Weekly Update: October 16, 2017

I hope that you enjoyed this beautiful San Diego Weekend!

Flag Salute:

Our outdoor sound system is on its last legs. Therefore, we will be doing flag salute old school style. We will meet on the playground, but lead the flag salute from the office. A new system has been ordered. Fingers crossed that it will meet our needs.

Staff Pd:

We meet this Wednesday as a full staff at 1:45 in room 23. Please bring your computers. Agenda includes CAASPP results, reward t-shirt criteria, primary intervention group placement.

Workshop–personal reflection:

As we get better and better at using the TC Units of Study and the workshop method to help our students learn and grow, I challenge you to ask yourself these questions:

How mini are my mini lesson? (8-10 minutes is recommended)

Am I seeing all of my students each week during Reading and Writing in a conference?

Am I fitting in Reading and Writing Workshop (45-60 minutes each) each day?

Have I done any running records with my students since we administered the Fountas and Pinnell R/A to help me know which books to give them or how to place them in small group?

Teaching is hard work. Continue to challenge yourself and reflect on your practice every day, If you need support in any of these areas, please let me know can spend time with you or schedule time for you to meet with our ELA TOSA ELMA. 

Report Cards and IEP Goal Progress:

As a reminder, you will send report cards home on October 27.

IEP Goal Progress reporting:
Any student receiving Special Education services must have their progress on IEP goals updated and sent home along with the report card. The SPED department is happy to support anyone that has questions on updating the progress on goals, navigating through SEIS, or any other questions at our next SEIS Open Lab that will be held on Tuesday, October 17.  Please use the link to sign up below.

Report Cards:

Here is a link to all of the report cards Watch this video for info about ELD Grades. The Assessment and Report Card document has a lot of the same information as the ELD video check pg 9


* Attendance and other heading data will be populated by 5pm on Wednesday, October 25th.

Imagine Learning:

Thanks to Laura Acosta for supporting Imagine Learning this year! Licenses may be used during the school day and/or in our before or after school sessions. Thank you for returning permission slips. By Tues. Oct 17, please let me know if you are interested in supporting Imagine Learning after school (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 2:30-3:00).Last year we purchased 100 licenses, this year, we have only purchased 70. Before and after school sessions will begin the week of Oct 23.

Red Ribbon Week:
Red Ribbon Week will be Oct 23-27. The theme is “Your Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free”. See the email from Laura Acosta with lesson ideas and other helpful documents. See excerpt of message from Laura below:
“please remind students of the theme for each day, or send in class dojo.  Some students might not realize until they see everyone that day.  I will put posters around, but if you can put reminders in your class it would be great.
Here are the themes for each day:
Monday: Kick off day-  “Red Day”- wear red (you can even let students write in red that day, up to you 😉
Tuesday: “Turn your back on drugs”- wear clothes backwards day 
Wednesday: “Team up against drugs”- wear jersey or team shirt
Thursday: “Follow your dreams, don’t do drugs” – wear pijamas
Friday: “Superheroes have the power to say NO”- dress up like a superhero  ********Door decorating Winner Announced  today 
Steam Maker Fest:
See information below about the Delmar Steam MakerFest
http://www.steammakerfest.org/ It is being held this year on Saturday December 2nd. There are really cool Team Challenges Let me know if you would like to attend or are interested in preparing teams from your class to compete.

Teacher’s College Visits to Emory and Learning and Innovation Labsite Date:

Thanks to your hard work and investment in teaching the Units of Study for Reading (and now Writing), we were selected to be a Teacher’s College Affiliate School. You may be thinking, what does this mean? A staff developer from Teacher’s College at Columbia University in New York will visit our school meet with us, demonstrate for us and answer our questions. The model will be similar to the Learning and Innovation Labsite from last year.
Our Labsite week with Learning and Innovation schedule for Nov 6-10 has been cancelled and ma 1 day Writing Workshop Labsite has been scheduled for 11/29.
Grades TK-2 Visit Dates- we share our staff developer with Berry Elem  Staff Developer Beth Hickey
December 7,8 and March 5, 6, 7
Grades 3-6 Visit Dates- we share our staff developer with Sunnyslope Staff Developer Christine Ikin
January 22-24 and April 12 and 13
As the dates approach, I will develop a schedule for the time of day that you will be out of your classroom. Also, rather than meet with grade level bands, you will meet as a grade level team with the developer.
You may click here Staff Developer Bios and find our staff developers’ names on the list to learn a bit about who is coming to work with us.
Please look at any scheduled field trips/events etc and re-schedule ASAP. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Book Club Details:

Book Club meets on October 25thAll are welcome to join. For our first meeting we will be reading chapters 1-4 of the Guide to the Writing Workshop Book included in your Writing Units of Study Kit. See full details at this link.

Federal Survey Cards:
This Wednesday (Oct 18) every teacher in the South Bay district will receive a class roster (STU409) and Teacher Verification Form along with Federal Impact forms for each student. As the students return their cards to school, teachers should check off the student’s name on the roster. When all cards are received, teachers will return the cards, class roster, and signed verification form to the school Attendance Secretary. Currently the district receives funds for children whose parents are active military, live in federal housing, or work on federal property. Thank you for your efforts to get the forms completed.
Nominate Someone Today!

Superintendent Katie McNamara is excited to honor District Champions. These quarterly awards recognize students, parents/guardians, staff, teams, organizations, and community members that demonstrate outstanding work, dedication to the District’s mission and goals, commitment to our community, and strong support for the South Bay Union School District. The 2017-2018 District Champions will be honored at evening events on October 13, December 8, March 9, and June 1.  Please use the Nomination Form and help us honor and recognize team members and partners that champion our work, our community, and our District.

Shadow A Student Challenge:
South Bay is launching the Shadow a Student Challenge, which is a fun and interesting way for leaders to experience an entire school day through the eyes of a student.  The purpose is not to observe classes, but to be immersed in a student’s experience including bus stops, campus arrival, recess, lunch,trips to the library, Impact rotations, and more. Educators and researchers have long known that shadowing can lead to powerful observations and insights. The Shadow a Student Challenge provides methods and a network to help school leaders achieve Deeper Learning for all students. Let me know if you have a suggestion for who I might want to shadow.
Grant Opportunity:
Classroom Projects
North Island Credit Union has a Teacher Grant Program, which provides $500 to educators for special classroom projects and innovative learning opportunities.  Applications must be submitted online by October 20, 2017.
New Resources from Learning and Innovation:
Podcasts are a great way to learn new things! Here are some podcasts that Learning and Innovation is listening to:
Thinking about becoming a Google Certified Teacher? National University and the Educational Technology Team are offering Level I Google Certification in December.
Upcoming Events:

 Oct 20               Coffee with the Principal 8:15 in Volunteer Center

Oct 27                Fall Carnival

Nov 3                 Soaring to Success Awards (re-scheduled from Oct 27)

Nov 6-9              Labsite week at EMORY CANCELLED

Nov 9                 Emory Board Presentation (would love to see you at Burress!!!!)

Nov 14               SBUSD Board of Trustees visits Emory

Nov 29               Learning and Innovation Labsite @Emory

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes hard work

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