Weekly Update: November 14, 2016

I hope you enjoyed a long relaxing weekend and are ready for a great week with our students!

Governing Board Visit:

Our Governing Board members will visit Emory on November 17th from 8:15-10:15 to view the Global Cardboard Challenge and your classrooms. I will email a schedule out tomorrow (Monday). Thank you very much to those of you who joined me at the Board meeting this past Thursday. I very much appreciated having you there!

Everyone a Reader starts Monday:

We begin our Everyone a Reader program the week of Monday, November 14th.

5th and 6th grade teachers,

1)      Please review the list of tutors here.

2)      Identify who is in your class.

3)      Let the students know that tutoring will begin next week (Monday through Friday). Each student only tutors one day per week during their lunch recess.

4)      Remind the students when they are scheduled to tutor.

Thanks for your support!

Innovation Caravan:

5th and 6th grade teachers see info from Jen Oliveira (below).
Just some updates about our maiden voyage of the Innovation Caravan in our Year of Innovation!
·         DEADLINE EXTENDED– Friday, December 2nd.
·         Application available online.
·         Student or team projects/presentations/demonstrations/performances DOES NOT have to be completed by December 2nd, this can be an idea in motion!
·         Think about a project/presentation/demonstration/performance you’re already doing or a Genius Hour seed idea happening.
NEW THRIVELY accounts created (www.thrively.com/sbusd )
One way to see the strengths and interests of your students is to use a tool like Thrively. You will be receiving an email shortly about your optional Thrively account which will give you information about how to get your 5th– 8thgrade students logged in. Students take an interest and strengths inventory, and it will connect them with projects in our area along with activities. You’ll see a dashboard of all of your students and ways to support their strengths and interests in your classroom. Just a tool to spark some ideas…

Coach’s Corner:

The second round of Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments are to be completed by February 2, 2017. If you are planning on getting a head start, and testing some students before winter break, my suggestion would be to assess your most struggling readers first. These students tend to have low reading engagement at home and the long break might disrupt their reading progress. If you plan to assess all of your students after winter break, assess your most struggling readers last. They will benefit from additional reading instruction after the long break.

Opportunity to observe:

I am very lucky that I am able to see all of you with your students each week. I am sure that you found it powerful to watch the others facilitate the various elements of workshop this week. If you would like to be released to visit a colleague’s classroom, please let me know. If you would like to video yourself (for your own use), please let me know. Or, you might check out the South Bay youtube channel or the Teacher’s College Vimeo channel (see below). Let Araceli and I know how we can help you.

TCRWP Videos                                    Learning and Innovation Videos

PLNU Arts Partnership:

Thank you to Rebecca, Dene, Monica, Melinda, Jeanne, Georgina, Maria, Leslie and RoseAnn for supporting our partnership with Point Loma Nazarene.

Second Lesson                 Nov 15               1:30-2:25

Time Sheets:

You MUST complete and submit time sheets within the month that you worked. For example if you have out of contract pay during the month of September, you ABSOLUTELY MUST submit the time sheet no later than October 1st. If you fail to do so, the district gets fined.

Quote of the Week:




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