Weekly Update: May 9, 2016

Enjoy the week. Be kind to yourself and each other! One kind word can change someone’s day.

Staff Meeting:

We DO NOT have a staff meeting this week. We will meet on Wednesday, May 18th in room 23 at 1:45 to develop class rosters for the 16-17 school year. I am still waiting for final staffing for 16-17 from the District Office.

6th Grade Camp:

We will miss our 6th graders and their teachers as they will be off at 6th grade camp next week. I will be off campus Tuesday morning visiting with our kiddos.


Unless you teach 5th grade, ELD will return to normal next week. Daishanna’s students will return to her and grades 3 and 4 will re-start rotations. 5th grade, please continue to hold your students.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment:

You may remember our lofty goal at the very beginning of the school year was that we would assess, at least one time, every single student at Emory. Well we have almost met our goal. And it is good, because we are nearing the end of the school year. Some of you have even assessed your kids multiple times.Thank you for undertaking the hard work that it has been learning about this new assessment and then diving in and starting to figure out how to use the data to improve instruction for our students. If you have not assessed your students, please get started ASAP and let me know any resources that you need. Also, to prepare for next school year, I would like the assessment data for each of our students entered in Illuminate. Click here for Directions for Entering Fountas and Pinnell Scores into Illuminate Let Chris or me know if you need any help. I am happy to enter the data for you, please let me know.

Playground Closure:

Our playground is due to close May 9th. The sandbox portion of the playground will be closed for the remainder of the year beginning. Students will be able to use the field, and all asphalt areas. Remember to use blue slips to reward appropriate behavior.

ELD Awards:

The VIP Continental breakfast has been scheduled for May 26th 8:15-8:55. English Learners who have moved up at least one CELDT level and students who have re-designated as English Proficient will be invited to the celebration. We will send invitations to the students and a letter of recognition will be provided to students during the party to be shared with their families.

Performance Tasks:

  • 3rd– 6th grades will only be giving ELA Trimester 3 Performance Tasks. Here are directions to access the online assessment as a teacher, preview the assessment, and login as a student. Students should be taking the ONLINE assessment. 3rd– 6th grade teachers WILL NOT be administering a math assessment.
  • TK-2nd grade will be giving both ELA and Math.
  • All resources can be found in the Materials section of the performance task in Illuminate.
  • The window is technically from May 16th– May 24th, but you may begin any time.
  • Please have scores into Illuminate by May 27th.
  • All Math assessment items are now solely housed in Illuminate, this includes teacher directions located under materials.  Please let Michelle Syverson know if you have not received your student copies  or if you are having difficulties accessing any math materials in Illuminate.

Report Cards:

  • EARLY BIRDS– If you’re ready to get started, you can start as early as May 9th. Resources here
  • Attendance and performance tasks scores (where available) will be populated on June 1st.

CAASPP/SBAC/STAR Testing Update:

Thank you all for your hard work preparing our students and for thoughtfully administering the CAASPP/SBAC assessments. Big thanks to Chris for coordinating the effort.

PLCs:  As of now, PLC’s will meet in room 28 this week. Chris will be using room 23 for make-ups. He will let you know when you may return to room 23.

  • Remember to send student label cards, scratch paper, notes, charts, directions that were used for testing to Chris.  Thanks to those that have done that already.
  • 5th grade, Tracy and Dave will be administering the CST/CMA Science Test on Monday and Tuesday. As well as the physical fitness test.

Coach’s Corner:

Whew! This past couple of weeks has been quite an experience.  As I think about the CAASPP event, what comes to mind is patience and perseverance.  I noticed it all around.  Even though this was our second go around, there was much to know and do.  Teachers providing a positive environment, navigating through the CAASPP website and my endless instructions and emails, encouraging students to try their best; all with quiet patience and perseverance.  It is very much appreciated.  Students signing in with their long SSIDs, working through challenging problems, reading quietly while others tested; all with determined perseverance and patience.  Not once did I experience frustration or anger, everyday was calm and focused.  Be proud of the work you and your students did this week.  Enjoy the weekend.



Ballroom Equipment:

Please check your classroom and return any equipment (balls, hula hoops etc) that belongs in the ball room ASAP. Thanks!

New Laptops:

The following classrooms are getting new laptops and need to bring their old laptop to the library on the last day school. K1, K2, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25 and 26. The new laptops should be here by the end of May. PLEASE START CLEANING OUT YOUR OLD FILES AND SAVE CRITICAL FOLDERS TO THE U DRIVE. If you are under 8MG save to the U Drive.  Anything over 8GB you will have to use a USB thumb drive to save your files. Click here to access directions to save to the UDrive.

Free Science Materials:

Dr. Clive Dorman, Professor Emeritus in the Geological Sciences Department at SDSU, is offering an outreach program to schools.  He provides rock sample collections to teachers for free.  Most of the rocks in the collection are from Southern California and represent the major rocks in science textbooks.   If you are interested in receiving a rock collection, or scheduling a class presentation, please contact Dr. Dorman at cdorman@mail.sdsu.edu.

Save the Date-Summer Learning Academy:

The Learning and Innovation Team is excited to announce our new Summer Learning Academy on June 8th, 9th and 10th. Signups will be coming soon for individual sessions.

Workshop Cohort:

I strongly encourage you to consider joining the next cohort of workshop teachers. Click here to learn more about this commitment.

Jen Oliveira has curated a web site with TONS of information about the workshop model. Click here Info about Workshop to learn more.


Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon: 

To help students stay in reading shape all summer long, Barnes & Noble offers their Summer Reading Triathlon, with activities and challenges for kids in grades K-6. Kids who complete and turn in their triathlon journal at a participating store will receive a free book. For details, click here.  

Free Tickets for Educators to the San Diego County Fair:

Beginning May 2, Mission Federal Credit Union is giving away four admission tickets to any employee of public or private K-12 schools, and colleges and universities. Just show your employee ID at any Mission Federal Credit Union.


Farmer’s Insurance Grant Opportunity:

Teachers can apply for $2500 or $100,000. It’s through Farmer’s Insurance Thank America’s Teachers program. https://www.farmers.com/thank-americas-teachers/submit-a-proposal/

Online Resources:

As we explore tools to support differentiated teaching and learning that allow us to maximize the potential of our student technology, please check out the web- based, adaptive programs listed below.  Look by yourself, with your students (as possible) or with your grade level team. We may be able to have some of the programs to use next school year to support our instruction.

Quote of the Week:

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