Weekly Update: August 28, 2017

Thank you for all your hard work. I hope that you feel like you are making connections with your students and getting into routine that works for your class. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visits to your classrooms-your hard work planning and preparing for your students is abundantly evident. I hope that your weekend was relaxing and you are ready for the week ahead.

Staff PD:

We do not meet as a staff this week. You may wish to prepare for your conferences, enter your fountas and pinnell data, planning or anything else which helps you be ready for your students.

Fountas and Pinnell:

Below you will find an excerpt from page 8 of the assessment document linked here. In the Reading Assessment Section you will find the following:

“Fountas and Pinnell suggest to start with student choice of genre for each assessment session. Alternate fiction/non-fiction within the session. Next round, allow for student choice again and alternate.”

  • Reading Assessment input– Please use the Fountas and Pinnell or DRA 1stadministration assessments labeled “2017-18 SBUSD Fountas & Pinnell 1st Administration” or “2017-18 SBUSD DRA Assessment- 1st Administration”. DO NOT TYPE IN THE ENTIRE TITLE. Clear your filters, then in the search bar type “fountas” or “DRA” then click Search and choose the 2017-18

As a reminder, grades 1-6 must complete Fountas and Pinnell assessments by Friday, September 1st.

Impact Teacher Update:

Mayra Gomez, our newest Impact teacher started on Friday. Please be sure to welcome her as she will be here again on Monday as a prep day and then begins rotations on Tuesday, August 29th as our Science teacher. As a reminder, Karen Tomlinson will be teaching Music and Bradley Allen will be teaching Art. We are still looking to fill two open impact positions.

Parent Patrol:

At our first Coffee with the Principal of the school year, a small group of parents volunteered to support students safely entering and exiting school each day. Beginning. Monday, August 28th, parents will patrol the Saturn side of campus before and after school. Please thank these parents for their support and let me know if you identify anything related to this which needs to be addressed.

TOSA Elma will visit our PLCs during the week of September 5th -7th:

Elma will be at our PLC’ meetings (except 3rd grade) Sept 5-7. She is available to further our small group, conferring or calendaring the unit work.

6th Grade Breakout Box Party:

Lindsay is hosting our first Blueslip Breakout game on Friday September 1st during 6th grade lunch recess. It will start at 12:35 to give students a chance to eat. She will be announcing it during Monday flag salute and reminding students that they must bring with them 25 blueslips to be allowed to join the game. If your class keeps the blueslips in one container, please give the students a chance to fish their’s out before Friday so they know what they have and what they might still need. Please let Lindsay know if you would like he ro visit your class to explain further.
Teacher’s College Videos:
For those of you who are interested in checking out more of the videos which we looked at last week with the Learning and Innovation team, please see the link below.


Discovery Education Cancelled:

The District made the decision to not renew our Discovery Education contract for the 2017-18 school year. As the Learning and Innovation team reviewed usage reports, it became apparent that only a handful of teachers were using the service at the levels which would justify its heavy financial price tag. The Learning and Innovation Team is currently researching and getting quotes from other resources such as Digital Content Portal from SDCOE and a similar service from Follett.

Military Family Roundtable:

Mr. David McGue or Military Family Life Counselor will be hosting a Military Family Roundtable for our families. They will meet on Aug 28th, then again after fall break.

Williams Safety Protocols:

Some South Bay Schools were visited this week to assess their compliance with Williams legislation. Please note that the Williams Legislation applies to ALL SBUSD schools, regardless of whether or not you are visited.

Below I have shared reminders provided by the District.

-Hand sanitizer AND handi-wipes that say “keep out of reach of children” must be stored high or in a locked cabinet – we learned that many red emergency backpacks had them in the Ziploc baggies containing gloves and bandaids

-Many hand lotions have the same wording and must be stored accordingly

White board cleaning spray and Liquid Paper also say “keep out of reach of children” on the label– and cannot be left out on teacher desk

-The portable potty (white bucket with black lid) provided to each classroom for use in a disaster or lockdown contains a few items that have similar wording and should be stored high on a cabinet, not under a sink or desk

-Cleaning products must be stored in a locked cabinet – under the sink cabinet that does not lock is not sufficient

-Extension cords cannot be plugged into addition extension cords or power strips (we learned the “technical” term for this – daisy chain)

-Teacher offices and/or supply rooms must have closed/locked doors if any materials or supplies are piled higher than the height of students

-Mini lights strung on classroom walls can be considered a fire hazard due to the heat they emit

Drapes, curtains, and other long pieces of material can be considered hazards– both a fire hazard and obstructing the path to exit during emergencies

-If 75% of classroom walls are covered, it can be considered a fire hazard

The Williams Team did actually score a couple classrooms lower for room environment related to clutter, walls being covered, electrical panels being obstructed (they require 3 feet of clearance all the way around them).

Playground Balls:

Please do not send students to lunch with classroom balls/p.e. equipment. If students bring equipment from home, please do not allow it out at lunch time. 

Book Club Details:

Book Club meets again on October 25thAll are welcome to join. For our first meeting we will be reading chapters 1-4 of the Guide to the Writing Workshop Book included in your Writing Units of Study Kit. See full details at this link.

Genius Hour:

Thinking about Genius Hour in your classroom? Check out some of these articles from the author of Launch, A.J. Juliani, about how to get started and how the entire school community can benefit from Genius Hour.

ID Badges:

Our Human Resources Department is excited to announce the launching of employee ID badges. If you are new to our district or are in need of an updated ID, please come visit us at any of our satellite locations or district location convenient to you.

Satellite Locations:

Mendoza School    August 22nd        2-4pm 

Nicoloff School      August 24th         2-4pm

Central School       August 29th         2-4pm

 Education Center (HR Department – Building H)

  • Walk-ins – Monday & Wednesdays 2-4pm starting August 28th, 2016

Quote of the week:
Image result for banksy if you get tired learn to rest not to quit



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