Weekly Update: January 16, 2017

I hope that you enjoyed a nice three day weekend!

Flag Salute: 

We will NOT have flag salute this week.

Staff Meeting:

We have PLC this Wednesday. Perhaps you might spend time further calibrating your Fountas and Pinnell assessments, or look at some of your data together. Or maybe review ELD groupings (see next item).

English Learner Task Force Update:

Thanks to Angela, Karina and Rebecca for meeting this week to look at the recently released CELDT data and make recommendations about our student’s needs. In early February, I will meet with each of our designated ELD teachers to review ELD groupings. Please use illuminate and look at the recently released CELDT data and ELD formal and informal assessments and discuss any recommended changes. Teachers of English only groupings should focus on providing instruction and practice in speaking and listening skills.

Coach’s Corner:

Before winter break I had the opportunity to visit a school site for professional development from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project staff developers. The following are some insights that the staff developer shared in regards to Reading Workshop student notebooks:

  • Reading Notebooks should show a progression in writing about reading.
  • Students should be jotting thoughts, not necessarily writing full paragraphs or essays.
  • A teacher’s notebook should be a model to what a student’s notebook should look like.
  • Reading notebook may include printouts of charts (glued to pages).

“A notebook is a place to capture ideas that are worthy of a conversation.” –TCRWP Staff Developer

Soaring to Success- Kindness:

Thank you for your support of our Soaring to Success student recognition program and thanks to Holli for helping us remember to provide our names and write ups to Eunice. Names and write ups for Kindness are due to Eunice Monday, January 23rd. Our Kindness assembly is scheduled for Friday, 1/27.


The District is working with a FREE email based flyer system. They used the email addresses which families provided on their registration forms. Not all families provided email addresses and not all addresses are still active. To refer families please send them to the Emory Web Page. See additional information below from Amy Cooper.

 Our new electronic flyer communication system, Peachjar, is live!  Notification emails to parents have been sent and Peachjar buttons have been placed on the District and school webpages.
“Peachjar School Administrators” have been designated at each school to upload internal site-specific flyers (i.e., PTA meeting schedule, Principal’s weekly message, etc.).  District flyers, flyers from external vendors/organizations, and flyers for more than one school are managed at the Ed Center.  Please refer anyone wishing to upload these types of flyers to the Ed Center or Amelia Pillado. 
For more information, please visit the Peachjar page on our Website. 

Family Events this Week:

Tuesday, January 17            4:30 Military Family Night- resources for military involved families

Tuesday, January 17             5:00 PTA Family Bingo Night

Friday, January 20                8:15 Coffee with the Principal

Friday, January 20                8:30 Nutrition Classes for families (offered in Spanish)

San Ysidro Health Clinic Bus:

On January 25th, and once a month through the end of the school year, the San Ysidro Health Clinic bus will park in the Emory school parking lot and see patients in their mobile clinic. They will need to use the four staff spots in our upper parking lot.

Gate Testing:

Gate Testing begins this week. Thanks to Lindsay for coordinating, Jeanne, Melinda, Georgina and Monica for helping students and Shelly for supporting.

Sherwood         Jan 17 8:15-9:30 computer lab

Lobato/Hueso  Jan 17 12:45-2:10 computer lab (Molina sends 5 kids to support)

Seubert               Jan 18 8:15 classroom

Integrated Professional Learning System Pilot:
The Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation Committee is excited to present information about our Integrated Professional Learning System pilot for the 2017-18 school year.  This is a pilot for our new evaluation process focused on professional growth.
We are offering three informational meetings to be held at 3:30 p.m. on:
January 17, 2017 at Imperial Beach School Library (main campus)
January 30, 2017 at Mendoza School Library
February 7, 2017 at Pence School Library
Please view this one minute video and we hope you will attend one of the three meetings being offered.


Book Club Update:

As a reminder, Book Club will meet next Wednesday, January 25 at 1:45.

Planned Power Outage:

A planned power outage has been scheduled for Saturday, January 21 at 8:30AM for up to 3 Hoursto replace overheating equipment in the area (weather permitting and barring any other unforeseencircumstances). Please advise the appropriate personnel of the above power outage.  A response to this email would be appreciated to confirm that the appropriate personnel has been notified. Please advise us if a generator will be used during the outage.
Video of the Week:
If you’ve never seen Kid President, you must watch this!! Linked here, you will find Kid President’s take on MLK.
Quote of the Week:
Image result for martin luther king jr quotes

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