Weekly Update: October 10, 2016

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for all your hard work this week. Your students were very happy to see you! They are lucky to be learning from you this year. Funniest part of Family Campout-the sprinklers turned on….

Staff PD:

We will meet together in room 23 this week from 1:45-3:15.

CELDT Testing/ELD Cancelled:

Thank you to Araceli for coordinating and the rest of team Emory for supporting/administering the CELDT test this week. Please see the email from Araceli with your grade level’s CELDT test schedule. Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance. ELD for all grades has been canceled to accommodate the CELDT test schedule.

PBS Lesson/Walk to School Day Lesson:


Monday, Oct 10th

During PBS time share Walk to School Day Presentation (with videos)

Have students begin to make posters promoting walk to school day (they may finish in class or at home) See posterboard in your mail box


Wednesday, Oct 12th

Walk to School Day

Remind students to submit posters to the office for Poster Contest (there is an upper grade prize and a lower grade prize)

Volunteer will visit classroom close to start of day and collect raffle tickets from student walkers

Soaring to Success Assembly:

Friday, October 14th

Character Trait Assembly “Respect” – Grade 2 8:10-8:40, Grade 4  8:45-9:15,

Grade 3 9:20-9:50, Grade 1  10:00:10:30, Grade 5 10:35-11:05, Grade 6  1:50-2:20

Names and write ups due to Eunice Monday (Oct 10th)

Shared Leadership Meeting:

Please join us at our next Shared Leadership Meeting Tuesday, October 11th at 2:45 in room 23. Click here to see the agenda.

Imagine Learning:

Imagine Learning starts Monday. Thank you to Erin, Connie and Angela for working with our students before and after schedule and to Araceli for coordinating the program. Students will meet on Monday-Friday from 7:25-7:55 and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:25-2:55.

Jenn @Teacher’s College in NYC Oct 18-23:

I am excited to have the opportunity to visit Teacher’s College at Columbia University (Tuesday, Oct. 18th –Sunday, Oct 23rd) to learn more about how to support our work with the Reading and Writing Units of Study.While I am going to miss you, I know that you will be in good hands with Araceli serving as Admin Designee and Lindsay and Tracy supporting with student behavior. You all know that Eunice really runs the school anyway, so I shouldn’t be missed too much.

Report Card Information from Jen Oliveira:

The Report Card Window is NOW OPEN!

What’s New This Year

Assessment Data- The report card will no longer contain District Assessment results.  Additionally, reading assessment (Fountas and Pinnell) should not be included on the report card, at this point, as it is a new system for us, and we are still calibrating.

Frequently Asked Questions

A report card provides a means by which to communicate student progress. In order to build consistency about student progress we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions about scores and expectations. 

Q: How does it look if I’m using the Units of Study from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project?

A: All of the Teachers College Units of Study for Reading and Writing Workshop are aligned to Common Core State Standards. For the Reading Units, you can find the standards addressed in each session in this document, K-5 CCSS Correlation, which breaks down each unit and each session. For the Writing Units, on the first page of each session the standards are listed at the bottom of the page. They can also be found in the inside back cover of each unit. You can use a variety of resources to determine if your students are meeting grade level expectation in the standards. For example:

  • Reading and/or writing notebooks
  • Reading and/or writing folders
  • Learning progressions, checklists, and rubrics
  • Published writing
  • Running records
  • Post-it notes
  • Conferring and notes
  • Small group observations
  • Informal assessments
  • Formative assessments
  • Post-assessments

Q: I taught the 3rd grade units first, but I teach 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. How does that look on my report cards?

A: Your responsibility is to communicate how your students are doing with grade level standards. In the reading units, the first few sessions in Grade 3 Unit 1 are geared toward the Range of Reading and Text Complexity (RL and RI 3.10). You can look at that as you would normally and ask yourself “Has this student mastered that standard at our grade level (RL and RI 4.10, 5.10, 6.10)? How do I know?” This continuum will help you see each standard set for K-8. Look at the cluster and notice how your students are performing against the standards. The Reading Foundational standards apply K-5.

Q: Why do we need to grade ELD?

A: Besides communicating progress to parents, a score in English Language Development is an important part of our accountability to the state, used most recently in Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) this year.

 Q: Can I add something to Additional Learning Areas and Learning Behaviors?

A: An optional space is provided to add a score for an area you, your grade level or your site has agreed upon. The area must be established in the first trimester, and it cannot be changed. In order to be equitable, a team or school agreement can be made about what the field should say and how they are being assessed for each student.

 Q: Sometimes my comments disappear. What can I do about that?

A: Using a text editor, like Word or Google Docs, is a good way to get your ideas out about your students, then copy and paste your comments to the report cards. If you leave the window open in the Illuminate report card, there is the possibility the application/website might “time out” and log you out prematurely. Make sure you SAVE often.

Technology Early Adopters (That’s our entire K-2 Team- Go Emory!:

Yahoo! You should have received your Tech Tubs with your Chromebooks and you can now add the one you were given this summer to the tub to make a total of 8!

START with Digital Citizenship

It’s important to talk about using the device with care and for school related business. Revisit this on a daily basis for a few weeks. Think about how you and your kids will keep the devices safe and clean.



Make sure you keep your keys in a safe place! The office did not receive a copy of your key.

WIXIE Account Information

Melinda is our resident Wixie expert. She and her students have been having loads of fun and she has offered to help us all get started. Student usernames are their 7-digit Student ID, and their password is the same 7-digit number.

Teacher accounts usernames are first initial last name, and your password is southbay.

There should be an icon soon on the student page soon for Wixie access, but in the meantime it’s https://sb.wixie.com/ Teresa added it to our Emory School Page.

GOOGLE Account Information

All SBUSD students in all grade levels are automatically provisioned with Google accounts (and parents all sign acknowledgement of district-wide Google Apps for Education use upon student enrollment).
Student accounts are generated automatically within 48 hours of student enrollment.

While this username and password might seem intimidating at first for our youngest students, remember that once a student has signed into any given Chromebook the first time (the “Add User” link at the bottom of the login page), it will not require the username portion from that student on re-login but just the password.

To determine your students’ usernames and passwords, teachers can always use your official roster info in Synergy to determine any student’s username and password using the logic shown below:

  1. Student Username = firstname.lastname####@sbusd.net  (#’s are the last 4 digits of student ID)
    NOTE: If student name has a dash, apostrophe, or space, that character and everything following it is truncated, e.g.,  Betty-Sue O’Connor = betty.o1234
  2. Student Password =  DOB in 8 digit format (Year-Mo-Da)— Example: Feb 1, 2003 = 20030201

Classroom Furniture Budget:

As a reminder, you have a classroom Furniture Budget of $75.00. All receipts must be submitted by Oct 12th. You may use this money to purchase bookshelves, rugs, flexible seating for students. If you are not sure if something would be appropriate, please see me to discuss in advance of your purchase.

Box Tops Teacher Contest:

Our goal is to raise $1500 in Box Tops collections this school year. If we earn $750 in our first collection (until December), we will provide $100 to be spent on classroom materials (furniture, books, etc) to the teacher who’s classroom collects the most money. Please encourage your students and families to return them to the school.

 Upcoming Dates:

ILT- October 20th

Benefit Fair- October 20th

Fall Carnival-October 28th

Unicef Drive.Costume Parade:

Emory’s Trick or Treat for UNICEF Drive will begin on Monday, October 17th through November 1st. 

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes about making the best of it




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