Weekly Update: November 6, 2017

Thank you for your hard work each and every week! I hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. I will be presenting a few highlights about Emory this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Burress Auditorium and would love to see you there.

TOSA Elma Visits Emory:

Nov 6-9, Elma will be here at Emory during PLC time. Elma will host a conferring clinic for each grade during PLC time next week. We will meet in room 23, there Elma will review conferring best practices/types of conferences. Then you will visit a classroom (see list below- new rotations start next week and we are pushing into art) and Elma will model for you. After observing Elma, you will practice conferring with the students in the class. Upon your arrival in the classroom, we will ask students to get out their independent reading books. Conferring was the most requested need in our PD survey from earlier this year. It is our hope that this helps you grow.
Tuesday             Class to Push into
8:00- 8:45          Ochoa                
11:10-11:55       Perkins
8:00- 8:45          Sanchez/Acosta
11:10-11:55       Seubert
8:00- 8:45          Hopkins             
11:10-11:55       Molina


Staff PD:

We do NOT meet as a staff. This is a PLC week. You may wish to think about stem challenges, review your units of study calendars, re-visit book bags or anything else of benefit to your team.

Point Loma Upcoming Visits:

We are excited to continue to host students from Point Loma Nazarene. As a reminder, these students are enrolled in an art class and this will be their first time teaching students. We are excited to for these students to provide two lessons about a famous artist to our students.  Thank you Dene, Sharon, Georgina, Maria, Rebecca, Jeanne, RoseAnn, Leslie, Aranzazu, Monica and Erika!

Teacher Meeting            Nov 7    2:30-3:00

First Lesson                     Nov 28 1:30-2:25

Second Lesson                Dec 5    1:30-2:25


Leveled Literacy Intervention:

Thanks to the hard work of Jennifer Hurtado and Heather Ecker, at this time every lesson has been printed and filed in its labeled folder for all grade levels. They are still working on the additional lesson materials needed for the lessons.
Please find below the steps on how to print lesson materials in the event that we have not yet printed these.
Go to:


Pw: emory17LLI
1. Choose Level (ex: Blue)
2. Select tab: Lesson Resources
3. Choose the printer icon for each material and print.
4. Print as many materials for lessons that you need.

The LLI program has been stored in the cabinets in room 11 by grade level from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. Jennifer has created a checkout sheet for us to use as a courtesy to others. There are also master copies of the lessons in case these were to get misplaced. Our folders are on back order so as soon as they come in you will be able to find them more easily.

New Character Trait-Kindness:
We will be starting our new character trait for Kindness and the award assembly will be on December 15th.
The video is available on the connect with kids website (http://sbusd.connectwithkids.com/).
The video can be reached by going to Student Resources-> Elementary->Character/Life Skills. Lesson plans to use/modify are right below the video and the K-2 lesson plans are available on the previous page.
Eagle Pride Reward Tshirt:
Thank you for your hard work developing criteria for your team’s reward t-shirt. You should have already shared this information with your students and families. Cindy Pillado has the t-shirts and will be your point of contact to obtain them for your students. Here is a letter which you may wish to share as well. Emory Eagles School letter 

Google Expeditions- now what:

Thanks so much for helping make the Expeditions Augmented Reality happen!!

You may wish to complete the Pioneer Program feedback form

Keep Exploring!

While the Expeditions AR feature hasn’t been generally released, in the meantime, you can still take your students on virtual field trips with Expeditions!  Here are some helpful links to get you started.

***I’m not sure how easy or translatable to chromebooks this will be, but wanted to share in the event that it helps you.

Report Cards in Cum Folder:

Reminder– please place a copy of each trimester one report card into your students’ cum folders.

A few words about supervision duty:

There is nothing more important to me than the safety of you, our students and families. Therefore, I’d like to remind us all that it is critical that we are on time to our supervision duties and present- not chatting with colleagues, but scanning and moving through the area we are supervising. Thank you for supporting guest teachers and trading duties as needed.

ST Math:
As a reminder it is recommended that students in grades K-2 use ST Math for 60 minutes per week and grades 3-6 use it for 90 minutes. It is recommended that students use it for no fewer than 20 minutes per session.
English Learner District Committee:
The District is recruiting SBUSD staff to participate in a potential English learner committee to:
 Support our English learners, immigrant students, and newcomers from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds -both socially and academically
Develop monitoring procedures/guidelines of English learners in language development progress
Review and possibly revise required forms pertaining to our English learners
Revise our English Learner Master Plan (goals, vision, programs, & legislation)
Develop systems to ensure student growth in all academic areas and increased language proficiency  
Meetings will be held after school from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m..  Dates will be determined once our team is formed.  If you are interested in being a member of this committee, please complete the interest form here.
Quote of the Week:
Image result for inspirational quotes hang in there


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