Weekly Update: May 16, 2016

Staff Meeting:

We do have a staff meeting this week. We will meet in room 23 at 1:45 to develop class rosters for the 16-17 school year. I expect to receive our final staffing for 16-17 from the District Office on Wednesday morning.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment:

Thank you for undertaking the hard work that it has been learning about this new assessment and then diving in and starting to figure out how to use the data to improve instruction for our students. If you have not assessed your students, please get started ASAP and let me know any resources that you need. Also, to prepare for next school year, I would like the assessment data for each of our students entered in Illuminate. Click here for Directions for Entering Fountas and Pinnell Scores into Illuminate Let Chris or me know if you need any help. I am happy to enter the data for you.

Performance Tasks:

  • 3rd– 6th grades will only be giving ELA Trimester 3 Performance Tasks. Here are directions to access the online assessment as a teacher, preview the assessment, and login as a student. Students should be taking the ONLINE assessment. 3rd– 6thgrade teachers WILL NOT be administering a math assessment.
  • TK-2nd grade will be giving both ELA and Math.
  • All resources can be found in the Materials section of the performance task in Illuminate.
  • The window is May 16th– May 24th.
  • Please have scores into Illuminate by May 27th.
  • All Math assessment items are now solely housed in Illuminate, this includes teacher directions located under materials.  Please let Michelle Syverson know if you have not received your student copies  or if you are having difficulties accessing any math materials in Illuminate.

Report Cards:

  • EARLY BIRDS– If you’re ready to get started, you can start as early as May 9th.Resources here
  • Attendance and performance tasks scores (where available) will be populated on June 1st.

Everyone a Reader:

It is so nice to see our upper grade students volunteering their time to mentor younger readers. As we return from camp and get back into our regular recess schedule, 5th and 6th grade teachers. Please remind your recess reading tutors of the day that they have committed to tutoring. See assignments here.


Well they finally closed us down, please be sure that you are actively supervising students during your recess supervision duty. Keep a close eye on the back of the softball/kickball field. Students have been throwing large clumps of dirt over the fence. Also, be on time to pick your student up from lunch. Two of our noon time supervisors are out for the remainder of the year, while we are fortunate to have two regular subs in place, it is especially important that you are on time to pick up your students.

Laptop Replacement:

If you are receiving a new laptop (you will have received an email from the district) please continue reading, if you are not receiving a new laptop this year, please skip down to the Coach’s Corner section.



  1. Between May 16-May 27: A new Lenovo T460 laptop, video adapter, and case will be brought to your classroom by a Technician or IMRT who will ask you to sign the District ‘Staff Technology Check-out’ form. Please only sign out a new laptop if you currently anticipate returning as a District teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. The new desktop dock for the new laptop WILL NOT be placed at your desk by technicians until  after June 8th, so continue to use your ‘old’ laptop with your classroom dock for instruction & projection through June 7th.
  1. Between May 16-June 7: IMPORTANT: Use this time to “BACK UP” (copy to an alternative drive or location) all of your needed files & folders from your current laptop. The old laptop will need to be turned in on June 7th, so your critical files need to be backed up to another location before then. All staff are ultimately responsible for proper backup of their own files.  .

    Please review the following 3 sources of help for any of you that need assistance in successfully backing up necessary user files so you can later access them on the new laptop.

  • Click the following for a printable Help Document: QuickGuide on Backing Up & Restoring Files with District’s U: Drive
    1. Supplemental Video Demo: Backing Up Your Files to the U: Drive
  • For additional one-on-one help in learning how to back up your own files, consult with your IMRT in the library for help.
  • District Technicians will be available on Monday, May 23 @ 2:30 – 3:45 in Emory’s Computer Lab Room 16.  They will get help to transfer files to the u-drive.
  • On June 7 (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!): Complete the ‘Staff Technology Check-in’ form that will be made available to you to check back in the old laptop – Leave the signed check-in form and the OLD laptop and case on or next to your classroom docking station when you lock up and leave your classroom (with your new T460 laptop either locked at the school or taken with you) for a blissful Summer Break!

Coach’s Corner:

Getting students to want to read and write is a challenge that we face everyday.  Making the shift to teaching readers and writers instead of the reading and the writing is tough.  As I have said before, I don’t consider myself an avid reader.  I know many people that read several books a month and read books over and over again.  So, I think about the times a book captured my attention.  I read The Fifth Wave because my daughter read it (and a movie was coming out).  I read I Am Malala because I saw a story on her on Facebook.  I read I Beat the Odds, the Michael Oher story because I like the movie “The Blind Side”.  I read the Deadpool graphic novel, well, because I am a nerd.  The point is I read because in some way I was interested in the subject matter.  To reach kids that don’t read, we have to find out what they are interested in and give them access to material (multimedia too) that keeps their interest up.  Once you have them hooked on something, let them read and write about it.  Watch videos, share short articles you see on social media,  talk about movies and video games.  Here is a video that I thought was cool and could lead to many interesting discussions, reading and writing.  Take a look and think about sharing it with your students..

‘The Present’    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjqiU5FgsYc

Box tops and Campbell’s Labels for Education:

Please encourage your students and families to bring in Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels between now and the end of the year.



Online Resources:

As we explore tools to support differentiated teaching and learning that allow us to maximize the potential of our student technology, please check out the web- based, adaptive programs listed below.  Look by yourself, with your students (as possible) or with your grade level team. We may be able to have some of the programs to use next school year to support our instruction.

Quote of the Week:

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