Weekly Update: July 31, 2017

Thank you so much for a great first week. I appreciate your hard work, creativity and team work! I hope you enjoy week two!! Please be sure to help Sharon Aguilera feel welcome as our newest member of the family.

Staff PD:

We DO meet as a staff this week. 1:45-3:15 in room 23. 

ELD begins Tuesday:

We must begin designated ELD groups this week. Monday morning you will find a copy of your roster with the teacher’s name to whom you will send each child.  Click here to view the ELD/EO group rosters. A copy of your ELD/EO group roster will be in your mail box Monday morning also.

PBIS Lessons/Blue Slips Friday:

Thank you for dedicating the time to share the PBS lessons with your students. See email from Lindsay for week two schedule and materials. Also, please invest time in developing routines. It may seem tedious, but it will pay off throughout the year. This Friday, I will visit the lunch area with the prize wagon (first through sixth grade only ) to select blue slip winners.

Amazon Purchases will NOT be reimbursed:

Effective immediately, we are NOT allowed to reimburse staff for Amazon purchases. If you made a purchase from Amazon for your classroom furniture, please let me know ASAP. The district arranged for our school to have a Prime Account. If you see something you would like to purchase, you must work with Eunice. As a reminder, all receipts must be submitted within 30 days or they will not be paid.

Back to School Night August 9:


5:15 PTA Meeting

5:30 Principal Welcome

5:45 Classroom Session 1 (25 minutes)

6:15 (Classroom Session 2 (25 minutes)



Technology bytes from Jen Oliveira:

  • Classflow– You might have received a message that ActiveInspire is no longer being supported. Classflow and Classflow Desktop will take its place.
  • Lightning Grader (Illuminate)- If you have created assessments in Illuminate and use bubble answer sheets to score the assessments, Illuminate now uses a tool called Lightning Grader, which will be best accessed through your laptop webcam NOT through your document camera. You can read more here.
  • Thrively– Don’t forget about Thrively! Classrooms interested in adding something like Genius Hour, or 20% Projects, 3-8th graders can use Thrively to determine strengths and interests of your students.
  • ST Math– Students will use the SAME password for ST Math. Chances are, they’ve forgotten their password and will need to go through password training again. Click here to get the helper document to get started with ST Math.
  • CyberSmarts
    • Please remember that the District-wide “CyberSmarts Week,” with its digital safety and digital literacy awareness focus for all students, is scheduled to be celebrated by all teachers in District schools and classrooms during the week of August 21-252017. Please take some time to review your grade level content at the posted CyberSmarts agenda website at http://tinyurl.com/becybersmart  for your classroom instructional planning.
      • Just click the tab for your grade level at the top of the CyberSmarts Week page; The 3 – 5 core “mini-lessons of the week” for each grade level are in folders at the bottom of each grade level tab.
      • Teacher Agenda page is provided with some simple steps to prepare for CyberSmarts Week.
  • Sweetwater EdCamps
    • Sweetwater High School District is hosting EdCamp619, an excellent opportunity for professional learning. Here is the link to register.

Lounge Cleanliness:

In case you haven’t noticed, the ants enjoy our air conditioning. And while they are inside, they take note of food and dirty dishes. Please be sure to clean up after yourselves. If you use a dish, clean it that same day. Any dishes left in the sink or on the counter will be thrown away each Friday.

Microwave Student Food:

It has been reported to me that students are asking teachers to microwave their food. We offer a health and delicious free lunch to our students. Encourage our students to eat that food or to pack food which does not require heating up.

Quote of the Week:

Image result for teachers hard work quotes


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