Weekly Update: August 22, 2016

I hope that your weekends were relaxing. It is that time in the school year when we might become fatigued. You are doing a fantastic job adjusting to all of the changes we have been making-daily schedule, recess time, classroom structure (both physically and via workshop structures) etc. When you feel overwhelmed, stop and take a deep breath. You are not alone and we will support each other as we work hard to help our students grow (and survive until fall break).

Staff PD:

We will NOT meet as a team this week, though this Wed, Aug 24th is a PLC day. Please spend the time with your grade level team. You might want to analyze South Bay District writing day assessments, review ELD placements, plan, enter Fountas and Pinnell data, etc. There is a lot of good work to do 🙂

Dr. McNamara visits Emory:

Superintendent, Dr. Katie McNamara will visit us Tuesday, Aug 23rd from 10:30-12:15. She will visit classrooms and meet with me to discuss our LCAP survey data from the 15-16 school year.

Shared Leadership Meeting:

Our Shared Leadership team will meet Tuesday, Aug 23rd from 2:40-3:40. All are welcome. Those of you who attend will be compensated for one hour of your time.

The agenda includes the following topics:

Emory School Literacy Belief, PLC- Principal Time versus Teacher Time, IXL, Wellness/Cupcakes

Click Here to see the full agenda

Celebrating Students who have demonstrated Responsibility:

During PBS time on Monday, you may wish to prepare for the Character trait award assembly on September 2nd. Our character trait of the month is Responsibility. Ideas include: student speeches, drawings, letters to other students, classroom banner, etc.

Please start identifying the students you’d like to celebrate at the September 2nd awards assembly. Names and a brief write-up are due to Eunice no later than Mon. 8/29.

Ensure that your grade level has come to consensus on how many students should be identified at each assembly.

You will receive a letter you may use to invite families to attend the celebration.


To ensure that safety of our students in our extended day program, effective immediately, we will lock all gates, except the front gate by the office, at 3:00 p.m. on regular days and 2:00 p.m. on minimum days. This includes the gates to the parking lot. The extended day staff will release students from the gate located on the lunch patio. At 4:00 (when the office closes), the front gate will be locked as well. If you unlock the gate to leave for the day, YOU MUST LOCK IT BEHIND YOU.

Coach’s Corner:

PLC Collaboration

This week we will start PLC meetings. The ILT team members decided that it would be beneficial to use part of that time to analyze and calibrate narrative writing assessments.  Please bring your class narrative writing samples and your computers.

Fountas & Pinnel Reading Assessment

When administering the Fountas & Pinnell reading assessment at levels A and B, please follow these instructions before students begin reading:

Say: I am going to read the first page, watch me as I read.

(Model reading the first page by pointing to each word, then have the student read the rest.)

Say: Now you read.

NOTE: If you have already assessed students in levels A and B, please do not reassess them for this round. Follow this procedure for students in levels A or B that you have not yet tested.

Reading Assessment:

 As a reminder, you must have reading assessment data entered into Illuminate for all students by Sept 2nd. If you need any help using the Fountas and Pinnell assessment or entering data into Illuminate, please let Araceli or me know.

Entering Fountas and Pinnell Data:

Click here for instructions for entering Fountas and Pinnell data into Illuminate. Different than last year, you will select 2016- 2017 SBUSD Fountas & Pinnell 1st Administration to enter data.

As you enter student data, please be sure that for each student you indicate the Instructional Level, Independent Level, Accuracy, Fluency and Comprehension and note the Genre.


ELD starts the week of Aug 29-Sept 2:

No later than Wednesday, you will receive ELD placements for your students. Please review the ELD placements and provide feedback (forgotten students, incorrect placements etc) no later than Friday, Aug 26th.  







Thanks very much to our ILT members for spending the day together learning. The theme was “creating readers and writers in joyful and responsive classrooms.”

Click here to view the presentation.


Cybersmarts Week:


Please take some time to review your grade level content at the posted CyberSmarts agenda website at http://tinyurl.com/becybersmart  for your classroom instructional planning.

  • Just click the tab for your grade level at the top of the CyberSmarts Week page; The 3 – 5 core “mini-lessons of the week” for each grade level are in folders at the bottom of each grade level tab. (See “Lesson 1” folder example at the bottom of the image below)
  • A Teacher Agenda page is provided with some simple steps to prepare for CyberSmarts Week.

Thank you for helping us keep all South Bay kids safe and ‘cybersmart!’

Forms/Notices Sent Home:

If you are sending anything home to your families, please provide a copy to Eunice (field trip notices, newsletters, etc. Thanks in advance. 

Election Season:

Just a reminder, that during this election season, no election or campaign-related activities may take place on school property.  This includes activities related to the election for School Board, support for Proposition 55, etc.

School Site Council:

We are very grateful for the service of Angela, Angelica on our school site council. Sadly, due to state and district regulations, they must take at least one year off from service.

Therefore, I am looking for two additional representatives for our School Site Council. Please let me know by Monday at 4:00p.m., if you are interested in a role on our School Site Council. If there are more than 2 interested parties, I will facilitate an election. 

School Site Council meets about every other month either after school on Wednesdays or Friday morning during Impact time.

Units of Study Kits- barcoded:

Please bring your Reading UOS Kit/Trade Books and/or Writing UOS Kit next time you come to the library.  The district is asking for the kits to be barcoded.

District Champions Program:

These quarterly awards will recognize students, parents, staff, and community members who demonstrate outstanding work, dedication to the District’s mission and goals, commitment to our community.You may submit a recommendation via this link. Team Emory is amazing! Please submit names of your colleagues, students, family and community members who deserve recognition.


SEIS IEP Writing Open Lab:

The Special Education Department is hosting the SEIS/IEP Writing Open Lab on Monday, August 22. During the open lab, a member from the department will be available to support you in navigating through SEIS, writing, answering questions about the IEP, updating progress on goals, etc.  If this is something that will be a benefit to you, please sign up using the link below:


Quote of the Week:

Video of the week:

Watch to learn more about what responsive classrooms look like.










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