Weekly Update: August 8, 2016

I really enjoy seeing all that you are doing to help your students learn and grow. Thank you for working so hard to prepare fun, engaging and productive days for our students!

Back to School Night:

Below you will find our schedule for Back to School Night/Open House for teachers of students in grades 1-6. This year, we will only have 1 evening for families to visit classrooms. You should prepare a 20-25 minute presentation which you will provide two different times to allow families to visit multiple classrooms.

Possible topics to cover with families:

  • Information about what children will learn in your classroom this year
  • Strategies for home/school communication
  • Strategies for families to use at home to support student learning- be mindful of availability of resources (internet etc) and encourage use of the public library- for books, activities, internet access etc.
  • Importance of School Attendance
  • Box tops for Education
  • Schedule Sept teacher conferences

5:15 PTA Meeting (Cafeteria)

5:30 Principal Welcome (Blacktop near Volunteer Center)

5:45 Classroom Session 1 (25 minutes)

*******5:45 6th Grade Camp Meeting (Cafeteria)

6:15 (Classroom Session 2 (25 minutes)

Release Days P-30’s

If you elected to be released for assessment (as opposed to the$500 stipend), please be sure to submit your P-30 at least 7 days in advance of the day you would like to be released (per D.O. rules).

Entering Fountas and Pinnell Data:

Click here for instructions for entering Fountas and Pinnell data into Illuminate. Different than last year, you will select 2016- 2017 SBUSD Fountas & Pinnell 1st Administration to enter data.

As you enter student data, please be sure that for each student you indicate the Instructional Level, Accuracy, fluency and comprehension and note the genre. As a reminder, all student Fountas and PInnell data must be entered by Sept. 2nd. Thank you to those of you who have gotten off to such a great start getting to know your students as readers. 

Workshop Support:

Learning and Innovation will host their first round of optional grade level support meetings.  3rd-6th will meet together, most of you are teaching the same unit right now.  We will split you up into individual grade levels for the next round.This Monday and Tuesday-August 8/9 (ONLY ATTEND ONE SESSION )the Learning and Innovation Team is hosting collaborative planning for teachers in grades 3-6 from 3:30-5:00 (out of contract pay) 

1st-2nd Teachers: Tuesday, August 16th

Please sign up here if you plan to attend.

Workshop Mini-lesson Planning Form:

Erin and Shelly (thank you!) shared the form that they have been using to assist in planning for minilessons. It is specific to Unit 3 Bend 1, but helpful for all grades, I think. Click here to see the form.


ELD and PLC:

ELD and PLC start date tentatively is August 22nd. I will continue to update you as the date approaches. 


Coach’s Corner:

I have had the pleasure of visiting some classrooms during Reading Workshop this week and it is so wonderful to see our students begin to develop into lifelong readers. This morning a student approached me as I was about to go in my room and said, “Good Morning! How are you? Did you read any books last night?” I must admit, I was taken back by her question as I have NEVER had a student ask me about reading books before. These are the small moments that remind us about the great influence we have on our students. When they see us as readers, and believe that we value reading, we instill the same values in them. These “little victories” are what makes our job so rewarding. Let’s continue to keep our eye out for these victories. The ones you would not be able to find through scores or data, but are daily reminders of why we are all here.

ST Math:

Here’s to hoping that we are ready to start ST Math on Monday! If you ARE able to access ST math, please let me know. ST Math Usernames are created by using the first 3 letters of the school, their first initial, and entire last name.Ex.Josh Cassel at Washington Elementary would be : wasjcassel

Here are the links to the first 3 online courses teachers should take before starting ST Math.  If you attended the in-person training you should be well equipped to get started. If not, or if you would like a review, check out the courses below.

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Furniture Budget:

As a reminder, you have a classroom Furniture Budget of $75.00 to be spent by Oct 12th. You may use this money to purchase bookshelves, rugs, flexible seating for students. If you are not sure if something would be appropriate, please see me to discuss in advance of your purchase.

Free Area Carpets:

Coles Fine Flooring is giving away a free area rug for the classroom. The giveaway of these quality and large sized area rugs will be held at the San Diego and San Marcos locations on  Saturday August 13th from 8:00-11:00 or while supplies last. First come first served, limited quantity- come early. 1170 Morena Blvd 9210 or 2175 Montiel Rd San Marcos 92069. GET THERE EARLY!! Ask Aranzazu, Leslie, RoseAnn and Angela for details as they went there on Saturday.

Shared Leadership Meeting:

Our next Shared Leadership Meeting is Tuesday, August 23rd from 2:40-3:40. All are welcome to join us.


Cybersmarts Week Aug 22-26:

Save the date- check out the resources below.


Youtube Access:

Teachers should all have full access to Youtube from your instructor Windows computer, but students do not yet have any Youtube access (or services providing content hosted on Youtube, like Khan Academy) on the District network until an alternative method for filtering content can be determined and tested.


Box Tops Teacher Contest:

Our goal is to raise $1500 in Box Tops collections this school year. If we earn $750 in our first collection (until December), we will provide $100 to be spent on classroom materials (furniture, books, etc) to the teacher who’s classroom collects the most money. Please encourage your students and families to return them to the school.

Supply Room:

I say this with much love in my heart-some of you people are hoarders. We support an open supply room because it allows you to access the supplies that you need. Please only take what you need to use within the next few weeks.When you have materials in your room that you do not immediately need, a colleague in a different classroom may not have access to the supplies that he or she needs. And all of our supplies cost money and we have a very limited amount of money to spend on everything that we need to run the school. Thank you for your support in minimizing our supply expenses and maximizing access.


 Quote of the Week:

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