Weekly Update: October 2, 2017

Welcome back!! I hope that you enjoyed relaxing and refreshing fall breaks. I am excited to be back and look forward to seeing all of you.

Staff Professional Learning Network:

This Wednesday, October 4th, we have our first Professional Learning Network meeting from 2:00-3:10 at BAYSIDE  Elem 490 Emory St. IB. As a reminder, we were assigned to a PLN this year to provide an opportunity for cross school collaboration. We will discuss utilizing the PLC structure to assist in planning for reading and writing workshop.

Impact Teacher Rotation:

Our impact teachers rotate to new classrooms this Tuesday, Oct 3rd. Please prepare your students and help your new impact teacher be successful. As a reminder, Bradley Allen is teaching Art, Mayra Gomez is teaching STEM and Karen Tomlinson is teaching Music. Click here to view the schedule.


Our new character trait for Respect and the award assembly will be on October 27thThe video is available on the connect with kids website (http://sbusd.connectwithkids.com/). The video can be reached by going to Student Resources-> Elementary->Character/Life Skills. Lesson plans to use/modify are right below the video and the K-2 lesson plans are available on the previous page.
Site Shared Leadership:
Site Shared Leadership will meet on Tuesday, October 10th. Please let me know if you have ideas for the agenda.


We are excited to have our ELA Teacher On Special Assignment, Elma, back in PLC the week of Oct 9th.

Book Club Details:

Book Club meets on October 25thAll are welcome to join. For our first meeting we will be reading chapters 1-4 of the Guide to the Writing Workshop Book included in your Writing Units of Study Kit. See full details at this link.

Advice from the Behavior Support Team about the transition back from Fall Break: 

With the two week break from the school routine, it is critical that our students are provided with supports so as they may be able to settle back into their school and classroom environment. The Behavior Support Team (BST) believes that during this time it is imperative to provide positive reinforcement for our students, especially our students with behavioral concerns.

Here are some ways to get all students, especially those with challenging behaviors, back on track after a long break:

1 – Review whole class expectations

2 – Review classroom behavior management system

3 – Review class classroom incentives and consequences

4 -Provide positive reinforcement multiple times during the student’s day (whole class acknowledgement as well as individual recognition)

Genius Hour:

Thinking about Genius Hour in your classroom? Check out some of these articles from the author of Launch, A.J. Juliani, about how to get started and how the entire school community can benefit from Genius Hour.

Assessment Document- Revisions:

The Learning and Innovations team have been revising this document to include information about grading ELD (pages 7-8). This will be followed up with more information from L & I and a site discussion. Additional updates include:

  • Changes to the report cards (pages 3-4)
  • When is it appropriate to give a 4 (bottom of page 5)
  • A word about homework (top of page 9)
  • Testing to Hard (middle of page 11)

Upcoming Events/Updates:

Oct. 6/7              PTA Family Campout

Oct 10                Site Shared Leadership

Oct 11                Dr. McNamara visits Emory 11:30-1:15

Oct 13                Matthew Schwartz from Cold War Kids Assemblies (thanks Karen T)

Oct 27                Fall Carnival/Soaring to Success Awards

Nov 6-9              Labsite week at EMORY CANCELLED   

Nov 9                 Emory Board Presentation

Nov 14               SBUSD Board of Trustees visits Emory

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes hard work teachers

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