Weekly Update: May 8, 2017

I hope that you enjoy relaxing weekends and that your garden enjoys the rain! Thanks for all your hard work as we approach the end of the school year.

Emory Staff Appreciation Celebrations:

I hope you know how much I appreciate you each and every day. I do not always have the opportunity to say thank you, but I am grateful for all that you do to support our students, families, me and each other. On Wednesday, May 10th, the SBUSD Leadership team will host a breakfast at 7:30 in our lounge. On Tuesday, May 16th, we will host a special staff appreciation luncheon catered by the taquero here also in our lounge.

Staff Meeting:

We do not meet as staff this week. It is a PLC week, please check in with your grade level team.  Perhaps your team would like to review some of what was shared during ILT, plan for the final Fountas and Pinnell assessment, review Emory bell schedule etc. Please use this time to best meet the needs of your students and team.

Bell Schedule/ELD time Review:

By the end of next week (May 12th) , please work with your grade level team to review your daily schedules and our school bell schedule. Please consider how the ELD time works for your grade level also, as you think toward next year and the addition of implementing the T.C. Units of Study for teaching writing. Please email me feedback from your team by Friday, May 12th. Depending upon your feedback, we will have further conversation about our bell schedule for the 17-18 school year.

Coach’s Corner:

It has been a long 7 days of testing, but we can now celebrate that we are finished! Beginning Monday, I will be calling students for make ups before, and after recess. Make ups will continue until Friday if needed. Please wait to send students until they are called. Thank you in advance for your flexibility this week.

Professional Development Opportunity:

Through our partnership with USD, the Learning and Innovation Department is offering a teacher academy to learn about creating engaging opportunities for students using technology as a tool. This will be a 2 day commitment. Day 1 will be Thursday, May 25 (sub provided).  Day 2 will be Monday, June 19 (after the TCRWP Writing Institute) and you will be paid to attend. Our agenda for the two days will include a deep look into how we’re using technology in our classrooms, and retooling some of our learning experiences for students. Please let Jennifer Oliveira know if you are interested and able to make it to BOTH days. We have openings left. If more than 10 people are interested we will create a lottery.

Blue Slips at Lunch:

Please bring your blue slips to lunch this Thursday, May 11th.

Reading Assessment Data Entered- May 26th:

Click here for instructions for entering Fountas and Pinnell data into Illuminate.

Please let me know ASAP if you need any assistance completing your assessments or entering your data by our deadline.

6th Grade Camp:

We will miss our 6th graders and their teachers as they will be off at 6th grade camp next week. I will be off campus Wednesday morning visiting with our kiddos. Thanks to the 6th grade team for accompanying our children and to our Emory team for supporting the students who will remain here with us.

Parent Class Request 2017-18:

As we approach the end of the school year, you may start to hear from families about their teacher preference for the next school year. Do or don’t have these conversation as you are comfortable. Please let families know that they may submit a teacher request form with Ms. Dani, but that making a request does not guarantee placement. Please DO NOT tell a parent that you will make sure their request is honored.

Shared Leadership:

This week we had the opportunity to work as a team to discuss school “brand” ideas. After thinking about needs of our students, interests of our families and strengths of the Emory team, we focused on learning more about becoming a science academy. As we learn more about how to integrate the next generation science standards into our school day, especially our work with the Reading and Writing Units of Study, please be on the lookout for alignment. My vision would be an exploratory year 17-18 and implementation in 18-19. At our next Shared Leadership meeting on Tuesday, May 30th, I would like to continue this discussion as well as focus on Learning Center,  LCAP Survey data, ACES funding cuts. As a reminder all are welcome and encouraged to attend.  


Staff Meeting Date Change:

We are moving our staff meeting which was scheduled May 17. It is now scheduled for May 24.

Volunteer Luncheon:

Please send names of the people that have gone above and beyond volunteering for your class to Teresa by Wednesday, May 10th.  Field Trips do not count. The Volunteer Luncheon is Thursday, May 25 and there will be a Taquero coming.  Due to the overwhelming interest in the Taquero aroma last time they were here for the Health and Safety Fair we would like to know who would be interested in enjoying a delicious plate of Mexican food for only $8.00. Please let Teresa know by Monday, May 15 if you would like to pay for your meal.  Some people might be getting an invitation if they are nominated for doing volunteer work at Emory.

Enrollment/Site-Reassignment Update:

At this time, I am working closely with the District to update them regarding our enrollment. I am waiting for information regarding class changes. As soon as I receive this information, I will post on our bulletin board and via email site-re-assignment opportunities. If you have any questions, please stop by or email me.

Units of Study 17-18 Calendar:

The Learning & Innovation team will be meeting with a cadre of teachers to DRAFT T.C. Reading & Writing Units of Study template calendars for the 2017-2018 school year on Wednesday, May 10th

Photo ID Badges:

Please be sure to always wear your photo id badge. 

Quote of the week:


Image result for importance of a teacher quotes



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