Weekly Update: February 27, 2017

I hope that you found time to relax this weekend! Thank you for your hard work preparing report cards for students and their families. With only three weeks until spring break, there is much to be done, but a nice break waiting for us all.

Read Across America kick off/Flag Salute:

Thank you very much to RoseAnn, Aranzazu, Karina and Melinda for their hard work coordinating our Read Across America kick off and celebration!

As the San Diego Padres Pad squad, Trustees Elliott-Sanders and Ellsworth and Dr. McNamara will be here for the kick off, it will happen rain or shine.

Details- No Rain

  1. Wear Padres, Dr. Seuss or Emory gear
  2. Visit your mail box and pick up the fancy copy of the the Reader’s Oath and Reader’s Chant which RoseAnn has placed in your mail box.
  3. Send your Reader Leader to RoseAnn on the blacktop at 7:50 on Monday morning
  4. Get pumped up! This is a reading pep rally!
  5. Have your students participate in the Reader’s Oath and the Reader’s Chant
  6. Have fun!


  1. Wear Padres, Dr. Seuss or Emory gear
  2. Visit your mail box and pick up the fancy copy of the the Reader’s Oath and Reader’s Chant which RoseAnn has placed in your mail box.
  3. Take students to class
  4. Send your Reader Leader to RoseAnn in the cafeteria at 8:05 on Monday morning
  5. Wait for announcement to bring students to the cafeteria for the flag salute/kick off (approximately 8:10/15)
  6. Bring students to cafeteria (they will stand and will fill the room)
  7. Get pumped up! This is a reading pep rally!
  8. Have your students participate in the Reader’s Oath and the Reader’s Chant
  9. Have fun!

Dr. McNamara visit:

Our Superintendent, Dr. McNamara will be at Emory, Tuesday, February 28th from 10:30-11:50. Please see a tentative schedule below. Know that everything could still possibly change. Please don’t be disappointed if we are not stopping by, Dr. McNamara is back in April and we will try to visit you then.
Tentative Schedule
10:30    Christy Shultz
10:40    Karina Martinez
10:50    Connie Leon
11:00    Karen Tomlinson
11:10    Angelica Goulding
11:20    Patty Valdivia

Gate Open House:

In an effort to help families learn more about how great Emory is, we are hosting an open house for families with students eligible to transfer to our 3rd grade GATE program. The GATE Open House is Tuesday, February 28th from 9:00-9:45.

Schedule (approximate)

9:00-9:20           Principal Welcome/Parent Questions              Cafeteria

9:20      Community Volunteer Center/Playground

9:25      3rd Grade Hernandez

9:30      4th Grade Perkins

9:35      5th Grade Goulding

9:40      6th Grade Molina

Interim Block Assessments/Benchmarks:

*******ELA PT/Interim Benchmark must be administered before spring break. You will not administer a MATH District assessment.

We will administer the CAASPP Interim Assessments to students in grades 3-6 and the SBUSD benchmarks/Performance Tasks to students in grades TK-2. Click here to check out the Interim Assessment Page. You will need your TOMS login to access.

District Writing Day:

On Tuesday, March 7th, we will administer the Narrative On-Demand writing prompt. Using the same prompt will allow you and your teams and students to have conversations around progress. Directions will be the same as the one completed in August. 

Military Counselor:

As a reminder, David McGue will visit Emory every Monday. He is available to support your military involved students. His contact information is below.

David McGue
Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC)
Phone: (619) 403-0686
Email:  Dtmcgue9@magellanhealth.com

Optimist Speech Contest:

The 2016-2017 Optimist International Oratorical Contest is here This year’s topic is, “What the world gains from optimism.”  The contest is open to 4-8 grade students.  Applications are due by March 3.  The club Oratorical will be held on Tuesday, March 7 at the Ed Center.

Staff Professional Development:

We meet as a full staff this Wednesday, March 1 at 1:45 in room 23. 

Read Across America Readers:

Our local Job Corps would like to send readers to our school in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday (Thursday, March 2nd) and to support our Read Across America celebration.
We will provide updated information as we receive it from Job Corps.
LCAP Family Survey:

Thanks to your hard work, last year we received a lot of feedback from Emory families about our school. Please share the statement/links below with your families via dojo, google classroom/classroom newsletters. 

Emory School community, please use the link below to provide feedback to us about your child’s experience. Thanks always for your support.

ENGLISH Survey Link:


SPANISH Survey Link:


Coach’s Corner:

This week we are celebrating Read Across America. If you would like more ideas on how to celebrate with your students, visit http://www.seussville.com/Educators/educatorReadAcrossAmerica.php. Happy Reading!

*Teacher please complete Sections C, H, I, J and K                                                                                                                            Revised by PRM, JO, TL (1/24/17)

Teacher’s College comes to South Bay:
Last year Teacher’s College came to South Bay and lead a five day Reading Institute. They are scheduled to return this summer June 12-16th to host a Writing Institute. Spots will be very limited. Please mark your calendars. I will share details as I receive them.
Projector Refresh:
Emory is scheduled for a Projector Refresh. 19 classrooms with PRM25 & PRM35 classrooms projectors to get new Epson 530’s. Starting Spring Break and done by 2nd week of April, 2017
Emory’s Innovation Fair:
Emory will be having its first Innovation Fair on Wednesday, April 12th from 5:30-7:00 p.m. The idea of the Innovation Fair is to involve students and their families in creativity, innovation, and inspiration. All students in grades TK-6th are invited to participate. Students will work in a team with one or more family member(s) to think of something creative, innovative, or inspiring to present at our Innovation Fair. A flyer and application went out to students and is posted on the Emory webpage. Students and families that are interested in participating will fill out an application and turn it in to their teacher by Monday, March 13th.  Please place all applications that you receive in Araceli’s box. There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, March 8th for families that are interested in participating and have additional questions or need clarification; however, the informational meeting is NOT mandatory for families to participate. We know our students and parents have great ideas to share so please encourage families to participate.
Emory District Champions:
Please join me in congratulating our Emory District Champions.
Emory Volunteer Coordinator and Grandma
Cindy Pillado
Emory moms and staff
Cathy Manorina and Mari Chavez
Emory dad
Hector Gracia
You are invited to attend the award reception on Friday, March 3 at 5:00 PM at Mendoza School to celebrate all the District Champion recipients. 
Quote of the Week:
Image result for if your plan is for one year, plant rice



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