Weekly Update: April 25, 2016

SBAC/CAASPP testing week is here! The best part is, I know that we are prepared. We have worked hard-primary grade teachers- preparing our students for next year ūüôā and upper grade teachers for the assessments. You have done amazing work! Be proud and do your best to be relaxed and happy.

Workshop Cohort:

I strongly encourage you to consider joining the next cohort of workshop teachers. Click here to learn more about this commitment.

Jen Oliveira has curated a web site with TONS of information about the workshop model. Click here Info about Workshop to learn more.


CAASPP/SBAC: (primary grade teachers should read this, too)

Click here to view the schedule.

Recess Change: From April 25-May 6, students in grade 3 will go out for upper grade recess. On duty days, third grade teachers will assist in supervising upper grade recess. Eugenia Salazar will support primary grade supervision. When/if you are her partner, please help her out.

ELD Changes:Students in grades 1/2 who report to room 8 for ELD should report to room 6 (April 26-May 6). ELD will be canceled April 26-May 6 for all students in grades 3-6.

Band Lessons: all beginning band will be combined into one class at 11:30 AM. Students will leave their instruments & belongings in the music room at the end of their lesson and go straight to lunch. After lunch recess, please allow them to swing by to pick up their belongings. Classes in the afternoon should not have any conflict with testing.

PLC in Room 28 during testing:To allow us to use room 23 for student assessment make ups, during CAASPP/SBAC testing (April 25-May 6) please use room 28 for PLC.Sorry for the inconvenience.

Shutdown Chromebooks Daily:Because the CAASP SecureBrowser needs to be able to be updated on a daily basis, please ensure that students actually SHUT DOWN their device at the end of each day. Many students have a habit of only closing their lid or letting their device ‚Äúsleep,‚ÄĚ but this is insufficient to allow necessary updates to the system or the testing browser.

As a reminder to all, please avoid using the internet to allow our students or to use the teacher computer to stream any video content (brain pop, youtube etc) before lunch.

(Okay, primary grade teachers, you probably don’t need to any more in this topic- skip down to Staff Meeting)

Upper Grade Teachers, More Helpful Tips from Chris:

  • Room environment: ¬†all reference material that students can refer to on the walls should be covered or removed, student desk layout should be set for testing
  • Testing materials: ¬†all students should have a student label card, teachers should have the directions and script readily available, chromes charged and headphones ready, scratch paper and pencils for students should be available (math)
  • Quiet activities: ¬†a quiet activity for students should be planned for early finishers. ¬†Remember, do not have students on the computer / internet.
  • Late/tardy students: ¬†students will be sent to class for testing. ¬†After 8:45 late/tardy students will be sent to room 23 to test for the day.
  • Teacher needs assistance: ¬†if you need support or have a question or concern, please call Eunice in the office. ¬†She will then contact Chris or Jenn.
  • Encourage your students to be here on time and ready to try their best!!

The script is in the ‘Day of Test Administration’ beginning on page of 57 of the link below.


Staff Meeting:

No Staff Meeting this week. Please use the time to plan by yourself or with your team.


Playground Closure:

The sandbox portion of the playground will be closed for the remainder of the year beginning, Tuesday, April 26th. Students will be able to use the field, and all asphalt areas. Remember to use blue slips to reward appropriate behavior. I will attempt to hold more frequent drawings.

Blue Slips at Lunch on Monday:

To encourage a smooth transition to the smaller playground, I will hold blue slips drawings on the next two Mondays (April 25 and May 3). Please pass them out two students demonstrating appropriate playground behavior.

Coach’s Corner:

It’s assessment time!  We all want our students to score well and be proficient, but we have to remember that this is just one assessment.  The data from the CAASPP will provide valuable data about what our kids can do and what they are challenged by.  And just like all teachers do, we’ll take the data and plan instruction to meet students’ needs.  Student data drives instruction.  We know that this assessment is important, but the formative and summative assessments that you give your students throughout the year are just as vital in providing the instruction that will push our students further.  Everyone, at all grade levels, has done their best to prepare.  Positive results and improvement are bound to happen.  Be proud of all the work that you’ve done (and continue to do) for our kids.  I am.


Online Resources:

As we explore tools to support differentiated teaching and learning that allow us to maximize the potential of our student technology, please check out the web- based, adaptive programs listed below.  Look by yourself, with your students (as possible) or with your grade level team. We may be able to have some of the programs to use next school year to support our instruction.


CELDT Trainer of Trainers:

The¬†CELDT Trainer of Trainers professional learning to support the administration of the 2016-17 CELDT will be held on Tuesday May 31st from 8:30 ‚Äď 3:00.¬† There will be an overview of CELDT for 2016-17. You are all welcome to attend. Please sign up below.

Register here for  CELDT Trainer of Trainers.

Box Tops:

Thank you very much for encouraging your students to collect and return box tops.  Mr. Brizendine’s class brought in the top count of 232!  Mr. Erlbeck had 102, and Ms. Hernandez had 90.

Please announce to your students and communicate to your families a reminder that  for each 25 box tops you get 1 chance in the drawing.  Right now we have 19 names in the drawing for a gift card.

Thank you:

Thank you for coming together to support each other and Chris as I was off campus for the ASU GSV conference. It was amazing, it is hard to be away, but so very exciting. I visited E3 Civic High School, an innovative campus in the SD downtown library.(they use Petco park for PE), heard Carol Dweck(growth mindset), Sal Khan (Khan Academy) and Bill Gates (Microsoft). Click here to read a summary of Bill Gates’ remarks.¬†

Here is another article that will give you an idea of what the conference was about.

Quote of the Week:




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