Weekly Update: October 31, 2016

Thank you so very much to Erin and Shelly for their leadership and to all of you for promoting, donating and volunteering in support of our Fall Carnival.This is a fun event which builds community for our students and families and provides money for field trips.

Report Cards are done!

Unicef Parade:

Thank you to RoseAnn, Monica and Leslie for their leadership and to all of you for promoting this event and helping to raise our students’ awareness and money for needy children around the world.

UNICEF/Costume Parade starts @ 8:15 a.m. Please bring your students and their chairs to the blacktop. Please remind your students to change into regular clothes immediately following the parade. Students who wish not to participate should visit the library.

Leslie placed the orange pumpkins in your mailboxes. Please put it on a stick and bring it out with your class on Monday. Please return pumpkin to either Leslie’s or Roseanne’s box or send it over to room 9 after the parade. Students will be dropping their boxes/ donations into the cauldron during the parade as usual.

Staff PD:

We DO NOT meet this week. We will be learning so much throughout the day from the Learning and Innovation team, we thought that it might benefit us all to have the afternoon to process our new learnings. Please join us in Room 23 if you would like to talk about what you are seeing and learning. Our next staff meeting is November 30th.

Workshop Lab Site:

I am very excited that we will have the Learning and Innovation team here demonstrating mini-lessons, small groups and conferring while providing tips to help us simplify the planning process. They will be here Tuesday, Nov 1-Monday, Nov 7th. 

Click here to view the schedule. Sessions 1 and 2 will meet in room 6 and session 3 will meet in room 23.

November Board Highlight and Visit:

I have the opportunity to highlight the amazing things you are doing at the November 11th South Bay Union School District Board Meeting. I hope that you will be able to join me there (6:00p.m.- 6:30). Our Board members will visit Emory on November 17th to view the Global Cardboard Challnege and some of your classrooms.

Innovation Caravan:

5th and 6th grade teachers, Innovation Caravan is an opportunity for our students to highlight their thinking about big ideas, a special project they have been working on or anything that they find interesting. Please be sure to share the innovation caravan applications with your students and encourage students to apply.

 Here is the application for the South Bay Innovation Caravan. (due Nov 18th)

Everyone a Reader:

Big thanks to Leslie, Rebecca and Dene for coordinating our Everyone A Reader program. Tutoring will begin within the next few weeks. Please look for updated information.

Coach’s Corner:

I had the opportunity to visit the Everyone A Reader training by Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Ochoa, and Mrs. Sanchez. Thirty 5th and 6th grade students attended this training to learn more about being a reading tutor to 1st grade students. I would like to highlight this program because I see how beneficial it is for all students involved. Our younger students get more practice and help with reading, while our older students build self-esteem and pride. It’s a win-win for all!

Bell Schedule/ELD Survey Update:

70% of respondents voted to keep it the same as it currently is. Other suggestions included moving it to the end of the day, moving it to the beginning of the day and reconsidering a change for next school year.

PLNU Arts Partnership:

Thank you to Rebecca, Dene, Monica, Melinda, Jeanne, Georgina, Maria, Leslie and RoseAnn for supporting our partnership with Point Loma Nazarene.

First Lesson                      Nov 8                  1:30-2:25

Second Lesson                 Nov 15               1:30-2:25

Box Tops Teacher Contest:

Our goal is to raise $1500 in Box Tops collections this school year. If we earn $750 in our first collection (until December), we will provide $100 to be spent on classroom materials (furniture, books, etc) to the teacher who’s classroom collects the most money. Please encourage your students and families to return them to the school.


Upper grade teachers, please check out Thrively. This is a great way for our students to discover more about their own passions and interests and to connect their learning in your classrooms to the real world. See link below.


Quote of the Week:

Image result for vulnerability quotes



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