Weekly Update: May 23, 2016

Staff Meeting:

We DO NOT have a staff meeting this week. Use the time to score/enter your benchmark assessments or work on your report cards.

Classroom Rosters for 16-17 school year:

Thank you for all your hard work drafting rosters for the 16-17 school year. You must finalize your recommendations by Wednesday, May 25th.  Click here to review or edit the draft rosters.

Blue Slips:

I will be passing out prizes from the prize wagon this Friday, May 27th during lunch. Please be sure to bring your slips with you.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment:

Thank you for undertaking the hard work that it has been learning about this new assessment and then diving in and starting to figure out how to use the data to improve instruction for our students. If you have not assessed your students, please get started ASAP and let me know any resources that you need. Also, to prepare for next school year, I would like the assessment data for each of our students entered in Illuminate. Click here for Directions for Entering Fountas and Pinnell Scores into Illuminate Let Chris or me know if you need any help. I am happy to enter the data for you.

Performance Tasks:

  • Here are directions to access the online assessment as a teacher, preview the assessment, and login as a student. Students should be taking the ONLINE assessment. 3rd– 6thgrade teachers WILL NOT be administering a math assessment.
  • Enter scores into Illuminate by May 27th.

Report Cards:

  • Resources here
  • Attendance and performance tasks scores (where available) will be populated on June 1st.

Laptop Replacement:

If you are receiving a new laptop (you will have received an email from the district) please continue reading, if you are not receiving a new laptop this year, please skip down to the ELD section. You are responsible for backing up your own documents.


Click the following for a printable Help Document: QuickGuide on Backing Up & Restoring Files with District’s U: Drive

  1. Supplemental Video Demo: Backing Up Your Files to the U: Drive
2)      For additional one-on-one help in learning how to back up your own files, consult with your IMRT in the library for help.
3)      District Technicians will be available at the following “File Backup Open Lab Help Sessions”, where any staff may drop-in at any time:
File Backup Open Lab Help Sessions
Mon May 23, 2016 2:30-3:45pm
Emory School – Tech Lab
Tues May 24, 2016 2:30-3:45pm
Nicoloff School South – Tech Lab
Wed May 25, 2016 3:15-4:30pm
Ed Ctr – Tech Lab (next to Burress Auditorium)
Thurs May 26, 2016 3:00-4:15pm
Mendoza School – Library
Tues May 31, 2016 2:30-3:45pm
Central School – Library

Last Day ELD:

Due to popular demand, the last day for ELD will be Friday, May 27th.

Student Google Docs:

ALL CURRENT STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNTS AND THEIR CONTENTS WILL EXPIRE AS OF JULY 1, 2016, which includes the expiration of all files in student Google Drive folders. Unless teachers follow the instructions below, even student work in Google Drive  shared with the teacher will no longer be accessible. Staff Google accounts will remain untouched and unchanged.

Notify your students that their accounts and files will no longer be accessible after June 30th. 

For teachers wishing to save any or all student work files, please click the following for: INSTRUCTIONS FOR TEACHERS SEEKING TO RETAIN ANY OR ALL STUDENT GOOGLE DRIVE FILES***

Lenovo Chromebooks:

The warranty on all Lenovo ILC Chromebooks will expire in mid-June of 2016The District strongly recommends that each ILC teacher with LENOVO CHROMEBOOKS (mostly 3rd Grade teachers) perform a hardware review (ask your students to help you) of all assigned class Chromebooks and log every Chromebook number & issue where warranty repair may be appropriate BEFORE the end of school. If any Lenovo Chromebooks appear to have serviceable issues, please submit a single OPRA work order that details the cart number, room number, and Chromebook number(s) with their issues. Example Issues to Consider: Display issues, loose or missing keyboard keys, touchpad functionality issues, etc. (See your IMRT if you have any questions)

Chromebooks this summer:

As of the last day of school:

  1. Please make sure that all Chromebooks assigned to a cart are securely locked in the cart and set to charge in the classroom before going on break and return chromebook cart key to Eunice

Coach’s Corner:

On our way to the next soccer tournament my daughter, Jasmine, told us about a speaker at school. She was very impressed by what she heard. This elderly woman who had overcome traumatic circumstances, cheated death had survived to share her story at age eighty-eight. Jasmine connected this woman’s experience to historic events and facts from her classes. Being who I am, I said, “That would be cool to read and write about?”.  “I did!”   We all went on to discuss the woman and world history. Jocelyn even thought of a Los Angeles museum we should visit. I am glad that Jasmine learned so much from this survivor and the instruction from her teachers…  Thanks to all of you for teaching our kids and providing memorable moments that makes learning come alive. I see it all around Emory.   

Can you guess what Jasmine learned about?

Trauma Informed Practices:

Next year, we will explore the effects that trauma can have on our students and how the trauma they have experienced influences their behavior in our classrooms. Watch the videos below to learn more. As we approach the end of the school year, be mindful of your actions when working with a non-compliant student. Call the office if you need help.

Ted Talk about the effects of Trauma

Family Trauma stories from youth

Quote of the Week:

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