Weekly Update: April 17, 2017

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. And if you celebrate, I hope the Easter Bunny brought you some healthy chocolate (it’s all healthy, right?)

Staff PD:

We DO meet as a whole staff this Wednesday. We will begin the meeting with highlights from Tuesday’s ILT and then focus on CAASPP for the remainder. See you at 1:45 in room 23. 


Our ILT team will meet this Tuesday, April 18 at 8:30 at the D.O. Please bring your computer. Thank you to our ILT members for your leadership!

CAASPP Schedule:

Click Here to view the schedule. CAASPP testing begins April 26th. Teachers in grades 3-6, please spend the next few weeks, building up our students’ confidence, stamina and practicing the tools of the test. You have worked hard this year and your students will do well.

Coach’s Corner:

As we approach our testing window for CAASPP, let’s remind our students how hard they have worked, and how much they have learned this year. There are many ways we can encourage them to try and do their best. Please bring your ideas on how to motivate our students to share at our CAASPP meeting on Wednesday.

Final Impact Rotation begins Tuesday, 4/18/17:

Our final impact rotation begins this Tuesday. Please communicate important student information (students to separate, Behavior Support Plans other important information) to your impact teacher. 

Upcoming PD:

Summer Learning Academy                                                                   June 7, 8                     Sign up Information to follow

Teacher’s College Summer Writing Institute                                   June 12-16               email Cindy Wagner to indicate interest.

SEBT Spanish English Biliteracy Transfer                                    June 9-10 OR July 6 & 7 see email from Lisa Celaya for registration details

Jump Rope for Heart:

Thanks Karina for coordinating this important campaign for our school! Please start getting your students jumping. You will receive a class set of envelopes. If a student returns a completed coupon, put it in Karina’s mail box. The Jump Rope event will be on May 18th. The last day to return money is May 19th.

School Brand:

The District survey data, and I think my experiential data as well, have shown that families are interested attending a school that has a specific brand (language academy, STEM academy, etc). Over the next few weeks, I will be visiting with your grade level team during PLC to think about our “school brand”.

Parent Class Request 2017-18:

As we approach the end of the school year, you may start to hear from families about their teacher preference for the next school year. Do or don’t have these conversation as you are comfortable. Please let families know that they may submit a teacher request form with Ms. Dani, but that making a request does not guarantee placement. Please DO NOT tell a parent that you will make sure their request is honored.

Facilities Review:

On Friday, April 21st, Dr, McNamara will visit Emory and walk campus with Don Visnick and me to identify priorities for the maintenance department. If you have any concerns about our campus, please complete the survey below. Please be specific.

non-specific- lots of termites in our lounge

specific- following the repair of the wall in our staff lounge, the termites appear to be entering the lounge via the south, westernmost window sill in the teacher’s lounge. Please check and caulk.

Click here to complete the survey

Talent Show Permission Slip:

It’s almost Talent Show Time again. Thanks to Leslie and Rebecca for coordinating this event for our school.  Here is a link to the application file in case you need to make extra copies for your students. Please encourage your class in participating in this fun end of the year event.

Quote of the week:

Image result for teachers testing quotes

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