Weekly Update: May 31, 2016

I hope that you enjoy a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! There are many activities this week, please review the bulletin, read your email, check your mail box and hold on tight. Enjoy the last few days of school with your students. You have built a strong community this school year. Your kiddos will miss you and will benefit throughout their lifetime for having spent time learning with you this year.

Summer Professional Development:

We provide our best for our students and colleagues when we take the time to develop and hone our skills and knowledge about best practices and innovations in education.

Bonus quote of the week.

 Please click here .  to see the flier for summer professional development. In response to feedback and surveys from teachers, the Learning and Innovations team has redesigned summer learning to be personal, differentiated and engaging. Offerings include:

  • Summer Learning Academy
  • TCRWP Summer Reading Institute
  • Workshop Cohort 2 Day 1
  • TK-2 Technology (sign up and receive a set of chromebooks)

Staff Meeting:

We DO NOT have a staff meeting this week. Use the time to work on your report cards, enter Fountas and Pinnell data or plan by yourself or with your colleagues.

Performance Tasks/Report Cards:

Scores should be in Illuminate by May 27th. Report Card Resources here Attendance and performance tasks scores (where available) will be populated on June 1st.

End of Year Checklist:

Click here to see the end of year checklist. Your summer vacation does not begin until we have your fully signed and completed checklist. Let us know if you have any questions.

Golden Eagle Award Ceremonies:

Our final Golden Eagle Awards Ceremony is this Thursday, June 2. As the schedule is tight, please be on time and keep your remarks brief.

Grade 1 @ 8:15

Gr. 4 @ 8:45

Gr. 5 @ 9:15

Gr. 6 9:45

Gr. 3 @ 10:15

Gr. 2 @ 10:45

Celebrating Attendance:

On Tuesday at 1:15, we will celebrate our students with yearlong outstanding and perfect attendance. Please look for invitations in your mail box (late Friday afternoon). On Thursday, during lunch time, we will celebrate trimester 3 perfect attendance with a pizza party. Look for VIP invitations in your mail box for this party on Wednesday.

Celebrating Emory:

We have the opportunity to create a bulletin board with information about Emory in Burress Auditorium. I would like to collect student art and writing samples for us to use to celebrate who we are and what we do at Emory. Before you leave for the summer, please give me any student work that I might use on our bulletin board. I think that we may organize our space around the 21st Century skills (collaborate, communicate, create, critical thinking) I do not have the dimensions of our display, so I will have to edit once we find out how much space we have.

Also, I have been asked to let the District know dates  of some special events to which we would like to invite District representatives (Superintendent, Asst. Superintendents, Directors, Board Members, etc) to attend next school year. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to highlight. I will need to know a tentative date by June 3rd.


Online Resources:

As we explore tools to support differentiated teaching and learning that allow us to maximize the potential of our student technology, please check out the web- based, adaptive programs listed below.  Look by yourself, with your students (as possible) or with your grade level team. We may be able to have some of the programs to use next school year to support our instruction.

Library Books:

To assist Teresa in preserving our fantastic library, please do your best to get our student’s library books back to us. Teresa should have given you an overdue list with the names of any of your students with missing books.

Student Google Docs:

ALL CURRENT STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNTS AND THEIR CONTENTS WILL EXPIRE AS OF JULY 1, 2016, which includes the expiration of all files in student Google Drive folders. Unless teachers follow the instructions below, even student work in Google Drive  shared with the teacher will no longer be accessible. Staff Google accounts will remain untouched and unchanged.

Notify your students that their accounts and files will no longer be accessible after June 30th. 

For teachers wishing to save any or all student work files, please click the following for: INSTRUCTIONS FOR TEACHERS SEEKING TO RETAIN ANY OR ALL STUDENT GOOGLE DRIVE FILES***

Lenovo Chromebooks:

The warranty on all Lenovo ILC Chromebooks will expire in mid-June of 2016The District strongly recommends that each ILC teacher with LENOVO CHROMEBOOKS (mostly 3rd Grade teachers) perform a hardware review (ask your students to help you) of all assigned class Chromebooks and log every Chromebook number & issue where warranty repair may be appropriate BEFORE the end of school. If any Lenovo Chromebooks appear to have serviceable issues, please submit a single OPRA work order that details the cart number, room number, and Chromebook number(s) with their issues. Example Issues to Consider: Display issues, loose or missing keyboard keys, touchpad functionality issues, etc. (See your IMRT if you have any questions)

Chromebooks this summer:

As of the last day of school:

  1. Please make sure that all Chromebooks assigned to a cart are securely locked in the cart and set to charge in the classroom before going on break and return chromebook cart key to Eunice


Video of the Week:

What is reader’s workshop?

Quote of the Week:


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