Weekly Update: January 23, 2017

I hope that you enjoy a fantastic week with your students! Thank you for all your hard work and flexibility with our rainy days. There is a lot of information included in  this blog post . Please be sure to read thoroughly and help your colleagues.

Book Club Update:

As a reminder, Book Club will meet this Wednesday, January 25 at 1:45 in room 23.

The Great Kindness Challenge:

Thanks to Angela and our students leaders THE GREAT KINDNESS CHALLENGE starts nationwide and at Emory Elementary on Monday, January 23.  Teachers have all received a KINDNESS KIT in your mailbox!!  

What’s included:

*A super well-written welcome letter explaining what the GREAT KINDNESS CHALLENGE is about 😛

*A schedule of events (hang it up by your desk so you don’t forget!)

*A tasty treat to enjoy

*Kindness coins to hand out to your students on Tuesday (or use them however you wish!  You know your students best!)

*Flyers for the students: Spirit Days and the GKC Checklist (hand out on Monday)


Teachers will receive an email from CAASPP in the next few days. This password is time sensitive. Please login and change your password (write it down) , then you won’t have to worry about it.

Shared Leadership:

Shared Leadership will meet this Tuesday from 2:40-3:40 in room 23. All are welcome to join us to discuss the items listed below and other topics of interest.

Shared Leadership Agenda Items:

  1. Performance Task/Interim Benchmark Assessment?
  2. Reading Celebrations- how do we celebrate the our students who have made progress in their reading?
  3. Other Academic Celebrations?
  4. Other?

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment:

Your reading assessment data should be entered by Feb 3rd. Please let Araceli or I know if you have any questions or need any help meeting this deadline. 

Entering Fountas and Pinnell Data:

Click here for instructions for entering Fountas and Pinnell data into Illuminate. You will select 2016- 2017 SBUSD Fountas & Pinnell 2nd Administration to enter data.

As you enter student data, please be sure that for each student you indicate the Instructional Level, Independent Level, Accuracy, Fluency and Comprehension and note the Genre.

Coach’s Corner:

Administering the Comprehension Conversation for Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment:

  • Follow the general prompts on the Recording form for the key understandings:
    • Within the Text, Beyond the Text, About the Text
  • Note: It is acceptable for a student to search back in the book for answers.
    • If the student reads directly from the book, prompt the student to say it in his/her own words.
  • Coding
    • As the student responds, place a check next to the key understandings he/she mentions.
      • Does not need to be a word-for-word response.
    • Scoring
      • Use the rubric in the Comprehension Scoring Key to score the student’s understanding of the key ideas.
      • If the student has additional understandings that are not listed as responses under the key ideas, then add an additional point for each valuable understanding.

If you have any questions, please ask. If you would like to do some calibrating or would like a second opinion for specific student responses, I would be happy to help.

English Learner Update:

Please use illuminate and look at the recently released CELDT data and ELD formal and informal assessments and discuss any recommended changes.

Teachers of English only groupings should focus on providing instruction and practice in speaking and listening skills.


San Ysidro Health Clinic Bus:

On January 25th, and once a month through the end of the school year, the San Ysidro Health Clinic bus will park in the Emory school parking lot and see patients in their mobile clinic. They need to use the four staff spots in our upper parking lot. Please promote this with our families and let me know if you have any questions.

Integrated Professional Learning System Pilot:
The Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation Committee is excited to present information about our Integrated Professional Learning System pilot for the 2017-18 school year.  This is a pilot for our new evaluation process focused on professional growth.
They are offering informational meetings to be held at 3:30 p.m. on:
January 30, 2017 at Mendoza School Library
February 7, 2017 at Pence School Library
Please view this one minute video and, if interested, attend one of the meetings being offered.

Classroom Printer Changes:

The district entered into a Printer Pilot Program with MRC.  They are the same company that services our Xerox copy machines.

The Printer Pilot Program is a service that repairs the printers when they break, supplies all the printer toner and issues a monthly report of how many copies every printer is printing each month.

  1. Each printer now has a sticker on the it with a MRC printer number.
  2. If you need repairs or toner for your printer, email SDEDU@mrc360.com, and tell them your needs.  Do not enter an OPRA workorder.
  3. This program is run on a per copy charge, not the cost of a toner cartridge.  Each time your printers are used your school will be billed $0.015 a page for a black print and $0.09 a page for a color print.
  4. Each month, the Admin Secretary will receive a report showing how many prints each printer made.

Performance Assessment Window:

Important Dates:

*******ELA PT/Interim Benchmark must be administered before spring break.

*******District Writing Day: March 7

Purpose of Assessment:To measure application of skills and strategies as well as give students an opportunity to practice online assessments similar to the format and content of SBAC before CAASPP testing in the spring.

Which one should we give? Depending on your current unit of study in reading and/or writing, as well as past units, you and your team can decide which SBUSD performance task seems appropriate to give- narrative, informative, or opinion/argument.

When do we have to give it? According to our Assessment Calendar, you can administer the Performance Task between January and Spring Break.

In TK-2, will we receive copies? Since you and your team are making the decision about which assessment you’ll give, you’ll need to make whatever copies you’ll need.

Where can we find the resources? All of the resources are in Illuminate labeled “Optional [grade level] ELA Performance Task”. You can clear your filters and search for “optional”, “opinion”, “narrative”, or “informational”. Then click Download Materials.

What about 3-6?  Students will take the assessment online. Here is a video about how to set up a testing window for your students. You will also go to Illuminate, find the assessment you want to give, and you can download the instructions.

How are scores reported? You will not have to input any scores into Illuminate but do take the time to score the work, or work with your students to determine their progress. You can use the TC Writing Progressions to score the writing portion, but use the scoring guides in the directions to score constructed responses.

Are there alternative assessments we can give? If your site is giving the CAASPP Interim Assessments you do not have to give a SBUSD Performance Assessment. This is a site decision.

What about Math? You are welcome to use any of the math assessments from previous years to check progress for your students. 3rd– 6th grade teachers can use the Key Data System (KDS) Checkpoints in Illuminate. This year, no official math assessments need to be administered.

District On- Demand Writing Assessment

On Tuesday, March 7th, we will administer the Narrative On-Demand writing prompt. Using the same prompt will allow you and your teams and students to have conversations around progress. Directions will be the same as the one completed in August. Plan accordingly with your performance task.

Canned Food Drive:

Thank you for encouraging your students to support our canned food drive. We will provide the donated items to the Good Neighbor a local community organization.

Optimist Speech Contest:

The 2016-2017 Optimist International Oratorical Contest is here This year’s topic is, “What the world gains from optimism.”  The contest is open to 4-8 grade students.  Applications are due by March 3.  The club Oratorical will be held on Tuesday, March 7 at the Ed Center.

Soaring to Success- Kindness:

Thank you for your support of our Soaring to Success student recognition program and thanks to Holli for helping us remember to provide our names and write ups to Eunice. Names and write ups for Kindness are due to Eunice Monday, January 23rd. Our Kindness assembly is scheduled for Friday, 1/27.


The District is working with a FREE email based flyer system. They used the email addresses which families provided on their registration forms. Not all families provided email addresses and not all addresses are still active. To refer families please send them to the Emory Web Page. 

Whew-you made it. There’s a lot going on 🙂

Quote of the Week:

Image result for great quotes




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