit:

On Thursday and Friday, Dec 7 and Dec 8. Beth Hickey will lead professional development for teachers in grades TK-2. We will have roving subs release you, please plan to provide lesson plans. Christine Ilkin’s first visit to Emory is Jan 22-24 to support teachers in grades 3-6.

Schedule Dec 7/8
7:50-8:35           pre-meet
8:35-9:25           class lab   Karina Martinez  
9:25-9:40           debrief
Connie Leon
Karina Martinez
Christy Shultz TK/K
Second Grade
10:00-10:40       pre-meet
10:40-11:25       class lab        Rebecca Carson 2/3  
11:25-11:40       debrief
Jeanne Sherwood/Adams
Maria Hopkins
Rebecca Carson 
Monica Hueso- Melgar Primary Grade SDC
First Grade
12:15-1:00         pre-meet
1:00-1:45           class lab      Sharon Aguilera 
1:45-2:00           debrief
Sharon Aguilera
Dene Sanchez/Laura Acosta (job share)
Georgna Lobato


ILT January Visit:

The District will host a traditional Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) meeting on Thursday, January 11 at the District Office. Before we leave for winter break (Dec 15), I need to know the name of the person who you would like to represent your grade level/specialist team. You may maintain the previous representative or your may select someone new. Please let me know if you need assistance selecting a representative.


Leveled Literacy Intervention:

Thanks to the hard work of Jennifer Hurtado and Heather Ecker, at this time every lesson has been printed and filed in its labeled folder for all grade levels. They are still working on the additional lesson materials needed for the lessons.
Please find below the steps on how to print lesson materials in the event that we have not yet printed these.
Go to:


Pw: emory17LLI
1. Choose Level (ex: Blue)
2. Select tab: Lesson Resources
3. Choose the printer icon for each material and print.
4. Print as many materials for lessons that you need.The LLI program has been stored in the cabinets in room 11 by grade level from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. Jennifer has created a checkout sheet for us to use as a courtesy to others. There are also master copies of the lessons in case these were to get misplaced. Our folders are on back order so as soon as they come in you will be able to find them more easily.
Eagle Pride Reward Tshirt:
Thank you for your hard work developing criteria for your team’s reward t-shirt. You should have already shared this information with your students and families. Cindy Pillado has the t-shirts and will be your point of contact to obtain them for your students. Here is a letter which you may wish to share as well. Emory Eagles School letter 


Google Expeditions- now what:

Thanks so much for helping make the Expeditions Augmented Reality happen!!

You may wish to complete the Pioneer Program feedback form

Keep Exploring!

While the Expeditions AR feature hasn’t been generally released, in the meantime, you can still take your students on virtual field trips with Expeditions!  Here are some helpful links to get you started.

***I’m not sure how easy or translatable to chromebooks this will be, but wanted to share in the event that it helps you.

Report Cards in Cum Folder:

Reminder– please place a copy of each trimester one report card into your students’ cum folders.

Quote of the Week:

Image result for the strongest factor for success is self esteem quotes

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