Weekly Update: April 24, 2017

Staff Meeting:

We do not meet as a staff. This is a PLC week. Perhaps your team would like to review some of what was shared during ILT this week or plan for the final Fountas and Pinnell assessment. Please use this time to best meet the needs of your students and team.

CAASPP Schedule:

Click Here to view the schedule. CAASPP testing begins April 26th.


Please keep the following in mind over the next 3 weeks:

  • Minimize the over-use of ‘streaming media’ sites, such as streaming video
  • Avoid downloading or uploading large files or folders during regular ‘student attendance’ hours, where possible.
  • CAASP-testing Teachers: Because the CAASP SecureBrowser needs to be able to be updated on a daily basis, please ensure that students actually SHUT DOWN their Chromebook or Windows computer at the end of each day over the coming three weeks.  Many students have a habit of only closing their lid or letting their device “sleep,” but this is insufficient to allow necessary updates to the system or the testing browser. Ensure a full shutdown and restart early and often to make sure your students’ systems are up to speed and have access to the testing browser:
    1. Chromebooks Full Shutdown Reminder: When students are logged in, have them click the clock in the bottom right tray of the Chromebook screen, then click the Shut Down icon
    2. All teachers with students who are to take any CAASP tests over the coming 3 weeks should already have asked your students to test the AirSecureTest testing application on Chromebooks (from the Chromebook login screen, click Apps, then click AIRSecureTest) or the SecureBrowser shortcut on Windows computers. If not functional on any Chromebooks or student computers, please submit an OPRA work request immediately.

You have worked hard this year and your students will do well.


The new character trait is Perseverence and the award assembly will be on May 19th. The video is available on the connect with kids website (http://sbusd.connectwithkids.com/). The video can be reached by going to Student Resources-> Elementary->Character/Life Skills. Lesson plans to use/modify are right below the video and the K-2 lesson plans are available on the previous page. As a part of your lesson, please consider how this trait applies to the state testing that will also begin next week.

Jump Rope for Heart:

Thanks Karina for coordinating this important campaign for our school! Please start getting your students jumping. You will receive a class set of envelopes. If a student returns a completed coupon, put it in Karina’s mail box. The Jump Rope event will be on May 18th. The last day to return money is May 19th.

School Brand:

The District survey data, and I think my experiential data as well, have shown that families are interested attending a school that has a specific brand (language academy, STEM academy, etc). Over the next few weeks, I will be visiting with your grade level team during PLC to think about our “school brand”.

Parent Class Request 2017-18:

As we approach the end of the school year, you may start to hear from families about their teacher preference for the next school year. Do or don’t have these conversation as you are comfortable. Please let families know that they may submit a teacher request form with Ms. Dani, but that making a request does not guarantee placement. Please DO NOT tell a parent that you will make sure their request is honored.


Thank you to our ILT members for preparing for an participating in our ILT meeting this week. Thanks to everyone else for holding down the fort. Please begin to have grade level conversations about who you would like to represent your team on ILT next year. Please let me know if you need help and I will work with your team. Click here to view the slide show from ILT.

Click here to view a companion document for the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Units of Study it is a Resource to Support English Learners

Coaches’ Corner:

At our coaches meeting this week, we had a great discussion about the purpose of running records. The main purpose is to get to know your readers through ongoing, informal assessment. When conducting running records you might learn if students have “just right” books, if they are ready for more challenging text, the type of miscues when decoding, and what strategies they need to work on. You might use this information to move readers up levels, create small groups, and coach readers in conferences. If you would like to learn more about running records, please let me know how I can support you.

School Lunch Super Heroes:

A message from Director Sara Mosburg

Once again, the Child Nutrition Cafeteria Site Staff will be honored and recognized on School Lunch Super Hero Day which is the first Friday in May (May 5th ). It would be great if students and staff can participate in some way to recognize the Cafeteria Staff on Super Hero day.   Last year many of the students gave their cafeteria staff handmade cards and letters. The Child Nutrition staff was very grateful to receive the cards and recognition for the work they do each day.  Once again, we will  hang a large piece of white butcher paper in each auditorium so that students and staff can write thank you messages to the cafeteria staff. 

Please consider having your students recognize our child nutrition team on Friday, May 5th.

Shared Leadership:

Our next meeting is May 2nd from 2:40-3:40. The agenda include the following: bell schedule 17-18, Learning Center, School Brand, LCAP Survey data, ACES funding cuts. As a reminder all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Staff Meeting Date Change:

We are moving our staff meeting which was scheduled May 17. It is now scheduled for May 24.

Social Committee Survey:

Please take this quick survey regarding our end-of-year celebration.  Thank you!



Quote of the Week:

Image result for perseverance quotes

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